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Creation tools. Numbers 1-20. Pickles: ESL Life. Scrivener and HarmerThese two men are some of the go-to-people in ESL.

Pickles: ESL Life

Their books, Learning Teaching and The Practice of English Language Teaching, are two that I’ve seen most often on ELT and TESL training programs. And for good reason too. Both of them give you the basics and a nice starting point for your ESL career. They won’t give you everything you need to know, and no book can, but they help get you on your way so you can continue your own learning and evolving.While both books provide an overview in how to teach, and plenty of situations and examples Jim Scrivener’s Learning Teaching contains tasks to complete so you can think of the theory with ‘a hands on idea’ and get you into reflective practice. One To One Teaching Activities « ESL Treasure. People watchingGo for a walk outside or look out of the window and analyses passers-by.

One To One Teaching Activities « ESL Treasure

Have your student create crazy stories about people and be creative. Picture analysisTake in pictures for your students to analyses. Take the pressure off yourself and get them thinking. Room 12 St Clair School, Dunedin, New Zealand - Afternoon Blog: Awesome Literacy Games for Kids. All of the links below lead to child-safe and friendly website that are both fun and educational.

Room 12 St Clair School, Dunedin, New Zealand - Afternoon Blog: Awesome Literacy Games for Kids

These websites are literacy activities. Click on the name of the activity - not the picture! Literacy Games (Lots of games to choose from) Reading Games (Lots of games to choose from including crosswords) Woodlands Junior School (Loads of games to choose from) Grammar for Kids. Games to Learn English - For Students. Hope, want and would like: learn the verbs. Hope, want and would like belong into the group of verbs which are followed by the infinitive.

Hope, want and would like: learn the verbs

If you click the link above you can see a complete solution for these verbs for intermediate learners of English. In this post we would like to teach how to use only the three verbs HOPE, WANT and WOULD LIKE so it is suitable for elementary learners of English. We are not going to explain the differences in meaning as these are very small and the best way about them is by consulting a bilingual dictionary.

In this post we would like to deal with the grammar of these three verbs (they are followed by the infinitive with TO). There are two games, a mind map and a worksheet to practise or learn the given grammar point. Verbs followed by TO infinitive – graphic The verbs WANT, HOPE and WOULD LIKE are followed by TO and infinitive. Learn English online. mcw activity for kids on the topic of Kitchen. Fastest Way to Create Comic Strips and Cartoons - Toondoo.

English Grammar – Formation Of Adjectives. Miss Lucy's Teaching Fun: Teaching English Through Games: GUESS WHO? Over these years of teaching children I got the clear idea that every single structure of grammar or word of vocabulary learnt using textbooks must be put into practice.

Miss Lucy's Teaching Fun: Teaching English Through Games: GUESS WHO?

Why? Because the use of the language during situations that require an extra effort to express themselves to reach a goal will make those structures and words stay in their brains forever. How? If your students don't have any possibility of having 'real English experiences' in their lives, what you can do is to provide them with games. English Flash Games, Reviewed - Find the best ESL flash games in the web. Sprout English. “Oh!

Sprout English

The Places You’ll Go!” — Dr. Seuss This week’s theme on Sprout English is Travel! We’re featuring a fun Listen and Draw Activity about Hotels from the Project Depot. (more…) Starter/beginner, elementary. Irregular verbs again. I have already published several posts on irregular verbs: Past participles – divided according to the pronunciation and Present perfect tense.

Irregular verbs again

However, a week ago a student of mine contacted me and asked me if I could create a way for him to learn the irregular verbs. He spends a lot of time driving so he asked me to prepare something to listen to in his car. So I did. More / -er than. Fun.

More / -er than

This modernish noun (first recorded in 1700 and stigmatized by Johnson as 'a low cant word') has become an informal quasi-adj., esp. in the second half of the 20C. We had a fun time, exclaims many a young person after a party, an outing, a holiday, etc., or It was a fun thing to do, meaning 'an amusing or enjoyable thing'. But it has not yet gained admission to the standard class of adjectives in that, in serious writing, it (so far) lacks a comparative and a superlative. In ordinary attributive use fun is quite frequent, esp. in funfair, the American word funfest (a gathering for the purpose of amusement), and fun run (an invention of the 1970s). (Burchfield 319) Fun, traditionally a noun has come into vogue as an adjective — but only as a "casualism" . (2) Because fun is always a mass noun, it never appears with an article. As an attributive adjective, fun is not often found in elevated contexts; as a quasi-predicate adjective, it is found in all contexts.

