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Neuroplasticity: How to rewire your brain - BBC Reel. New US guidance says fully vaccinated people can meet without masks. Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccine: FDA approves single-shot jab. Health check: Measuring vital signs with a smartphone. Covid: France says just one jab needed for previously infected. Covid vaccine rollout: When might life in US return to normal? Social media damages teenagers' mental health, report says. Covid vaccine: 'Disappearing' needles and other rumours debunked. 'Havana syndrome' likely caused by directed microwaves - US report. Coronavirus: US doctor who has worked 258 days straight goes viral. Covid vaccine: How will we keep it cold enough? NHS data: Can web creator Sir Tim Berners-Lee fix it? Covid-19 pandemic: Tracking the global coronavirus outbreak.

'Long Covid': Why are some people not recovering? -19: How do pandemics end? Covid: What is the risk to Donald Trump's health? Image copyright Reuters Donald Trump has clear risk factors - including his age, weight and being male - that all raise the chances of a severe coronavirus infection.

Covid: What is the risk to Donald Trump's health?

He is 74 and has a Body Mass Index (BMI) over 30, which is the clinical definition of obesity. So now he has tested positive for the virus, what does it mean? As this point, Mr Trump only has "mild symptoms". But age is a clear and strong link to developing a severe infection, leading to hospital treatment and in some cases death. "But most people who get an infection also get better," Dr Bharat Pankhania, from the University of Exeter medical school told the BBC.

Subway rolls ruled too sugary to be bread in Ireland. Image copyright Getty Images The rolls used in Subway's hot sandwiches contain too much sugar to be considered bread, according to Ireland's Supreme Court.

Subway rolls ruled too sugary to be bread in Ireland

Ireland's highest court made the ruling in a case about how the bread is taxed. An Irish franchisee of the US company had claimed it should not pay VAT on the rolls it uses in heated sandwiches. But the court ruled that because of the level of sugar in the rolls they cannot be taxed as bread, which is classed as a "staple product" with zero VAT. Under Ireland's VAT Act of 1972, ingredients in bread such as sugar and fat should not exceed 2% of the weight of flour in the dough. Coronavirus: Six months after pandemic declared, where are the global hotspots? Which cooking oil is the healthiest? - BBC Future. Cooking oils are a kitchen staple.

Which cooking oil is the healthiest? - BBC Future

But there’s a lot of conflicting information regarding how healthy each of them are. With so many on the shelves – from coconut to olive, vegetable to canola, avocado to rapeseed oil – how do we know which ones to use, and if we should be avoiding any altogether? Oils used for cooking tend to get their name from the nut, seeds, fruits, plants or cereals they’re extracted from, either by methods of crushing, pressing, or processing. They’re characterised by their high fat content, including saturated fat, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids. The surprising secret hidden in a pregnancy test. A teardown of a digital pregnancy test has created a buzz after revealing it contained a standard paper test, similar to those used by GPs.

The surprising secret hidden in a pregnancy test

The experiment has raised questions about whether the extra cost of digital pregnancy tests is justified. Some say the electronics give women a clearer answer but others point to the e-waste created by digital test kits. The experiment also found the digital test contained a microprocessor more powerful than early home computers. Coronavirus: Apple iPhones can contact-trace without Covid app. Image copyrightApple/Getty Apple has begun letting its iPhones carry out contact-tracing without the need for users to download an official Covid-19 app.

Coronavirus: Apple iPhones can contact-trace without Covid app

As an alternative, owners are being invited to opt in to a scheme called Exposure Notifications Express (ENE). This keeps a 14-day log of other phones detected via Bluetooth and serves an alert if one or more of their users is later diagnosed to have the virus. The local public health authority will determine what the notification says.

It might tell the user to download a more fully functional app for further guidance. However, it also gives officials the option of not developing an app of their own, in which case the user could be directed to go to a testing centre or to call a hotline for more information. IPhone owners who become ill without having received a warning message can still cause a cascade of alerts to be sent to others. Should we be drinking milk? - BBC Reel. Examining raw truths surrounding the food we eat.

