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SAMR Model

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SAMR Explained - Ruben Puentedura. Ruben Puentedura on Applying the SAMR Model Video. SAMRLadder Questions. Ruben R. Puentedura's Weblog. The SAMR Ladder Through the Lens of 21st Century Skills. This summer I have been digging deeper into the SAMR model of tech integration to help educators embrace 1:1 learning and the changes it will bring about.

The SAMR Ladder Through the Lens of 21st Century Skills

SAMR is a truly useful tool for helping teachers identify their current comfort zone in order to build expertise in designing efficient and effective student learning experiences. To reach higher levels on the SAMR ladder, teachers can make some planning and instructional shifts. A look at the big picture is helpful when trying to understand how to help students develop important 21st Century Skills at each level.

In Response to “Redefinition” There have been a number of posts circulating over the past few weeks about Dr.

In Response to “Redefinition”

Ruben Puentedura’s SAMR model. I’ve been reading closely as I plan/hope/might incorporate it into my upcoming Leading Future Learning presentation. I like the SAMR model for two reasons. SAMR Model Examples. SAMR in 120 Seconds. Constructing a SAMR Mindset - OETC 2015.