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Tasty food

Sweet Snails Without Filling - Boss Kitchen. Straightforward Servings: 1 Ingredients 100 g quark30 grams of sugar1 egg yolk3 tablespoon oil2 Table spoons of milk180 g of flour1 teaspoon, heaped baking powder2 tablespoon butter1 tablespoon honey1 packet of vanilla sugar3 tablespoon powdered sugar1 packet of vanilla sugar Directions.

Sweet Snails Without Filling - Boss Kitchen

Vanilla Pudding with Cranberries - Boss Kitchen. Simple and tasty Servings: 4 Ingredients 500 ml of milk40 g of sugar1 sachet of vanilla pudding powder or 2 tablespoons of cornstarch and 1 vanilla pod75 g cranberries, dried (1 bag) Directions.

Vanilla Pudding with Cranberries - Boss Kitchen

Framboises Sur Le Coulis De Framboises - Raspberries on Raspberry Mirror - Boss Kitchen. Chamomile Panna Cotta - Boss Kitchen. Very delicate aroma.

Chamomile Panna Cotta - Boss Kitchen

If you only think of colds and hospitals when you think of chamomile, you might change your mind with this delicious dessert. Servings: 8 Ingredients 320 ml milk2 bags of chamomile tea250 ml of sweet cream80 g of sugar3 sheets of gelatin Also: (for the chamomile sugar) Verbena Panna Cotta with Raspberry Puree - Boss Kitchen. Inspired by the chef Conticini from France Servings: 4 Ingredients 280 g milk40 g whipped cream1 stem / s of verbena15 g of sugar2 vanilla pod (s)5 sheets of gelatin160 g raspberries85 g apple juice Directions.

Verbena Panna Cotta with Raspberry Puree - Boss Kitchen

Refreshing Mojito Panna Cotta - Boss Kitchen. Servings: 6 Ingredients 500 ml of cream100 g of sugar½ lime (s), the juice, freshly squeezed2 lime (s), only the grated zest3 cl rum, white2 ½ sheets of gelatine.

Refreshing Mojito Panna Cotta - Boss Kitchen

Panna Cotta with Spicy Cherries - Boss Kitchen. Sweet sin… Servings: 4 Ingredients 250 g sour cherries2 dl red wine2 dl cherry juice80 g of sugar1 clove (s)½ stick of cinnamon2 star anise1 vanilla pod (s)3 cl kirsch10 g cornstarchsome water Also: (for the panna cotta) 1 vanilla pod (s)600 g whipped cream1 pinch (s) of saltsome lemon (s), untreated2 tablespoon sugar6 sheets of gelatin, white.

Panna Cotta with Spicy Cherries - Boss Kitchen

Raspberry Tiramisu with Cointreau - Boss Kitchen. Sophisticated holiday dessert Servings: 4 Ingredients 100 g ladyfingers75 ml of Cointreau75 ml orange juice6 tablespoon powdered sugar200 ml of cream1 packet of vanilla sugar250 g mascarpone½ lemon (n)300 g raspberries, frozen or fresh1 pack of cream stabilizer½ pack of pudding powder, (vanilla pudding powder)150 ml apple juice1 tablespoon almond (s), chopped25 g of sugar Directions Prep time: 45 minutesRest time: 3 hoursTotal time: 3 hours 45 minutes.

Raspberry Tiramisu with Cointreau - Boss Kitchen

Rhubarb in Cognac - Boss Kitchen. Chocolate Grand Marnier Mousse - Boss Kitchen. Servings: 4 Ingredients 200 g chocolate, dark, with a very high cocoa content2 egg (s)50 g sugar, brown200 ml of cream1 tbsp vanilla sugar4 ml Grand Marnier Directions Working time approx. 20 minutesTotal time approx. 20 minutes.

Chocolate Grand Marnier Mousse - Boss Kitchen

Chocolate - Rice Pudding - Boss Kitchen. Chocolate - Marzipan - Mousse - Boss Kitchen. Cardamom Sherry Grant - Boss Kitchen. Refreshing for the summer Servings: 8 Ingredients.

Cardamom Sherry Grant - Boss Kitchen

Low Carb Ice Cream Sandwich - Boss Kitchen. Servings: 3 Ingredients For the dough: 60 g xylitol (sugar substitute)40 g almond flour2 egg yolks1 pinch of xylitol (sugar substitute) (vanilla xylitol)40 g chocolate decor (sugar-free, white chocolate drops)

Low Carb Ice Cream Sandwich - Boss Kitchen

Low Carb Tiramisu - Boss Kitchen. Without raw egg Servings: 1 Ingredients For the dough: (biscuits) Low-carb Mocha Cream Mousse - Boss Kitchen. Compliant with Atkins et al. Low carb diets Servings: 5 Ingredients 450 ml coffee, black, freshly brewed50 ml whipped cream5 g cocoa powder, unsweetened1 packet of gelatin powder for 500 ml of liquid2 tbsp watersome liquid sweetenersome coffee beans, possibly.

Pancakes with Corn - Mince - Boss Kitchen. Servings: 2 Ingredients 200 g of flour3 egg (s)375 ml of milk½ teaspoon salt For the filling: 250 g minced meat, mixed1 can of tomato (s), cut into pieces1 can of corn1 onion (s)Cayenne pepperpossibly chili powderHerbs, Italiansalt and pepperpossibly wine, redpossibly tomato paste. Spinach and Egg - Gratinated with Cheese - Boss Kitchen. Super fast – healthy and delicious from the oven!

