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How to make the contortionist crochet cuff...

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Granny Square Pattern I have been asked to share my granny square pattern and since I customized my version from various patterns I thought I'd jot it down. My pattern is a smorgasbord of bits and pieces and came about after many yarn trials and abandoned grannies. I am sure this one is not a new one however and must exist somewhere? Chain 4 and join into a ring with a slip stitch. ROUND 1: Ch 3, work 11 dc's around and join to third chain of beginning chain with a slip stitch. (12 dc's total) Cut yarn and pull through. ROUND 2: Ch 3, work 1 dc in between 2 dc's of previous row. ROUND 3: Ch 3, work first corner (dc1, ch2, dc2) between dc of previous row, then work 2 dc's in between each of the next 2 dc spaces from previous row. ROUND 4: Ch 3, work corner (dc2, ch2, dc3) into the same stitch, work remaining sides: *8 dc's across to next corner, work corner (dc3, ch2, dc3); repeat from * 2 times, 8 dc's until final corner, join to third chain of beginning chain with a slip stitch.

How to Crochet 5: Seaming Your Work In this how-to series we could move right on from single crochet to the other stitches (double crochet, half double crochet and triple crochet) but I'm pausing to talk about "seaming" because if you want to make anything other than washcloths or rectangular scarves or afghans (which are all good) you're going to need to seam some pieces together. Seaming is a good skill to have and it can be the difference between a cute sweater looking handmade instead of homemade. I am going to share two different methods. The first is the invisible mattress stitch, which works equally well for knitting or crochet by the way, and the second seaming method uses a single crochet stitch. Click to view the full tutorial. SEAMING WITH THE MATTRESS STITCH: You will need a tapestry needle to do the seaming, which is a large blunt needle and a big eye for threading the yarn. The mattress stitch is so fabulous because it's virtually invisible if you line up the stitches correctly. That is the mattress stitch!

Gift Ideas for poor creative souls (6) You know how it goes, a friend calls you and invites you to dinner at the last minute. OMG! What gift can you take?! I thought this was a wonderful idea. Supplies : Patterned paper-one 12 x 12" sheet. These directions will give you one flower. 1. 4. 5. Tip: For single sided paper. 6. Note: Florist tape is stretchy, just play with it and pull gently but firmly as you move down the stem. 7. Note, you will have to play around with the height of the petals, and where on the petal you start your tape. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. For tutorials on how to market yourself online, go here. Baby Bunny Leeloo Free Crochet Pattern Little baby bunny made with yarn, we named him Leeloo .... Copyright 2012 Author: Sharon Ojala - Amigurumi To Go, All rights reserved Finished products can be sold This pattern is not to be sold. Furthermore this pattern and all the images contained inside this pattern are not authorized to be sold as a cross stitch pattern or shared in full on any cross stitch site st = stitch sc = single crochet 2tog = 2 stitches together ch1 = chain one sl st = slip stitchf/o = finish off What I used to make the Bunny: worsted weight yarn - light blue bulky Kid Mohair - light blue 3.75mm hook crochet needle black embroidery thread 12mm pink safety eyes 12mm black safety eye for nose 20 gauge, 18" stem wire pliers 2 small pieces of felt hot glue Special notes: I held the 2 yarns together together and worked in continuous rounds. * if you use safety eyes remember to put them in before closing up the head. 1) magic circle with 6st (6) 2) 2sc in each st (12) 1) magic circle with 6st (6) 2) 2sc in each st (12)

Nibble nibble, hop hop Nibble nibble, hop hop Posted on Updated on If you are a regular follower you will immediately notice that these bunnies are very closely related to some particularly cute owls made recently. You see a distant aunt on their mother’s side fell in love with a completely unsuitable (if you are an owl) rabbit… the rest, so they say, is history. Right, on with the tutorial. Various scraps of yarn and a corresponding hook – I used 8ply and a 4mm hook.2 x 9mm safety eyes (or beads or buttons)A very small amount of black crochet cotton or embroidery flossA needle to sew your creation together with. Round 1: Make a Magic Circle and chain 3, then crochet 13 DC into the circle and pull tight, join with a SS to complete the round (14 DC). Round 2. Round 3. Round 4. The round goes like this: Chain 2, 2DC into next stitch, 1 DC into next, 1 DC into next, 2DC into next stitch, 1 DC into next, 1 DC into next, 2DC into next stitch, 1 HDC into next, Chain 1, SC into each remaining stitch around. Round 5.

