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FREE ESL resources for those who teach English to children.

FREE ESL resources for those who teach English to children.

EFL Activities for Kids, ESL Printables, Worksheets, Games, Puzzles, for Preschool, Primary English Learners What Makes a Great Teacher? As the kids move into group work, there is a low buzz in the room. I try, but I can’t find a child who isn’t talking about math. One little boy leans across his desk to help another with a problem. “What do you add to 8 to get 16?” he says, and then he waits. The activities come in brisk sequence, following a routine the kids know by heart, so no time is lost in transition. On the front wall, Mr. Next, Mr. Finally, after a dozen problems go by, a small voice from an even smaller boy pronounces, “Bingo!” When I talk to Mr. Like all the teachers I talked to in Washington, Mr.

Free ABC Songs: Your favorite kids song and nursery rhyme mp3 downloads for free with lyrics Integrating pronunciation into classroom activities In my work as a teacher trainer I have been surprised at how often experienced teachers are reluctant to tackle pronunciation issues in class. I can think of at least two reasons why pronunciation tends to be neglected: firstly, the lack of clear guidelines and rules available in course books, and secondly the fact that isolated exercises once a month do not seem to have much of an effect. This is not surprising, however; like all other areas of language teaching, pronunciation needs constant attention for it to have a lasting effect on students, which means integrating it into daily classroom procedures. Using student talk to teach pronunciationWord stressVowel soundsDiphthongsWeak formsSentence stressConclusion Using student talk to teach pronunciationPronunciation work can be kept simple and employ exercises which are both accessible and enjoyable for students, whatever their level. Word stressHere is a simple exercise I repeat regularly for work on word stress and individual sounds.

Free MP3 Downloads of Kids Songs,Free Kids Music, Free Children's Music,Teach English with Songs Free Children's Songs and Chant MP3 Downloads! "Matt's songs are awesome! They are a big hit with the kids from the get go." Dream English Free Downloads: Click on a song or chant title to the right and below! 1. Please note that it is a violation of copyright to: Sell any Dream English Materials or use the songs in YouTube Videos. Songs by Topic: Click on the Topic to Find the Songs. New Songs: Clean Up Song Click here! Alphabet Songs ABCs and Phonics Songs Action and Verbs Songs Animal Songs Body Parts Songs Classroom Songs Hello, Goodbye Songs and more! New Video from Dream English Kids YouTube: Search! Please visit and subscribe to the Dream English Kids YouTube Channel. Some New Free Songs: Thank You Song and Count 1 to 5 Song! 1. Lesson Plans and Games: Not sure how to plan your class? More New songs I have five more free song downloads to get your school year off to a great start. Holiday Songs and Materials: 1. New iPhone and iPad Apps! Touch and Say Phonics A-Z!

Teaching Pronunciation Pronunciation involves far more than individual sounds. Word stress, sentence stress, intonation, and word linking all influence the sound of spoken English, not to mention the way we often slur words and phrases together in casual speech. 'What are you going to do?' becomes 'Whaddaya gonna do?' A student's first language often interferes with English pronunciation. Here are some ideas for focusing on specific pronunciation features. Voicing Voiced sounds will make the throat vibrate. Here are some resources for teaching pronunciation. Sounds of English Mouth diagrams and photographs; instructions for producing selected English sounds, word stress, sentence stress, and intonation; many example sound clips to play with audio software such as RealPlayer (free).

Kids ESL Vocabulary Games - Free Online Vocabulary Games for ESL Young Learners ESL Kids Games, Games Resources, Pirate games, Games for ESL, Grammar games, Vocabulary games, English games, Multiple choice games, Football classroom games, Vocabulary exercises, Basketball games, Games for kids, Match up games, Kids ESL games, Fling the teacher game, Space games, ESL interactive games, Online games, Duel games, Interactive classroom games, ESL activities online, Grade no grade quiz games, Vocabulary exercises. Alphabet 1- Interactive ABC Vocabulary Games Alphabet A to Z - Walk the Plank Vocabulary Game Animals & Adjectives - Interactive Vocabulary Games Body Parts & Adjectives Fling the Teacher Vocabulary Game Clothes & the Body Duel Vocabulary Game Countries & Nationalities Walk the Plank Vocabulary Game Days of the Week & Ordinal Numbers Multiple Choice Vocabulary Game Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs Quiz Vocabulary Game In a Hotel Match-Up Vocabulary Game In a School Space Vocabulary Game - Using Can & Can't Jobs & Places of Work Basketball Vocabulary Game

Kids ESL Games - Free Online ESL Games, Worksheets and ESL Printables for ESL Young Learners ESL Kids World Online Games and Activities for Classroom Teaching We offer a rich variety of grammar games according to grammar topics. Grammar games include : Basketall, Football, Walk the Plank, Fling the Teacher, Teacher Invaders, T.V Games and more to help practice grammar. Games for learning & Practising Grammar: Present simple/present progressive games, past simple games, present perfect games, comparative/Superlatives and more. Games for learning & Practising vocabulary: Animals, Body Parts, Colours, Countries, Food & Drink, Jobs, Numbers, Places & Landmarks, Planets & Space ad much more. Powerpoint games for learning & Practising English: Birthdays, Family, Festivals, Animals and much more. Classroom Games ideas for learning & Practising English: Jenga, Hangman, Simon says, Hot seat and more for English practice. Board Games for learning & Practising English: Snakes & Ladders, Ship Attack, Football and more templates for English practice. Game Ideas: Games for Classroom Teaching A Alphabet sentence spelling Write a sentence on the board. Fourni par

Movie worksheets Worksheets At ESL Kids world we offer high quality printable PDF worksheets for teaching young learners. These worksheets include among others: colouring sheets, crossword and wordsearch puzzles and much more. Phonics For Young Learners of English, the teaching of phonics often takes centre-stage. Flashcards With a rich collection of flashcards, properly arranged by topics, you are armed with more high quality materials for teaching kids. Games The artistic nature of kids brains has them ready-made for games and fun activities. Song Worksheets Songs relax and get rid of negative emotions. Powerpoint PPT he age of interactive whiteboards and overhead projectors are here to stay - enter powerpoint. Interactive Some students learning by playing games and solving puzzles on the computer.

EFL Activities for Kids, ESL Printables, Worksheets, Games, Puzzles, for Preschool, Primary English Learners