English stuff ESL: YOUR FAVOURITE SANDWICH (activities for elementary & intermediate students) Shall we prepare a delicious sandwich for school tomorrow?

English stuff ESL: YOUR FAVOURITE SANDWICH (activities for elementary & intermediate students)

Do you have one in mind? What ingredients would you use? Enter this site to check one out! ENGLISH FLASH GAMES for Learning Vocabulary. Vocabulary games. English Teacher Party: A Look into the Real Life of an English Teacher. Recently my class read Sixth Grade Can Really Kill You by Barthe DeClements and they loved it!

English Teacher Party: A Look into the Real Life of an English Teacher

The book is about a girl named Helen, “Bad Helen”. She gets her name because she’s always playing pranks on her teacher. Helen has dyslexia and is struggling in school. She may even fail until she meets Mr. Marshall. At the end of a novel I like to have some type of culminating activity. Games to Learn English - For Students. ENGLISH KIDS FUN: Vocabulary. Going to + Infinitive English Lesson Plan (A2) This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish.Accept Read More. English Corner Time. English For Little Childrens. ENGLISH FUN&FAN CLUB: GAMES FOR 3-7 YEARS OLD. ESL Vocabulary Games. Los Rosales in English.: Animals. Your English Fairy. Listen to Real British English. My English Blog. Lessons Worth Sharing.

Vote for your favourite blog about the English language. It's time to vote for the Love English Awards 2013! We've received lots of nominations in the category 'best blog about the English language' and now it's time for you to vote who should be this year's winner. Please have a look at all nominated blogs below and select your favourite at the bottom of the page. Click here to read more about the competition rules. Have you cast your vote for best blog? Don't forget to vote in the category 'best website', too. Joanna malefaki-My ELT rambles: One to one lessons. L_missbossy's ELT playground. Tried and tested ELT ideas. Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational. Kids Activities Blog - Fun Learning Activities Kids. Игры на уроках английского языка в начальной школе - Английский язык. Сайт для студентов Педагогического колледжа №5.

Игра, являясь одной из ведущих видов деятельности младших школьников, понятной и естественной деятельностью для них, должна использоваться в учебном процессе. Иностранный язык не является исключением. Использование игр и игровых приёмов на уроках иностранного языка помогает создать доброжелательную обстановку в классе, снять психологический барьер, повысить мотивацию к изучению языка. В игре наиболее полно проявляются способности ребёнка, его характер.

Методическая типология игр разнообразна так же как и их предназначение. В своей работе мы хотим выделить языковые и речевые игры, которые можно использовать на уроках английского языка в младших классах. Языковые игры помогают сделать процесс обучения иностранному языку интересным и творческим. E is for Explore! School. I have tried several types of classroom behavior management systems, and heard of many more, but this one is hands-down my favorite. Of course, by the time I decided to take a picture of it we were six weeks away from the end of the school year, so it's pretty beat up. The concept is very simple. You need 1 piece of cardstock in each of these colors: purple, blue, green, white, yellow, orange, and red. You also need 1 clothespin per student, labeled with their names. Each color has a corresponding behavior, as seen in the picture above.

English news and easy articles for students of English. Downloadable lesson materials. CrowdWish Level: B2/Upper Intermediate and up Skills: Speaking, reading and listening Language: idioms (dream come true, like magic, step in the right direction etc) and wish (including wish + would)

Download GCompris Reading. GCompris Reading Updated: 2013 Author: Various Homepage: GCompris License: GPL/LGPL Control: Touch, Pointer, Keys File Size: 100MB+ Downloads: 1962 Mac/OSX Download Windows Download Linux Download GCompris is a high quality educational software suite comprising of numerous activities for children aged 2 to 10. Fun Kids games.