Should we be drinking milk? - BBC Reel

The surprising truth about milkIs drinking milk bad for you? Here's what science says.Now Playing The truth about eating eggsAre eggs helpful to our health… or a cause of heart disease? Watch now FoodThe world’s most nutritious foodsCalculated and ranked by scientists, based on their optimal nutritional balance.Watch now FoodThe 'deadly' food we all eatThe way palm oil is produced is hurting people, the air we breathe and wildlife.Watch now FoodThe science behind 'perfect' coffeeA team of mathematicians and physicists say they have the formula for consistently good coffee.Watch now FoodFeeding people after the apocalypseIf we were to suffer a catastrophic event tomorrow, how would we feed the world's population? Watch now FoodWhy do we fear new food? How does the brain influence the way we taste things? FoodA simple way to prevent food wasteAdam Smith wants to tackle the world's food waste problem with his Real Junk Food Project.Watch now.

Coronavirus smell loss 'different from cold and flu' Image copyright Getty Images The loss of smell that can accompany coronavirus is unique and different from that experienced by someone with a bad cold or flu, say European researchers who have studied the experiences of patients.

Coronavirus smell loss 'different from cold and flu'

Facebook 'danger to public health' warns report. Image copyright Getty Images Health misinformation on Facebook was viewed 3.8 billion times in the past year, peaking during the Covid-19 crisis, a report suggests.

Facebook 'danger to public health' warns report

Activist group Avaaz, which conducted the research, said Facebook posed a "major threat" to public health. Doctors added false claims about vaccines on the social network could limit the numbers prepared to have a Covid jab if one became available. Facebook said the findings did "not reflect the steps we've taken" In a statement the firm said: "We share Avaaz's goal of limiting misinformation.

Revista del Consumidor Agosto 2020 by PROFECO. Young people 'feel anxiety and terror' using fitness apps. Image copyright Getty Images Young peoples' use of phone apps to monitor and improve their health has led to "obsessive behaviour, anxiety and terror", a study has suggested.

Young people 'feel anxiety and terror' using fitness apps

The Digital Health Generation said children as young as eight were using the internet as part of their quest for fitness, a six pack or a thinner body. It warned the use of fitness trackers, while "potentially motivating, could lead to obsessive behaviour". Respondents also said the apps should identify when users needed to stop. Why do Americans pay so much for prescription drugs? Image copyright Getty Images President Donald Trump said that prescription drug prices dropped for the first time in half a century in the US last year.

Why do Americans pay so much for prescription drugs?

Skip Twitter post by @realDonaldTrump Last year was the first in 51 years where prescription drug prices actually went down, but things have been, and are being, put in place that will drive them down substantially. Why the US struggled with its reopening. Untitled. Coronavirus: Florida and Texas reverse reopening as US cases pass 2.5m. Image copyright Getty Images Coronavirus infections across the United States have passed 2.5 million, with record numbers of cases reported in the states of Florida and Texas.

The surge in cases in southern states comes after businesses were allowed to re-open in recent weeks. On Saturday, Florida reported more than 9,500 new cases, up from almost 9,000 on Friday, the previous record. The spike has led state officials to tighten restrictions on business again - as Texas also did on Friday. The leading US government adviser on coronavirus, Dr Anthony Fauci, said last week that the country had a "serious problem". Nurses’ Shift Length and Overtime Working in 12 European Countries. Reducing residents' work hours may have unintended consequences.

Medical residents in Canada may work longer hours per shift and per week than their counterparts in Europe, Australia and New Zealand but there is conflicting evidence whether shorter shifts improve patient safety, a new study has found. In fact, reducing medical resident duty hours may have unforeseen consequences and changes must be made carefully to ensure both patient safety and resident well-being, says Dr. Reena Pattani, the chief resident at St. 6 of the Best 8-Hour Shift Schedules to Cover 24x7. Law enforcement schedules can be a headache to create and maintain. Do you use 12, 10, or 8-hour shifts?

There are pros and cons to each but this article will provide some insight for those looking at 8-hour shift schedules. 8-hour shift schedules for 24x7 coverage provide safer, more reasonable work shifts for employees. However, they do not allow for as many full days off. The Working Hours Of Hospital Staff Nurses And Patient Safety. Coronavirus: What went wrong with the UK's contact tracing app? After months of work, the UK has ditched the way its coronavirus-tracing app works, prompting a blame game between the government and two of the world's biggest tech firms. So what went wrong? At the end of March, I got a text from a senior figure in the UK's technology industry. This person said they were helping the NHS "on a very substantial project that will launch in days and potentially save hundreds of thousands of British lives.

