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Earth - The Big Questions. TorrentFreak - Breaking File-sharing, Copyright and Privacy News. Department of Terrestrial Magnetism. Untitled. Slashdot: News for nerds, stuff that matters. Office of Social Innovation and Civic Participation Blog. Time Well Spent. About - In brief. The goal of the Blue Brain Project is to build biologically detailed digital reconstructions and simulations of the rodent, and ultimately the human brain.

In brief

The supercomputer-based reconstructions and simulations built by the project offer a radically new approach for understanding the multilevel structure and function of the brain. The project's novel research strategy exploits interdependencies in the experimental data to obtain dense maps of the brain, without measuring every detail of its multiple levels of organization (molecules, cells, micro-circuits, brain regions, the whole brain).

This strategy allows the project to build digital reconstructions (computer models) of the brain at an unprecedented level of biological detail. Tech". Competition in the Digital Age. Accenture Digital. Techmeme. Gizmag is now New Atlas. Cosmos - The science of everything. Superflux. Ars Technica. SciShow. Weather and climate change. World Economic Forum on Africa 2016. Techopedia - Where IT and Business Meet. Sustainability Matters: industry news, comment, feature articles, case studies and new products.

Fractal Foundation – Fractals are SMART: Science, Math and Art! Live Science: Scientific News, Articles and Current Events. Frank bentley. Rosetta. The Dvorak Keyboard. AoIR. WIRED. We have entered the age of the computer chip brain implant. PBS/YouTube Ian Burkhart can play Guitar Hero with his thoughts.

We have entered the age of the computer chip brain implant

Though he was left paralyzed from the neck down after a freak accident six years ago, a computer chip in his brain has enabled him to play along with the rhythm of songs. The process was detailed in a paper published on April 13. "Once we decipher the signals in the brain, we can read those thought patterns, and we translate those signals into a language muscles can understand," Chad Bouton, the lead technologist on the project, tells Tech Insider. "We send electrical impulses to the forearm through the skin, so no second surgery is needed. Burkhart can also pour liquid from a bottle into a glass, swipe a credit card, and pick up a cell phone. It's a sign of how brain implants are moving out of science fiction and into reality. A 2009 study found that 5.6 Americans live with paralysis, or about 1 in 50 people. Ian Burkhart plays guitar with his thoughts. The chip could also be used in more brain-specific cases. ParisTech Review - the Online Magazine of ParisTech - Technology, Business, Economy, Society and Individuals.

Deep Learning. ESPAÑA ILUSTRADA: PRIMER MAPAMUNDI POR JUAN DE LA COSA. El mapamundi de Juan de la Cosa marcaba el inicio de la cartografía americana, considerado como una de las joyas de la historia de la cartografía.


La gran carta está fechada en junio de 1500, en El Puerto de Santa María de Cádiz. Se trata de un portulano pintado a color sobre una gran hoja de pergamino junto con dos pieles unidas, formando un rectángulo irregular de 96 cm de ancho y 183 cm., y artísticamente iluminada. Se muestra el mundo conocido hasta entonces, a finales del siglo XV. Con precisión relativa se dibuja Europa y más defectuosamente Asia, hasta el Ganges. Al oeste de Europa y África aparece el mar Oceanuz y allí una rosa de los vientos con la imagen de la Virgen María y el Niño Jesús, de donde parten líneas o rumbos que parecen una telaraña.

Muestra además a Asia y América separadas por una masa de agua independiente, el océano Pacífico, y a América del norte y América del sur como dos continentes autónomos. Tecnología Obsoleta - Ciencia, tecnología y cultura.