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Future Timeline. Mapping The Future. Map-of-the-future-ilab.jpg (Image JPEG, 1164x811 pixels) Vidéo Que sera le monde en l'an 3000? de BANTABA-Fiancee-Gernavey (Actualité - BANTABA-Fiancee-Gernavey. The Carl Sagan Portal. Technology - Tomorrow’s world: A guide to the next 150 years. Are Humans Turning Into Gods? Envisioning emerging technology for 2012 and beyond (by Michell Zappa) Future. Should I Be Afraid of the Future? About Geophysical disasters, global warming, robot uprising, zombie apocalypse, overpopulation and last but not least the end of the Mayan calendar... humanity faces many threats!

Should I Be Afraid of the Future?

Finally I have an answer when people ask what I do! Visualization of our group’s business model. [UPDATE May 2013] The original business model below has now been updated and separated into two visuals: New AHT Group Business Model and AHT Group Strategic Overview For the last 15 years of my life post-employment I have struggled when people ask me what I do.

Finally I have an answer when people ask what I do! Visualization of our group’s business model

More recently I have managed to crystallize a simple description of myself: Futurist and Entrepreneur. However that doesn’t explain the diversity of my companies’ activities, and how they fit together. In particular people are often confused by the relationship between our primary companies: Advanced Human Technologies, Future Exploration Network, and The Insight Exchange.

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The WAR on SPACE DEBRIS. The Venus Project. FUTURE FARMS: High-Rise, Beach Pod, and Pyramid Pictures. TVPDesign. 2045 Initiative. GF2045 - Future Human Evolution Uses Advanced Technology to Achieve Immortality.

The Buckminster Fuller Institute. Future Hi - Your Community for Visionary Art, Science, Technology & Spirituality. Timeline-of-the-universe.gif (Image GIF, 590x330 pixels) Making Sustainable Real! Scenario Land. Clarke's three laws. Clarke's Three Laws are three "laws" of prediction formulated by the British science fiction writer Arthur C.

Clarke's three laws

Clarke. They are: When a distinguished but elderly scientist states that something is possible, he is almost certainly right. When he states that something is impossible, he is very probably wrong.The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible.Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Origins[edit] Clarke's First Law was proposed by Arthur C. The second law is offered as a simple observation in the same essay. Réseau 2100 * 2100 network * El red 2100. Fictional Science 101: Important scientific ideas that inform science fiction. Max More : Principes extropiens 3.0 (Hache/essais)

Introduction L’extropianisme est un transhumanisme.

Max More : Principes extropiens 3.0 (Hache/essais)

Les Principes extropiens définissent une version ou « marque » particulière de pensée transhumaniste. Comme les humanistes, les transhumanistes privilégient la raison, le progrès et les valeurs centrées sur notre bien-être plutôt que sur une autorité religieuse externe. Les transhumanistes étendent l’humanisme en mettant en question les limites humaines par les moyens de la science et de la technologie, combinés avec la pensée critique et créative.

Nous mettons en question le caractère inévitable du vieillissement et de la mort, nous cherchons à améliorer progressivement nos capacités intellectuelles et physiques, et à nous développer émotionnellement. Ces Principes ne sont pas présentés comme des vérités absolues ou des valeurs universelles. An Optimistic History of the Next 40 Years. The year 2000 as envisioned in the year 1910. In 1910, French artist Villemard produced a series of illustrations depicting what life might be like in the year 2000.

The year 2000 as envisioned in the year 1910

Envisioning-the-future-of-health.png. Vision Space. The Evolutionary Manifesto. GF2045. FutureCrafting. Evolution's Arrow. Evolution’s Arrow uses the methods, tools and findings of science to demonstrate that the evolution of life is directional.

