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my StoryMaker® at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh my Storymaker® was named one of the Best Websites for Teaching and Learning by the American Association of School Librarians, a division of the American Library Association. People worldwide enjoy my StoryMaker®. Find out what all the fun is about! You have the power to decide -- choosing characters, taking them on adventures and creating your very own story along the way. my StoryMaker® lets you control characters and objects -- and it creates sentences for you! > Play my StoryMaker® Click here for HELP writing, printing and sharing stories. e-learning for kids ESL Teacher Resources, Job Boards, and Worksheets Little Bird Tales Homeschool Curriculum | Free Homeschool Curriculum for Beginners People of America They come from everywhere around the world. This curriculum consists of 37 scripted lessons to discover who they are, why they came, and several important accomplishments they’ve made as Americans! Native American History - They are the only Americans that can claim they were here first! European American History - They are the largest group of people in the nation and therefore, have mostly determined how Americans live today! African American History - The 44th President of the United States is African American! Latin American History - More people will soon speak their language than English! Asian American History - They are the richest group of Americans! We recommend that this curriculum be taught one lesson per week in the order above. Science for Kids This is a 23-week introductory science homeschool curriculum that covers biology, human anatomy, and physics. Not What You're Looking For? Use our Search Engine! For best results, enter a 3-4 word search term. Try it now!

5 Reflective End-of-Year Activities Editor’s Note: Read more end-of-year ideas from one of our favorite bloggers, Carrie Kamm. The last days of the school year are ticking by. As more and more milestones get crossed off your list, you may be left wondering how to wrap up the school year. 1. Make a list of advice for future students by asking current students to reflect on the year and share tips for success. 2. High school ELA teacher Esther Wu asks students to draw a graph of their year’s highs and lows on 8.5 x 11 paper with emoticons, symbols, lessons learned, songs of the month, etc. 3. Another great idea from Esther Wu is to have students work in small groups to come up with a Top Ten List about the year. 4. Katie Novak, K-12 reading coordinator, has her students grade her on how well she taught the Common Core ELA Standards. 5. Reflection can happen individually, in small groups, and as a large group. What are your favorite end-of-the-year reflection activities?

Free Elementary Printables This Reading Mama a developmental approach to literacy Elementary Printables FREE Elementary Printables If you enjoy these printables, I would encourage you to follow along in one or more of these ways so you don’t miss a thing! Literacy Printables Literacy Sets/Curriculum Reading the Alphabet- A curriculum I designed for my advanced PreKinder, but would also work for those in early elementary who have need a little more practice with phonological awareness (like rhyming), letter sounds, handwriting, and blending words together to form CVC words. Phonics by The Book- A curriculum I am in the process of designing for young readers in K-2nd grades. BOB Book Printables- You can use these activities with the BOB Books or most work as stand-alone activities. Emergent Readers Short Vowels Long Vowels Mixed Phonics Review Activities Find the Oddball Pack (short vowels, long vowels, r-influenced vowels, and more!) Themed Word Study Sorts Other Phonics Features Reading Helps Sight Words Spelling Writing Fluency

Recycling: As China shuts its gates to our plastics and paper, how can NZ stem the tide? - The Listener Business manager Ken Sowman says Plastics New Zealand was an early adopter of a plastic identification coding system in the early 1990s, and manufacturers label products to aid sorting and recycling. But, he says, New Zealand-made plastic packaging isn’t the whole story. “There is a huge array and volume of imported retail products contained in or protected by packaging. The global plastics industry is fragmented, and this has led to a proliferation of different types of plastics and many products that mix chemically distinct plastic polymers together. Evans argues that New Zealand needs to build an onshore recycling industry, but should also consider “which materials are actually acceptable to bring into New Zealand in the first place”. In response to the “New Plastics Economy” report, he says New Zealand may need to stop using certain types of plastics.

Little House 123 | 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade Un'animazione sul concetto di bellezza femminile Dalle curve della Venere paleolitica di Willendorf a quelle della pop-star contemporanea Nicki Minaj. Passando per la Venere di Milo, le Grazie di Rubens, i nudi di Modigliani e la filiforme Twiggy. Una carrellata a ritmo di musica, firmata dall’illustratrice inglese Anna Ginsburg e commissionata dalla CNN in occasione dell’8 marzo, vuole ricordare alle donne come il concetto di bellezza femminile sia mutato rapidamente e più volte nei secoli: “non esiste un modello standard, quindi lasciateci celebrare le diversità delle forme femminili”, afferma l’autrice alla fine del video. Lo stimolo a produrre l’animazione What is Beauty?