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WatchKnowLearn - Free Educational Videos for K-12 Students. 7th branch online resources. Open Course: Social Media & Open Education. I will be facilitating an open graduate course this Fall titled EC&I 831: Social Media & Open Education.

Open Course: Social Media & Open Education

This will be the 5th time I have taught the course (first time was 2007), and it’s different each time. It looks like I will have about 25 graduate students taking this for credit (which is well over the usual limit), and I’m also inviting anyone out there interested in the experience to participate for free. If you would like to learn more about the course, go to If you’re familiar with the course (from past iterations), you’ll notice that I’ve abandoned the old wiki and moved over to a WordPress site as the ‘central’ space. If you are interested in participating, see the page for non-credit participants. In a nutshell, as a non-credit participant, you can participate as much or as little as you’d like. But most of all, my students could use your help. Thanks everyone, and I hope to learn with you soon. Edudemic - Education Technology, Apps, Product Reviews, and Social Media.

Professor Curt Bonk's e-Learning World. This is the homepage of Curtis J.

Professor Curt Bonk's e-Learning World

Bonk, Ph.D. Curt is Professor at Indiana University teaching psychology and technology courses. Curt is affiliated with the cognitive sciences program and is adjunct in the School of Informatics at IU. He founded SurveyShare, Inc. in 2003 which he sold in 2010. In addition, he has been founder and president of CourseShare, LLC since 1999. Random Stuff that Matters. June 8, 2012, [MD] I was first excited to come across EduTechWiki, hosted at TECFA in Geneva, checking out articles about learner autonomy or something as specific as the ArgueGraph script (a very comprehensive article, which probably would have been speedy-deleted from Wikipedia for lack of "notability").

Random Stuff that Matters

However, as I kept exploring, I realized there's actually a huge amount of educational technology wikis out there. I began collecting these on a wikipage, using the webclipping functionality. David Wiley, PhD. Empowering Personal Learning Environments at NCeL! OER Tech. @zaidlearn. ZaidLearn. Stephen's Web ~ Stephen's Web. Learning with 'e's. Mohamed Amine Chatti's ongoing research on Knowledge and Learning. Learning, networks, knowledge, technology, community. The Learning Analytics and Knowledge conference (LAK16) is happening this week in Edinburgh.

learning, networks, knowledge, technology, community

I unfortunately, due to existing travel and other commitments, am not in attendance. I have great hope for the learning analytics field as one that will provide significant research for learning and help us move past naive quantitative and qualitative assessments of research and knowledge. I see LA as a bricolage of skills, techniques, and academic/practitioner domains. It is a multi-faceted approach of learning exploration and one where anyone with a stake in the future of learning can find an amenable conversation and place to research. Since I am missing LAK16, and feeling nostalgic, I want to share my reflections of how LAK and the Society for Learning Analytics Research (SoLAR) became the influential agencies that they now are in learning research. As more learning activities occur online, learners produce growing amounts of data.

The financials of any first event are critical. Yes, You Can Brainstorm Without Groupthink - Vijay Govindarajan and Jay Terwilliger. By Vijay Govindarajan and Jay Terwilliger | 6:00 AM July 25, 2012 In articles in both the New York Times and The New Yorker earlier this year, the concept of brainstorming as introduced in the 1940′s by Alex Osborn has been attacked as ineffective and linked to the concept of “Groupthink.”

Yes, You Can Brainstorm Without Groupthink - Vijay Govindarajan and Jay Terwilliger

In her NYT piece and in an HBR ideacast, Susan Cain points out that the popular view — “Lone geniuses are out. Collaboration is in.” — conflicts with research that suggests “people are more creative when they enjoy privacy and freedom from interruption.” Some of the most spectacularly creative people in many fields are often introverts who are more comfortable working alone. And in his New Yorker article, Jonah Lehrer cites research indicating, “Brainstorming didn’t unleash the potential of the group, but rather made each individual less creative.”

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