The English Learner Movie Guides. Video zone. Okey-Dokey - Study English free! Learn online & find information. Learning Chocolate - Vocabulary Learning Platform. World English : test, learn and study the English language online. Teach With Movies - Lesson Plans in History, English, Science for High School, Middle School, Elementary, Home School. Kids Online Games for Elementary School. Juggling With Kids: Sight Word Parking Lot. My son started Kindergarten this year and has a list of sight words he is required to memorize. It can be quite boring and frustrating for I am trying to search for ways to make learning this a little more fun. My son had a lot of fun learning his sight words by playing the Parking Lot Game.

DIY spinny spellers and repurposing Duplo bricks. Almost a year ago I made a couple of DIY spinny spellers for my kids, because they were learning to sound out letter combinations and blend sounds to start reading. The spinny spellers you can buy are all upper case letters though, and I wanted something that was lower case, so I just used a bit of dowelling and some wooden beads and some letter stickers we had handy.

It worked a treat and I agreed with my older daughter's kindergarten teacher that it would be a good tool for the classroom, so I've got a box of wooden blocks that her husband kindly cut and drill pressed holes in, plus a bunch of dowelling and all the left over wooden beads from a thrift store find, to make over 40 of these things. I'm hoping I can get my act together and find some appropriate letraset cheaply to put letters on all the blocks and varnish them. Flashcards. Бесплатные английские игры для изучения английского языка.

Образовательные английские игры онлайн - лучший самоучитель! Использование игр на уроках английского языка. Автор Мнацаканян Тамара Шмигиновна, Learn with Play @ home: The A-Z of Learning Letters. 90+ ways to teach your child all about Letters. Letters are everywhere! Summer review websites for kids. As the school year starts to come to a close, I’m beginning to receive e-mails and questions from parents wondering what they can do over the summer to ensure continued progress. 20+ Activities to Start Learning Letters. Phonics for Kids: Free Worksheets, Songs, Videos, and Audio Lessons. New! Подвижные игры для изучения английского языка. Alphabet flash cards. Сайт учителя английского языка Каркусовой Диляры Маирбековны МАОУБ СОШ №7 г. Владикавказ. Английский для детей. LearnEnglish Kids. Education Place® Instant Crossword Puzzle Maker.

Kids Songs and Lyrics, Nursery Rhymes and School Songs for Children. In Lieu of Preschool - ...what a former teacher and her two little ones do in lieu of preschool! Top 10 Ways to Remember the ABCs. All this week some of the members of the Kid Blogger Network are sharing resources to keep kids learning while school is out. Whether your child has been busy learning letters all year or you’re just looking for some fun ways to expose your child to the alphabet,, this collection of activities should give you tons of ideas for helping kids remember the ABCs.

Many of the ideas include a summer twist, but they could be used any time of the year. **This list is updated with new activities regularly.** Top 10 Ways to Help Kids Remember the ABCs. English Grammar, Vocabulary, Pronunciation Exercises for ESL Teachers and Students.

Учительський Журнал он-лайн. Ru_learnenglish: Мультики на английском для детей. Rhymes for Kids, Nursery Rhymes for Kids, Short Nursery Rhymes, English Rhymes for Kids. Sites for Teachers. Teach Children ESL - FREE worksheets, flashcards, games, songs, etc. Tools for Educators - free worksheet templates, printable game templates, 100% customizable worksheet makers with images! English Grammar Online - free exercises, explanations, vocabulary, dictionary and teaching materials.

Sight words. EFL Activities for Kids, ESL Printables, Worksheets, Games, Puzzles, for Preschool, Primary English Learners. Kenn Nesbitt's Poetry for Kids. ESL-Kids - Flashcards, Worksheets, Games and Songs. +30 000 Free ESL worksheets made by teachers for teachers. Busy Little Bugs. Pinky Dinky Doo. Flashcards, printable games, worksheets, phonics materials, conversational activities.

Free Printables for Kids and Moms & Dads. By Kieran Donaghy. BusyTeacher: Free Printable Worksheets For Busy Teachers Like YOU! English as a Second Language (ESL) Lesson plans & ideas for teachers: eslflow index & home page. - Learn Words - English Dictionary. English Worksheets, Lesson Plans, Activities, Games, Puzzles -Simple ESL. ESL Kids worksheets, flashcards, songs and games. Teacher Mama: Bottle Caps ABCs - Boy Mama Teacher Mama. Handpicked, Hands-on Grammar Activities.