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How to Convert from Evernote to OneNote. Microsoft OneNote is now free to use on and sync among all your devices, such as computers, tablets, and phones, as well as on the web.

How to Convert from Evernote to OneNote

So, what if you’re using Evernote and want to switch? No worries. It’s easy to convert your Evernote notebooks to OneNote. NOTE: You must have both Evernote and OneNote installed on your computer for this tool to work. The pre-installed version of OneNote available in the Windows App Store won’t work with this tool. To convert Evernote notebooks to OneNote, we’re going to use a tool called Evernote2Onenote, so download the tool from here and unzip the tool. Once you have Evernote2Onenote installed and ready to run, double-click the .exe file to open the program. If you only want to convert notes in the chosen notebook that are newer than a specific date, select that date in the “only import notes newer than” drop-down calendar. NOTE: To change the month, you can type the corresponding number (e.g., type “9” for September).

What It Really Takes to Be a Professional Programmer. How to Prevent Your Local Searches From Being Sent Over the Internet. All modern operating systems — from smartphones and tablets to desktops and laptops — automatically send your local searches over the Internet and provide web results.

How to Prevent Your Local Searches From Being Sent Over the Internet

But you can disable this, which is especially useful for protecting private searches. How to Create Bootable USB Drives and SD Cards For Every Operating System. Creating installation media for your operating system of choice used to be simple.

How to Create Bootable USB Drives and SD Cards For Every Operating System

Just download an ISO and burn it to CD or DVD. Now we’re using USB drives, and the process is a little different for each operating system. You can’t just copy files form an ISO disc image directly onto your USB drive. The USB drive’s data partition needs to be made bootable, for one thing. This process will usually wipe your USB drive or SD card. First, Make Sure You’re Using a USB 3.0 Drive. How to Use Pushbullet to Bridge the Gap Between All Your Devices. Programmers: What Does It Take to Be a Developer (Other than Coding)? Learn Which Programming Language to Choose With This Infographic. Learn SQL with Khan Academy's New Interactive Course. How to Teach Yourself Programming on the Cheap. Want to teach yourself how to code, but don’t have a lot of extra scratch laying around to learn how to do it?

How to Teach Yourself Programming on the Cheap

Nowadays, there are tons of resources available on the Internet that you can use to get yourself up to speed on all of the most advanced coding languages, often without having to drop a dime for the privilege. Though only one of the learning portals listed here will actually leave you with a degree to pin on your wall by the time all is said and done, having the skills these websites provide is still a great way to get started in the world of independent contracting, and being able to build your very own websites on the fly. Khan Academy Khaaaaaan! Keep This Java Cheat Sheet on Hand While You're Learning to Code. What Really Happens When You Delete Something from Your PC. Adobe's Brackets is a Free Text Editor for Web Developers. Python Cheat Sheet by DaveChild. The Best Hidden Features of VLC. Productivity 101: How to Use Personal Kanban to Visualize Your Work.

Most Popular File Encryption Tool: VeraCrypt. Encrypting your sensitive data is important, but not all encryption tools are the same.

Most Popular File Encryption Tool: VeraCrypt

Last week we asked you for your favorites, and then we looked at the top five file encryption tools and put them head to head. Now it's time to crown the community favorite. VeraCrypt, the spiritual (and in many ways, including its code, actual) descendant of TrueCrypt, took the top spot by a wide margin, bringing home close to 41% of the overall vote. It's free, (mostly) open source, cross-platform, offers strong encryption, and offers all of the great features TrueCrypt did before its developers abandoned it. Second place with 20% of the overall vote was 7-Zip, a file compression tool that also has the ability to create encrypted archives. Why Learning to Code Is So Hard (and What You Can Do About It) Five Best File Encryption Tools. Top 10 Ways to Teach Yourself to Code.

Why You Shouldn't Just "Learn to Code," but Aim to Solve a Problem. How to Organize Your Entire Life with Trello. The Case for Learning C as Your First Programming Language. How do I learn to code? Paperwork Is an Evernote Alternative You Can Host Yourself. Share and Discover the best programming tutorials and courses online. Get your Party started with Festify (Beta) Put Your Notes to Work!

Eloquent JavaScript. Interactive: The Top Programming Languages. Designed to allow the creation of programs that can run on different platforms with little or no modification, Java is a popular choice for Web applications.

Interactive: The Top Programming Languages

C is used to write software where speed and flexibility is important, such as in embedded systems or high-performance computing. Essentially a version of C with built-in support for "objects"--self-contained modules of code and data--C++ proved to be a natural fit for software driven by graphical user interfaces. A scripting language that is often used by software developers to add programmability to their applications, such as engineering-analysis tools or animation software. Created by Microsoft for developing software for the .NET framework, which supports many applications running on Windows. A Usenet Appliance. Newznab Forums - Index. Newznab - Personal Usenet Indexer Help Thread. View topic - newznab - open source usenet indexer. I'm trying to put together a tutorial for newbie users like myself who might need some help setting up newznab on windows.

View topic - newznab - open source usenet indexer

I somewhat got this going (time will tell how good it's working). A big Thanks to medoix on the IRC channel for his help! I expect this tutorial to be a work in progress. If I missed a step or did something wrong, don't flame me, I'm just offering a bit of help for the next guy. The instructions included with the download seemed a bit lacking for window users, especially for those of us who don't do much with php, apache, curl and other apps needed for this to work.

Here's the steps I did to get it working. First I installed an apache/curl/pear/php/blah blah pack.. - (Dont be mislead, the download link is near the bottom where you choose if you want to download a zip/install file or 7zip) I decided on the install file. Bring Back the Hidden iTunes Store Power Search. What's Next? — About. Programming Languages - Hyperpolyglot.