Servings: 1 Ingredients 300 g spinach leaves or chopped spinach, frozen2 egg (s)1 tablespoon cheese, grated1 tablespoon crème fraîche or whipped cream, liquidNutmeg, fresh, gratedsalt and pepper Directions Prep time: 10 minutesRest time: 2 hoursCook time: 15 minutesTotal time: 2 hours 25 minutes. Prawns in Tomato Garlic Sauce with Dip - Boss Kitchen. Low fat Servings: 2 Ingredients 400 g shrimp (s), raw (peeled and deveined)6 large tomato (s), preferably beefsteak tomatoes1 m. -large onion (s)3 clove (s) of garlic2 teaspoons of olive oilthyme½ pack of dill, TKLemon juicesalt and pepper½ cup of Cremefine. Poached Cod with Dill Sauce on Tagliatelle - Boss Kitchen. Cucumber Vegetables with Dill - Boss Kitchen.

Farfalle Diavolo Butterfly Noodles in Spicy Tomato Minced Meat Sauce - Boss Kitchen. Spaghetti Diabolico - Boss Kitchen. Hearty Pasta Pan with Bacon, Onions and Egg - Boss Kitchen. Tanjia De Marrakech - Boss Kitchen. Baked Curry Cabbage with Meatballs - Boss Kitchen. Shrimp Curry - Boss Kitchen. Spicy Curry - Boss Kitchen. Pan-fried Curry Vegetables with Pork Tenderloin - Boss Kitchen. Wrong Langos - Boss Kitchen. Plums with Nut Crumbles - Boss Kitchen. Baked Nut Rusks - Boss Kitchen. Nutella Soufflé - Boss Kitchen. Chocolate Pudding with Vanilla Sauce - Boss Kitchen. Sharks Lemon Stracciatella - Boss Kitchen. Shole Zard - Boss Kitchen. Sicilian Watermelon Pudding - Boss Kitchen. Tanja's Tiramisu - Boss Kitchen. Thermomix Wafer Batter - Boss Kitchen. Tonka Bean Custard - Boss Kitchen. Tyrolean Wine Noodles - Boss Kitchen. Flying Dutchman - Boss Kitchen.

Raspberry Flipp - Boss Kitchen. 9 Pin Free - Boss Kitchen. Hot Fruit - Honey - Milk - Boss Kitchen. Rhubarb - Fruit Compote - Boss Kitchen. Milkshake with Fruits - Boss Kitchen. Melon and Fruit Smoothie - Boss Kitchen. 5-fruit Smoothie - Boss Kitchen. Red Fruit Milkshake - Boss Kitchen. 4 Fruit Smoothie - Boss Kitchen. Vegan 3-fruit Smoothie - Boss Kitchen. Pineapple - Coconut Dessert - Boss Kitchen. Apple - Oven Slipper - Boss Kitchen. Apple Curd Pancakes - Boss Kitchen. Almond and Orange Semolina - Boss Kitchen. Fried Bananas with Orange and Coconut Sauce - Boss Kitchen. Orange - Cinnamon - Yogurt - Boss Kitchen. Cottage Cheese Casserole with Apricots and Almonds - Boss Kitchen. Mirabelle Compote Great-grandmother's Style - Boss Kitchen.

Fried Bananas with Honey - Boss Kitchen. Banana, Brittle and Cinnamon on Puff Pastry - Boss Kitchen. Banana Dream - Boss Kitchen. Yogurt with Honey, Pomegranate Seeds and Walnuts - Boss Kitchen. Raspberry and Marzipan Cups - Boss Kitchen. Curd Cheese Cream with Berries - Boss Kitchen. Yoghurt - Cream - Igloo with Red Berries - Boss Kitchen. Beer - Ice - Boss Kitchen. Coffee Mousse - Boss Kitchen. Crème Caramel - with Fine Orange Flavor - Boss Kitchen.

Chocolate - Orange Cream - Boss Kitchen. Chocolate Cream Pudding - Boss Kitchen. Panna Cotta with Rhubarb - Boss Kitchen. Quick Strawberry Dessert - Boss Kitchen. Eggnog - Cherry - Dessert - Boss Kitchen. Cherries - Dessert - Boss Kitchen. Strawberry - Chocolate Kiss - Dessert - Boss Kitchen. 5 Minutes - Dessert Cream with Fruits - Boss Kitchen. Dreadies Giottocreme - Boss Kitchen. Ice Cream in Quick Chef - Boss Kitchen. Vegan Peanut Ice Cream - Boss Kitchen. Strawberry - Vanilla - Dream - Boss Kitchen. Fine Mirabelle Jam with Vanilla - Boss Kitchen. Quark Honey Cream with Seasonal Fruits - Boss Kitchen. Vanilla - Kipferl Muffins - Boss Kitchen. Jelly with Vanilla Sauce - Boss Kitchen. Sesame - Halva - Boss Kitchen. Elderberry Cream - Boss Kitchen. Jenny's Mango and Lemon Dessert - Boss Kitchen. Quick Cherry Curd - Boss Kitchen. Cherry Chocolate Mug - Boss Kitchen. Chocs - American Chocolate Snails - Boss Kitchen.

Microwave Cheesecake - Boss Kitchen. Cherry Shortbread Sheet Cake - Boss Kitchen. Banana Cake with Vanilla Cream - Boss Kitchen. Quick Nut Puff Pastry Snails - Boss Kitchen. Pistachio Cardamom Cake - Boss Kitchen. Milk Cake - Boss Kitchen. Apple - Poppy Seed Cake with Sprinkles - Boss Kitchen. Marzipan - Apple Pie with Sprinkles - Boss Kitchen.