" That was the first I knew of the plan to build a contact tracing app, a project that soon appeared to be at the very centre of the government's strategy to beat coronavirus and help us all emerge from lockdown. The tech luminary had somehow assumed that I could be an adviser to the project - I made it clear that could not be my role but I was very interested in following its progress. Now, nearly three months on, after missing deadline after deadline, there has been a radical change in direction.

Coronavirus: Dexamethasone proves first life-saving drug. Image copyright Getty Images A cheap and widely available drug can help save the lives of patients seriously ill with coronavirus. Cómo ven los daltónicos y cómo es vivir sin percibir bien los colores. Developer warns VR headset damaged eyesight. Coronavirus: How the pandemic in US compares to rest of world. Two days after the US recorded its first case of coronavirus, Donald Trump said the situation was "totally under control" and assured the public it was "going to be just fine". Fast forward four months and the virus has spread across all 50 states, leaving a death toll of 100,000 from more than 1.6 million confirmed cases.

We've taken a look at how those figures compare to other countries around the world and how the situation could develop over the next few months. How does the situation in the US compare? Which Milk Is Best: Oat Milk, Soy Milk, Coconut Milk, Almond Milk, Lactose Free Milk. We don’t need nearly as much protein as we consume - BBC Future. As many countries urge populations to stay at home, many of us are paying more attention to our diets and how the food we eat can support our health. Coronavirus may never go away, World Health Organization warns. Coronavirus: The lost six weeks when US failed to contain outbreak. News. Coronavirus: Boris Johnson unveils alert system for England. How do you cope when everyone in your family is infected with Covid-19? News. Coronavirus: 98-year-old doctor working through the lockdown.

News BBC News Navigation. Coronavirus: One thing that makes job loss in US so painful. News. ReThink - BBC Reel. WHO promotes Physical Distancing against coronavirus press conference. What’s the difference between physical distancing and social distancing? White background with black text or black background with white text? Autoaislamiento por coronavirus: cómo la soledad es en realidad un concepto sorprendentemente moderno.

Coronavirus: When will the outbreak end and life get back to normal? Coronavirus: What could the West learn from Asia? Coronavirus: A problem unlike anything else Trump has faced. Why you're washing your hands wrong - BBC Reel. Coronavirus: Rapid spread raises fears of global pandemic. Can wearing masks stop the spread of viruses? Healthy habits 'deliver extra disease-free decade' The babies who nap in sub-zero temperatures. The truth about eating eggs - BBC Future. How an economist helped thousands get a new kidney. FIX Forward Head Posture! (Daily Corrective Routine)

'Global epidemic' of childhood inactivity. Iceland livestreams 10-year-old McDonald's cheeseburger. Banning out-of-hours email 'could harm employee wellbeing' Is red meat back on the menu? Obesity not caused by lack of willpower - psychologists. SmileDirect Club: The $8bn braces firm boosted by selfies. Vaginal fluid transplants may soon be available in US. Vegans and vegetarians may have higher stroke risk. 'There was no hope': Treatable disease often mistaken for Alzheimer's. A stoic’s guide to happiness - BBC Reel. Does 5G pose health risks? Do you know the hygiene hot spots in your home? Vaccines: Low trust in vaccination 'a global crisis' Does Iceberg Lettuce Really Have 'No Nutritional Value' Whatsoever? Capital - How to tell if you’re close to burning out. Ultimate limit of human endurance found. Fertility paradox in male beauty quest. Avoiding dementia - vitamins 'no help' The power of music: Vicky McClure's dementia choir.

Bad air days on the rise: The nation's most polluted city is ... University student creates first aid kit for mental health. Sleep myths 'damaging your health' A rasher of bacon 'ups cancer risk' Teens 'not damaged by screen time', study finds. What does air pollution do to our bodies? Crippling debt ‘linked to depression’ Can exercise reverse the ageing process?

Detailed images of baby heart inside the womb. San Francisco moves to ban e-cigarettes until health effects known. Weedkiller glyphosate a 'substantial' cancer factor. Guide to Happiness. Gamers suggest ways to combat addiction. 'Millennial burnout': this is how it feels - BBC Three. US man writes his own obituary to warn others against smoking. Beer before wine? It makes no difference to a hangover.

Trump's New Pharmacy Benefit Manager Rebate Rule Will Reshape Prescription Drug Prices. Is the secret to happiness at the top of this mountain?