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Outlander bungles the conflict in "Savages" Outlander is a show largely made up of dramatic reunions and coincidences.

Outlander bungles the conflict in "Savages"

And damn, it does them well. One would think the show might have run out of ways to make an unexpected run-in with someone from the past exciting and emotional, but here we are, well into the fourth season, and the show drums up a tearjerker of a reunion between Jamie and Murtagh. As with several of the show’s reunions, this one leans into the dramatics, Murtagh’s back to us for a long stretch before the big reveal.

And then Sam Heughan places us right in Jamie’s emotional reaction to seeing an old friend again. Though coincidences abound and improbable run-ins happen all the time on this show, it doesn’t usually feel like merely convenient storytelling tactics. Canadian media lacks nuance, depth on racial issues. Newsrooms in Canada are disproportionately white.

Canadian media lacks nuance, depth on racial issues

This inequity means Canadian news coverage is less inclusive and therefore not truly representative of our country’s racial diversity. We’ve known all this for years, and still — despite the approach of the next federal election — establishment journalism organizations have not taken steps to address this worrying gap in a meaningful and systemic way. One consequence is lower voter turnout among people of colour. The media is a pillar of democracy. Numerous studies reveal how an erosion in local news weakens civic engagement. These studies focus on geographic communities. Why? It’s not a stretch to extrapolate findings from geographically focused research on news deserts and apply them to underserved racialized communities.

Ethnic media doesn’t even reflect citizens like me, a second-generation Canadian-born Chinese whose native language is English. Why it’s time to stop worrying about the decline of the English language. The 21st century seems to present us with an ever-lengthening list of perils: climate crisis, financial meltdown, cyber-attacks.

Why it’s time to stop worrying about the decline of the English language

How Sitcoms Handled Homos in the 70s and 80s. I Told My Mom I Hire Sex Workers And Her Response Changed Our Relationship. Love And Marriage: A History That Challenges The Notion Of 'Traditional Marriage' On Valentine’s Day, American husbands and wives of every age, faith and region will shower their beloveds with symbols of undying affection — flowers, chocolates, moonlit dinners, kisses. The annual Feb. 14 lovefest is also a popular time for elaborate engagements, with picturesque proposals and pricey jewelry. Calling all HuffPost superfans! Sign up for membership to become a founding member and help shape HuffPost’s next chapter But any link between love and matrimony is relatively recent, said Stephanie Coontz, who teaches history and family studies at the Evergreen State College in Olympia, Wash. Civic Nation BrandVoice: Tuition Free Community College Opens Doors For Students. At Scholarship America, one core belief is at the heart of everything we do: education makes lives better.

Civic Nation BrandVoice: Tuition Free Community College Opens Doors For Students

That belief has led our organization to distribute more than $4 billion in scholarships and educational assistance to more than 2.4 million students since our founding 60 years ago. It applies to students from all walks of life, whether they are pursuing a doctorate, a baccalaureate, or associate degree—as well as a vocational certification. As such, we have been and continue to proudly be part of the nationwide, bipartisan movement supporting free community college. Since Scholarship America awarded its first scholarships in 1958, education has become more and more vital to every successive generation. It has also become more and more expensive. We support the free community college movement because it opens doors for these students. Tuition-free community college also offers another benefit on the way to completion: it means private-sector dollars can do more to fill in the gaps. Educational Activities.

Below are LGBT educational exercises that anyone can utilize as ice breakers, generate discussions, activities or even create a full program around.

Educational Activities

That’s Gay (Answers) A worksheet matching terms and definitions GLBT Trivia A 15 minute ice-breaker trivia game Bisexuality Activity A 25 minute game exploring attitudes and opinions on bisexuality. Using Chosen Names Reduces Odds of Depression and Suicide in Transgender Youths. In a recent study, researchers found that the risk of depression and suicide in transgender youths falls when they are allowed to use their chosen name.

Using Chosen Names Reduces Odds of Depression and Suicide in Transgender Youths

AUSTIN, Texas – In one of the largest and most diverse studies of transgender youths to date, researchers led by a team at The University of Texas at Austin have found that when transgender youths are allowed to use their chosen name in places such as work, school and at home, their risk of depression and suicide drops. YouTube Restricts LGBTQ+ Content to “Protect Children” and Pisses Me the F*ck Off. Yesterday, in a flurry of emails and texts, I learned that YouTube’s Restricted Mode was specifically blocking LGBTQ+ themed videos.

YouTube Restricts LGBTQ+ Content to “Protect Children” and Pisses Me the F*ck Off

After initial public outcry across social media, YouTube issued a short statement on Twitter, maintaining that LGBTQ+ voices were a “key part of what YouTube was all about.” They went on to say that “the intention of Restricted Mode is to filter out mature content for the tiny subset of users who want a more limited experience. LGBTQ+ videos are available in Restricted Mode, but those that discuss more sensitive issues may not be.”

Having spent the better part of the past decade creating LGBTQ+ themed video content on YouTube, I immediately set my preferences to Restricted Mode to see what of that content was deemed too “sensitive.” “Everyone is gay” search not in Restricted Mode. “Everyone is gay” search in Restricted Mode. Apart from the brief statement issued yesterday, YouTube has not been especially forthcoming. Sex and Gender in the Victorian Era - The Atlantic. Domineering, moody, given to fits of displeasure, a fiend for detail, Edward was a cartoonish Victorian patriarch.

Sex and Gender in the Victorian Era - The Atlantic

His children were frightened of him.