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Global P.O.V Orgs

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Before creating new orgs just look around if you can join an existing one...
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Open Source Ecology. Center for Global Ethics. The Pew Charitable Trusts - Non Profit Organization Serving the Public. Institute for Global Ethics: Promoting Ethical Action in a Global Context. International Humanist and Ethical Union | The world union of Humanist organizations. Initiatives Pour un Autre Monde - IPAM - Bienvenue. La fondation. Vision of Humanity. Coredem. Universal democracy // Suffrage universel. Streaming Films, Original Interviews, Yoga & Fitness | GaiamTV. Globalization 101: a student's guide to globalization.

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/ - World Government of World Citizen - Welcome. IfWeRanTheWorld. Global Priorities Project | Future of Humanity Institute. Summary The Global Priorities Project aims to bring new analysis to the problem of how to allocate scarce resources between diverse global priorities such as education, health, enterprise, and future generations. The project is hosted by the Future of Humanity Institute in collaboration with the Centre for Effective Altruism. The importance of prioritisation Every day organisations and governments make decisions about how to use their resources to benefit society. Without prioritising between their options, these organisations would achieve far fewer of their aims than they would by prioritising. There are theoretical reasons to expect large disparities between the effectiveness of different types of intervention in different fields.

Framework In order to compare between options, we need a common scale on which to rank them. Recommendations Researchers Owen Cotton-Barratt leads the Global Priorities Project. Nick Beckstead is a research fellow at the Future of Humanity Institute. Global Futures Studies & Research by The Millennium Project. Home - Whole Earth Summit.

Global Coherence Initiative - Environmental responsibility, personal coherence, planetary consciousness, social harmony. Global MindShift. WorldShift Network ::: Home. WorldShift Community | Landing page for associated ELN sitesWorldShift Community | Landing page for associated ELN sites. Love Shift - Changing the Way We Think about the World. Common Dreams | News & Views.

International Forum on Globalization. Shift Movement | Home. Accelerating the Next Evolution | The Shift Network. Holistic Management International. HoloWorld. World Transformation. The Venus Project. Global Issues : social, political, economic and environmental issues that affect us all.

Vision 2020. World Future Society | Tomorrow is built today. The #GlobalPOV Project | Blum Center. The #GlobalPOV Project combines critical social theory, improvised art and digital media to explore innovative ways of thinking about poverty, inequality and undertaking poverty action.

The #GlobalPOV Project is an innovation in the field of higher education. A mixed-media approach to curriculum and pedagogy, it combines traditional teaching components, such as in-class instruction and independent reading, with online video micro-lectures and social media discussions to capture and maintain the interest of young people who crave intelligent content — content that challenges them to think flexibly, grapple with issues of practice and theory, and question the assumptions of past development efforts. With intent to shape global poverty and practice action into a field of inquiry, The #GlobalPOV Project converts academic knowledge into formats that are accessible and interesting to the wider public.

There are three components to The #GlobalPOV Project: Knowledgebase • A collaborative research programme on Global Civil Society.

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Intergov orgs... Sustainable Development. Encyclopédie de L'Agora | Union of International Associations | World Development Movement (wdmuk) sur Pinterest. Global justice campaigners tackling the causes of poverty | World Development Movement. Planetarisation.