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Recycled Materials

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Prefab Shipping Container Homes Made to Order. Montana-based company Montainer is not new to the shipping container business, but they've just created a new process for customer ordering that could revolutionize the way these small, sustainable units are bought.

Prefab Shipping Container Homes Made to Order

The company's first prefabricated container model, the Nomad 192, can be assembled on-site in as little as a day, and costs just $65,000. A new, high-performance and low-hassle home has a lot of alluring qualities. The Nomad 192, while sticking to its original shipping container structure, is designed to be an efficient and elegant small home. The container itself has closed-cell spray foam insulation added to ensure the home is well-insulated and either side at the center is cut to include large french windows that allow maximization of natural light. Either end is made into a barn door that gives more ways to bring nature in, but also provide an added layer of security. Who Knew a Relaxed Tropical Retreat Could Be Made of Shipping Containers. Recettes Urbaines.

Construction. Natural Building Materials - ECOR is a Lightweight Wood Alternative. Spencers Art House: A design laboratory and community space by Andrew Perkins. Spencer's Art House is an experimental rehabilitation project in Flint, Michigan's historic neighborhood, Carriage Town.

Spencers Art House: A design laboratory and community space by Andrew Perkins

Using reclaimed materials, the long-vacant 120-year-old building is being reenvisioned as an alternative space for architects, designers, artists, and engineers to produce innovative work and demonstrate Flint's potential for rebirth. This campaign will let us get over the last hurdles needed to fully stabilize the structure and secure the building from the elements by rebuilding one of the exterior walls and repairing windows.

It will prep the exterior for paint by replacing missing siding. And it will insure our progress to let us begin utilizing and finishing the interior of the building and continue hosting bigger and better events for the community. We've already hosted a number of musicians, painters, performers, chefs, and poets to bring the space to life. After the funeral home closed in the 1990s, the building fell into vacancy and disrepair. Budget: Adorable Vegetable Nursery Home Made of Bamboo and 2,000 Plastic Bottles Pops up in Vietnam Vegetable Nursery Home in Vietnam by 1+1>2 International Architecture - Gallery Page 1. Architects for the project state that it is an example of cooperation between rural inhabitants and urban residents, as well as an "example of researching, [and] applying recycled materials in construction which could be disseminated to other models.

Adorable Vegetable Nursery Home Made of Bamboo and 2,000 Plastic Bottles Pops up in Vietnam Vegetable Nursery Home in Vietnam by 1+1>2 International Architecture - Gallery Page 1

" The bottles used to complete the structure, all of which were donated by students and the local community, help to regulate sunlight and control the temperature within the nursery. A water inlet tray on the roof assists with irrigation, and thanks to its lightweight construction, the building can be moved to other areas as cultivation demands dictate. Couple Leave Their Jobs to Build a Recycled Windows Love Nest. Photographer Nick Olson and fashion designer Lilah Horwitz are a couple who take their dreams very seriously.

They have left their daily jobs to build and live in a house made from recycled windows. Their unique glazed dwelling is immersed in the beautiful mountains of West Virginia - at the very same spot where they dreamt about building a home for watching sunsets on their very first date. To make their dreamlike home and watch the sun set over the mountains, the romantic duo came up with the idea of building the whole facade from windows. That way they will get plenty of natural light in, reducing the need for artificial sources. Flowers Top Awesome Shipping Container Guest House in Texas Poteet Architects Container Guest house - Gallery Page 1. Modular Modern COMMOD House is Made From Recycled Shipping Containers. The COMMOD House by ContainMe!

Modular Modern COMMOD House is Made From Recycled Shipping Containers

Is a 100% recyclable modular house made from repurposed shipping containers. The modern home can grow or shrink according to its residents’ needs, it features a low energy footprint, and it’s made form healthy, low-voc materials like clay, wood, cellulose and steel. + COMMOD House The article above was submitted to us by an Inhabitat reader. Rainshadow Collection is a natural FSC certified paper composite rainscreen cladding panel. God Save The Pallet! Reclaimed Pallets Revamped. Used in the shipping industry, wood pallets are typically a low end commodity.

God Save The Pallet! Reclaimed Pallets Revamped

Usually, pallets will get reused a few times and then they will either be scrapped as trash or used as firewood. Most often made from inexpensive junk species of lumber (whatever is most widely available), wood pallets are the perfect candidate for upcycling. Check out these creative examples of upcycled pallets and I think you'll agree! DIY garden pallet fence (above and below) from Camelot Art CreationsA great way to hide trash cans or air conditioning units! Painted wood wall art by Inspired by Charm Pallet headboard Wonderful wine storage in the kitchen pallet stairs lead to loft. Recycled Materials Cottage.

A cottage in Panguipulli, Chile.

Recycled Materials Cottage

Designed by Juan Luis Martinez Nahuel. Photos courtesy of Juan Luis Martinez Nahuel. More info. here. Reciclaje: un negocio rentable. 30 Eco-Chic Houses Made of 10 Types of Recycled Materials. Waste materials that are reclaimed for new structures can be as simple as a bunch of stacked tires or a boat that’s no longer seaworthy, or as complex as old stone bricks re-sculpted to look like new.

30 Eco-Chic Houses Made of 10 Types of Recycled Materials

They can be roughly cobbled together into rustic cabins, or masterfully incorporated into stunning modern residences along with new materials. Sometimes they’re left as-is, their signs of age providing a sense of history, and sometimes they’re processed into something that leaves no hint of their origins. These 10 recycled building materials were saved from the landfill and transformed into the following 30 green homes, and many more around the world as like-new materials Bottles & Cans (images via: treehugger, inhabitat, green upgrader,