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Gender Revolution: A Journey with Katie Couric. How to Be a Girl. Who am I? Identity Portfolio. The theme for 8th grade is simply: identity.

Who am I? Identity Portfolio

Students explore identity through forgiveness and justice, immigration, and making a difference. Each novel, poem, short story, and writing piece is carefully chosen with identity in mind. The assignments were designed to make them question who they are and what they stand for. This year, I had my students create an identity portfolio from all of their writing pieces. Why? The following pieces were included in their identity portfolios: Bio Poem: A fun reflection in prose.Forgiveness Personal Narrative: After reading The Sunflower by Simon Weisenthal, students question their ability to forgive.

Who Am I? Exploring Identity. IDENTITY ORGANIZER Final Project Some general guidelines: In the photograph analysis activity, we saw how photographers not only conveyed ideas through the choice of their subjects, but also through techniques such as lighting, perspective, etc.

Who Am I? Exploring Identity

Some suggestions for projects include: A painting, drawing or sculpture that reflects personal identity such as a self-portrait. A photographic self-portrait. In the Classroom: Exploring Identity. Lesson Plan Age group: Middle/High School/University Goal and Objectives: Using Elana Bell’s piece Searching for the Lost Jews of Alexandria as inspiration, students creatively explore identity, engage in learning about the Israel/Palestine conflict and write their own creative piece.

In the Classroom: Exploring Identity

Guiding Question: What are my identities and how do I exist in the world alongside people with differences? Exploring Identity Lesson Plan – What is identity? – Task students with creating an identity web: Begin with a sheet of paper, writing your name in the center. . – Hang all maps on the wall and have students do a gallery walk. . – Share out the experience. . – Ask students to pick one or two of their identities that affect them the most in the world. . – Show students Iranian American artist Sara Rabar’s controversial textile flags. Female Gender Identity Issues. Momondo – The DNA Journey.

Societal Influences. Educational Activities. Below are LGBT educational exercises that anyone can utilize as ice breakers, generate discussions, activities or even create a full program around.

Educational Activities

Engaging Students in a Study of Identity: A Flipped Classroom Exercise. At Facing History, we begin each journey of investigation with a study of identity, focusing on how both individual and national identities are formed, as well as how these identities influence behavior and decision-making.

Engaging Students in a Study of Identity: A Flipped Classroom Exercise

This month we are excited to launch a new online resource that grapples with issues of both personal and community identity. Sholem Aleichem and the Challenges of Modernity looks at the life and times of Sholem Aleichem, a Jewish writer and humorist who lived from 1859–1916 whose writing is noted for portraying eastern European Jewish life with both humor and compassion.

(His name may or may not be familiar, but you probably know his work - his short stories about Tevye the Dairyman were the inspiration for the musical Fiddler on the Roof!) Suggested Activity: Identity in a Modern World A) In Class: Identity Chart Activity As an introductory activity, you may choose to use the Identity Chart strategy. 1. 2. 3. Identity Circles - Icebreakers, Ice Breakers, Ice Breaker Games. Identity Circles / Value Circles Identity Circles (also known as Identity Cards or Value Circles) is a deeper get-to-know-you game, during which you will have an opportunity to discuss with many friends the values that make up your identity and how you prioritize them in your life.

Identity Circles - Icebreakers, Ice Breakers, Ice Breaker Games

For this activity, you will be paired up with several different people, the number depending on how many people are in your group. The activity works best in even numbers, as pairing requires. To begin, divide your group in half and create two concentric circles (one inner circle and one outer circle). The people in the outer circle should face inside, and the people in the inner circle should face outside. Purchase several index cards, enough for each participant to have ten index cards (for example, if you have sixteen players, you need at least 160 cards).

Instructions for How to Play Hand out the index cards and pens to each participant. Race (e.g. Identity Activities. LGBTQ Identity Books. Girls Session: Worth and Identity - Children and Youth. Girls’ Session –Worth and Identity Session will look at our Worth and Identity – what shapes and influences us.

Girls Session: Worth and Identity - Children and Youth

Session will also look at the issue of self-worth and how we see ourselves. Raft Game Read out the instructions at the top of the exercise sheet.In groups discuss the possibilities of who will be left on the raft.After 10-15 minutes, finalise who you are going to eject from the raft or who will be given surgery. In your group you must agree of each decision. The Raft A ship is wrecked in the middle of the ocean, thousands of miles from land. 15 people are still alive and they manage to make a raft; because of the lack of time and equipment, the raft is only big enough to support 9 survivors. You have to decide which 6 of those listed you have to dispose of, you are not one of the survivors, and no one is allowed to hang onto the raft. A crippled boy, paralysed since birth.