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Kiel Institute for the World Economy — Portal Trade Liberalisation: Skills Training helps Globalization Losers In a new Kiel Policy Brief IfW researchers Sebastian Braun, Wolfgang Lechthaler and Mariya Mileva show that global trade liberalization actually increases the level of wage inequality. However, the authors also demonstrate through their model-based analysis that adequate skills and job training opportunities for workers can significantly mitigate the effects of trade liberalization on wage inequality. more... Dr. Kiel Institute for the World Economy — Portal

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Estimates of the recapitalisation needs of the euro-area banking system vary between €50 and €600 billion. The range shows the considerable uncertainty about the quality of banks’ balance sheets and about the parameters of the forthcoming European Central Bank stress tests, including the treatment of sovereign debt and systemic risk. Uncertainty also prevails about the rules and discretion that will applyto bank recapitalisation, bank restructuring and bank resolution in 2014 and beyond. Bruegel - The Brussels-based think tank


Welcome to the website of the Trilateral Commission. The Commission was originally created in 1973 to bring together experienced leaders within the private sector to discuss issues of global concern at a time when communication and cooperation between Europe, North America, and Asia were lacking. The Commission has grown since its early days to include members from more countries in these regions, and it continues to find that study and dialogue about the pressing problems facing our planet remain as important today as in 1973. Problems and threats have changed, but their importance has only increased due to the more interconnected and interdependent world in which we now live.
Europe - Fondation Robert Schuman Parlement européen : le palmarès des députés français les plus influents 28/03/2014 En partenariat avec L'Expansion, la Fondation Robert Schuman a établi le classement des 74 élus français les plus actifs et les plus écoutés à Bruxelles. Il ressort de cet article que "les stars des médias" ne sont pas les députés les plus efficaces. Ce sont "des élus nettement moins médiatiques, à l'instar de l'UMP Jean-Paul Gauzès, de la centriste Sylvie Goulard ou encore de la socialiste Pervenche Berès qui font vraiment le travail" souligne l'étude.

Europe - Fondation Robert Schuman

European Energy Review
The European Council on Foreign Relations The European Council on Foreign Relations Feature Article Making the most of Geneva II By Daniel Levy & Julien Barnes-Dacey - 17 Jan 14 The Geneva II conference on Syria will finally convene in Switzerland next week.
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7 - OTAN, histoire et fin ? Catherine DURANDIN, le 16 janvier 2014. Le publie un livre de Catherine Durandin, OTAN, histoire et fin ?. Chapitre 7. La France et l’OTAN, les temps qui changent… « Si l’Alliance Atlantique était autrefois une réponse des démocraties face à la menace soviétique, et de ce fait l’un des symboles (...) Lire la suite., revue geopolitique, articles, cartes, relations internationales, revue geopolitique, articles, cartes, relations internationales

Peter G. Peterson Institute for International Economics Most recently posted material. North Korea: Witness to Transformation Rare Earths Stephan Haggard — January 15, 2014 Earlier in the week, we reviewed some recent developments with respect to foreign direct investment (FDI), arguing that the regime was pursuing FDI as a substitute rather than complement to reform. This particular story deserves its own post, as th ... Peterson Perspectives Interview The IMF Gets Shut Out Again in Washington Douglas A. Rediker — January 14, 2014 Douglas A. Rediker says the failure of the Obama administration to win Congressional approval of funding and governance legislation for the International Monetary Fund is a blow to US credibility around the world. Peter G. Peterson Institute for International Economics
Fundación para las Relaciones Internacionales y el Diálogo Exterior - Homepage Mapping EU-ASEAN Relations On 2 April, FRIDE launched in Brussels the book Mapping EU-ASEAN Relations by Gauri Khandekar, which illustrates challenges and opportunities in bilateral relations and explores the scope for deepening cooperation between the EU and ASEAN.The EU, Ukraine and Russia – What Next?FRIDE associate fellow Natalia Shapovalova joined experts from DG Trade, EEAS and Science Po in an EU-Russia Centre panel discussion held on 24 March 2014 in Brussels on how to deal with Russia following the invasion of Crimea.Evaluation of the EU's Human Rights Policies and Engagement in Central AsiaThis FRIDE/EUCAM study, commissioned by the European Parliament, analyses the impact of the EU’s human rights approach towards Central Asia, with special emphasis on EU policy instruments and funding mechanisms. Fundación para las Relaciones Internacionales y el Diálogo Exterior - Homepage
Reuters Resources for Global Business Explore issues at the nexus of business and foreign policy featured on our corporate webpage and in our CEO Speaker series archive, and learn more about membership in the Corporate Program. Courtesy Kaveh Sardari Informing Policy on Capitol Hill Learn about how CFR connects with members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives on international and economic issues. Reuters Informing Policy in Foreign Capitols Find out more about CFR's efforts to foster exchange between foreign representatives and U.S. business, political, and academic leaders. Reuters Interactive Tools for the Classroom Integrate our multimedia guides, customized teaching modules, academic conference calls, and other pedagogical materials into your syllabus. Council on Foreign Relations

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