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In countries that have based their wealth on production, every discovery and innovation that potentially lower production costs attract very strong attention. Since 2007, the discovery and exploitation of shale gas and oil have put the USA energy industry back on the track to competitive procurement faced with competing nations who have been low costs champions for decades. The new question on the table is to ascertain whether 3D printing can have a comparable impact. technology and business Spain is one of the world's leading nations in biotechnology research, but it lags behind in technology transfer and the creation of new companies. The Spanish government is hoping to bring about a radical change in these statistics.

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Multisite Global Search Easily search through all blogs into your WordPress Multisite by post title, post content or post author. Multisite Global Search doesn't work with single WordPress installation and it must be activated for all sites using "network activate" in the Administration Panel. Currently in the following languages: Dutch (nl_NL) by Niels Boos Webdiensten ZZPEnglishGerman (de_DE) by Dennis VorpahlFrench (fr_FR) by Fabrice PerrinelItalian (it_IT) by Davide TommasinNorwegian Bokmal (nb_NO) by Tore Johnny BråtveitPortuguese (pt_PT) by Jose AnjosRussian (ru_RU) by Sam SavinovRomanian (ro_RO) by Alexander Ovsov Web Hosting Geek ScienceSerbian (sr_RS) by Andrijana Nikolic [Web Hosting Geeks] (sk_SK) by Branco Web Hosting GeeksSpanish (es_ES)

The Loom Your hands are, roughly speaking, 360 million years old. Before then, they were fins, which your fishy ancestors used to swim through oceans and rivers. Once those fins sprouted digits, they could propel your salamander-like ancestors across dry land. Fast forward 300 million years, and your hands had become fine-tuned for manipulations: your lemur-like ancestors used them to grab leaves and open up fruits. Within the past few million years, your hominin ancestors had fairly human hands, which they used to fashion tools for digging up tubers, butchering carcasses, and laying the groundwork for our global dominance today.

Business Magazine Autumn 2011 Some 140 years ago, Leland Stanford became intrigued by what seemed like a straightforward question but was a matter of real debate among horseracing enthusiasts: Does a running horse at some point in its gait maintain all four feet off the ground? To find out, Stanford invited the photographer Eadweard Muybridge to conduct a series of experiments. On what’s now part of Stanford University campus, he set up a series of cameras triggered by trip wires to snap a quick series of shots as Stanford’s Kentucky-bred mare Sallie Gardner galloped around a track. Their finding, to the surprise of both the art and science communities, was that the answer was yes. Stanford’s efforts to discover the answer to this question is illustrative of something deep in the DNA of the university he founded soon after: a thirst for knowledge and understanding, and for innovative approaches to problem solving. Stanford Business celebrates these values.

FAQ #StateLogs: How to explore the CableGate » StateLogs tags by opencalais Welcome to the StateLogs: you can browse, comment, add, share and follow the release of the diplomatic leaks disclosed by Wikileaks in the Statelogs application. The documents will be added to the application by OWNI as soon as they are online and made available to all journalists and citizens. Statelogs uses WordPress opensource technologies, The OpenCalais Api , GoogleSearch , GoogleMaps , MIT Timeline , less css framework , javascript and HTML5 to bring you the best experience on all devices Previous articles about Wikileaks Live-blogging: Wikileaks reveals 250,000 StateLogs WikiLeaks expanded collaboration with media to ‘maximise exposure’ for Iraq War Logs sources Hi, here’s Julian Assange Iraq Warlogs: Interface the leaks

The Intersection This is a guest post by Tim Broderick, a Chicago resident with a keen interest in science and science education. One of the most painful moments in the film “Jesus Camp” (and there are many) comes when a parent homeschooling her children talks about evolution. The kids are shown watching creationist videos mocking science, and are then led, in a lesson, to reject and question science for no other reason than for a religious fundamentalist view of the world. Business School Research at London Business School receives international acclaim and is used for reference all over the world. Search for publications using the form on the right, or click on one of the publication types below. Faculty publications Faculty at London Business School publish academic papers, reports and books spanning all business topics.

Canadian Journal of Learning and Technology / La revue canadienne de l’apprentissage et de la technologie The Canadian Journal of Learning and Technology is a peer-reviewed journal that welcomes papers on all aspects of educational technology and learning. Topics may include, but are not limited to: learning theory and technology, cognition and technology, instructional design theory and application, online learning, computer applications in education, simulations and gaming, and other aspects of the use of technology in the learning process. Manuscripts may be submitted either in English or in French. There is no charge or fee to authors for article submission or processing. Le Journal canadien de l'apprentissage et de la technologie est une revue par les pairs qui accueille des articles sur tous les aspects de la technologie et de l'apprentissage de l'éducation.

WordPress introduces new HTML5 sandbox theme, calls out to CSS artists By now, I hope you've felt the early rumblings of an HTML5 revolution. It's still early days, however; most HTML5 sites are tests, or niche Web apps that only a small fraction of surfers will use. What HTML5 really needs is a huge, pipe-hitting champion; a website that grabs HTML5 by the gonads and slams it down front and center. A champion such as WordPress, for example, which has just released a rather lovely HTML5 theme for both blogs, and self-hosted solutions. Like the HTML4 'Sandbox' theme, this new theme, called Toolbox, is a semantic, clean-slate dream. You can leap right in and design a new theme just by modifying the CSS, while making the most of new HTML5 tags like article and header.

Insight Knowledge Exchange Economics Mario Monti: "The Worst Part of the Crisis Is Over" IESE; IESE Insight

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