Inspiration : bird tattoos + DIY temporary tattoos I've been having a love affair with bird motifs since many years now, so my heart skipped a beat when I saw a flock of birds' tattoo for the first time. I've been collecting them since then. I know bird tattoos are currently super trendy, but I love them anyway! As far as I'm concerned, I'm not ready for a tattoo (I have a VERY low tolerance to pain), so as an alternative, I opted for temporary transfer tattoos! You need : 1. 2. 3. 1. 2. 3. It can last up to 7 days, but mine started cracking after 4 days, so I dissolved it with baby oil. I felt like a little girl, and it was super fun!

Linda Cyr LOVES yarn | When Linda Cyr was 5 years old, her mother (out of desperation to keep two active children occupied) taught her how to knit. Fast-forward many years. Linda graduated with an engineering degree from Princeton and entered the corporate world. Her managers were not impressed that Linda put down 'Needlework Designer' as a longterm career goal and not 'CEO'. Following the birth of her second child, Linda gracefully exits the corporate world. After one too many games of CandyLand, she decides that it is time to 'make it happen' and she begins freelance designing for magazines and yarn companies. Hundreds of projects (and even a stint as an 11th hour substitute as the technical expert on a TV series!) “Why do I love yarn? Working as a designer, I love the challenges that the editors toss my way. But the real reason that I love Yarn is because Yarn never asks 'What's for dinner?' It may not put food on the table, but I get all the yarn I want!” Owl Cell Phone Cozy Download the instructions Gauge

Zooty Owl's Crafty Blog: Starflower Mandala: Row by Row Two or so weeks back I posted my STARFLOWER MANDALA PATTERN The original plan was to provide photos of each row - but there was such a high demand for the pattern (long weekend = lots of crochet time) - so I decided to go ahead and publish with just the few photos of the first four rows!Hundreds (maybe thousands?) of people have by now made the Starflower Mandala (the pattern has been viewed some 65 000 times! YAY! My original STARFLOWER MANDALAS were crocheted with Stylecraft Special DK and a 3.50mm hook, giving a finished Mandala of 33 cm in diameter. The Starflower Mandala in this post was made with Raeesah Cotton Soft DK and a 4.00mm hook, giving me a finished Mandala of 45cm in diameter. The photo above is a little bit out of focus (I was precariously perched on a wall when taking this photo!)

How to Make a Paper Rose Paper roses are one of my favorite paper crafts. I use them on gifts, wear them in my hair and make them to compliment a Papier Couture dress I create for the runway. Since my typical paper rose is made on the fly, this last week I noodled over how to make a template for you that is simple to recreate and beautiful. {for a printable PDF version of these instructions, click here}

Heidi Hedgehog Several months ago I had been given some James C Brett Vixen yarn - I had no idea when I would ever use it. Then it came to me, this is destined to become a hedgehog or two. Apparently the yarn is discontinued but it is an eyelash yarn - whatever that means. Originally I had planned on a small, fit-in-the-palm-of-your-hand, made-in-no-time hedgehog. However, the yarn was rather overwhelming for the little chap, so she got bigger. She's now about 5 1/2 inches in length - life size! I was so pleased with the end result that I have copied the pattern here, so anyone can make a cute friend for themselves. Yarn – Double knitting oddments in beige and black. PATTERN (English terms used) English dc = US sc Finished size – approximately 14 cm (5½ inches) in length. Body With beige and 3 mm hook make 2 chain. 1st round: 6 dc (remember this is the equivalent of US sc) into 2nd chain from hook. 3rd round: 1 ch, 1 dc into each stitch to end, sl st into first dc. Insert stuffing at this point.