Evolution's Arrow

Evolution is not an aimless and random process, it is headed somewhere. This has significant implications for humanity. Whenever life emerges on any planet, two great evolutionary trends begin. The first trend is towards the formation of cooperative organizations of greater and greater scale. Human societies are currently the largest scale cooperative organizations of living processes on this planet. Our societies are the result of many repetitions of a process in which living entities team up to form larger scale cooperatives. Human cooperative groups began on a small scale as families, families teamed up to form bands, they teamed up to form tribes, tribes teamed up to form the first agricultural communities, they teamed up to form cities, and so on. The second great evolutionary trend on any planet is towards greater evolvability. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Io9. We come from the future.

Emergent by design. Share your future. FUTURE CONSCIOUSNESS AND EMERGENT TECHNOLOGIES. Documentary film & DVD with Dr. Amit Goswami. The Vision Project: Home. SciFi Ideas - Ideas and inspiration for science fiction writers. 45 Incredible Futuristic Scifi 3D City Illustrations. Futuristic cities have always fascinated me, as a fan of SciFi TV shows, movies, and digital art, futuristic city designs always bring me inspiration.

45 Incredible Futuristic Scifi 3D City Illustrations

Everyone can find quite a lot of stunning illustrations on sites like deviantArt. Many artists have become so skilled at Photoshop and 3D software that they create almost photographic illustrations of whole cities with incredible detail and precision. I have been inspired by these illustrations and it makes me work harder at everything I do; I hope you will feel the same. If you find other amazing art, please send it to us, we will use them in our upcoming articles.

Metropolis 2106 by thmc This one is really realistic, I expect someone to build this within a few decades. Cloud City by aksu. Twenty top predictions for life 100 years from now. 16 January 2012Last updated at 08:50 Last week we asked readers for their predictions of life in 100 years time.

Twenty top predictions for life 100 years from now

Inspired by ten 100-year predictions made by American civil engineer John Elfreth Watkins in 1900, many of you wrote in with your vision of the world in 2112. Many of the "strange, almost impossible" predictions made by Watkins came true. Here is what futurologists Ian Pearson (IP) and Patrick Tucker (PT) think of your ideas. 1. IP: Likelihood 10/10. PT: Good chance. 40 Awesome Futuristic City Illustrations. Cities have always been a place where people share ideas and knowledge.

40 Awesome Futuristic City Illustrations

I think this one of the reasons why cities have been inspiring artists to create many futuristic cityscapes illustrations. I collected here some of these awesome sci-fi city illustrations. It would be very cool if you could suggest more great illustrations and artists to our list. Stay up to date with Zeemp news, simply follow @zeemp. John Alvin – Green Float concept: a carbon negative city on the ocean. The idea of going offshore to satisfy our renewable energy needs isn't new, but the grand vision of Japan’s Shimizu Corporation goes way beyond harnessing green energy at sea for use in cities on Terra firma – it takes the whole city along for the ride. The company, along with the Super Collaborative Graduate School and Nomura Securities, is researching the technical issues involved in constructing its Green Float concept – a self-sufficient, carbon-negative floating city that would reside in the Equatorial Pacific Ocean.

View all The concept would comprise individual floating cells or districts resembling water lilies with a radius of 1km (0.62 miles) that would form a compact village that could house 10,000 to 50,000 people. Joining these districts together would form a city or module that would be home to 100,000 people, while a group of modules would form a country (though we assume there is some red tape involved before you get a seat at the U.N.). Floating cities in the sky. Four Concepts For The Future That Could Create A More Sustainable World. Earlier this year, Sony teamed up with the Forum of the Future to brainstorm four scenarios of what life will be like in 2025.

Among them: a treadmill of "hyperinnovation" and declining carbon emissions; a scenario of damaging climate change and reactive technologies (like solar paint); a scenario where sustainability and strong community ties are emphasized; and a world where the sharing economy has taken off on a global scale. Lilypad floating city concept - Image 1 of 10. The Lilypad floating city concept is designed to house climate change refugees Image Gallery (10 images) With global sea levels predicted to rise significantly over the next century due to climate change, a lot of people living in low lying areas are expected to be displaced from their homes.