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30/11/2017. Add to s2. Whatz new 23/11/2017. Whatz new 25 10 2017. Whatz new nov1. Global and sbm 2. Contribution Margin: What It Is, How to Calculate It, and Why You Need It.

Executive Summary.

Contribution Margin: What It Is, How to Calculate It, and Why You Need It

Whatz new 19 10 17. Business Benefits of the Internet of Things. Danone reinvents French yogurt portfolio with 100% natural range - FoodBev Media. Danone is reinventing its yogurt portfolio in France, launching a range of new yogurts in order to reverse decline in the country’s yogurt category.

Danone reinvents French yogurt portfolio with 100% natural range - FoodBev Media

The new offerings include a range of all-natural and whole-milk yogurts under the Danone brand – available in both natural and flavoured versions – as well as white cheese with 1% and 3.2% fat content. For the flavoured yogurts, the individual variants include vanilla, orange blossom, vanilla and honey. Cookie Dough Marshmallow Fluff - PureWow. If your idea of dessert involves a spoon and a bowl of cookie dough, you’re in for a treat, literally.

Cookie Dough Marshmallow Fluff - PureWow

Cookie dough marshmallow fluff is now a thing, and it’s dreamy. Created by Toasted Mallow, a gourmet marshmallow company, the fluff is made of layers of marshmallow cream and edible cookie dough, all lovingly hand-piped into jars. The company says it’s perfect eaten by the spoonful, and we couldn’t agree more. Inside Under Armour’s Omnichannel Strategy. A retail wreck ensued earlier this month when over a thousand stores from brands like Radio Shack and Michael Kors closed their doors for good.

Inside Under Armour’s Omnichannel Strategy

The retail apocalypse seems real with no signs of stopping soon. Wall Street firm Credit Suisse expects 25 percent of US malls to shutter by 2022. With the retail industry contributing more than $5 trillion in economic impact per year, brick-and-mortar retailers are rapidly reshuffling their business decks to keep their piece of the pie by optimizing customer experiences and creating cohesive experiences with an omnichannel strategy. New brand strategy shifts include everything from experiential retail pop-up shops to introducing artificial intelligence, augmented reality and IoT in order to enhance the shopping journey and further harvest customer loyalty.

Jo Malone: Marketers should remember the ‘5Is’ Jo Malone has founded and built up two successful fragrance brands.

Jo Malone: Marketers should remember the ‘5Is’

The first, the eponymous Jo Malone, she launched back in 1991 before selling to Estée Lauder in 1999. She left that business in 2006 having taken a year out after being diagnosed with breast cancer and having chemotherapy, but returned to find a business where she could “no longer feel her character”. The deal with Estée Lauder stipulated that she must take a five-year break from the beauty industry, during which time she couldn’t even buy something from a beauty counter in case it appeared to be an endorsement. But this hiatus gave Malone time to develop and hone her second business, Jo Loves. Danone veut relancer le yaourt en France - Les Echos. The big debate: Are the '4Ps of marketing' still relevant? The famous ‘4Ps of marketing’ are revered by some members of the profession, and scoffed at by others.

The big debate: Are the '4Ps of marketing' still relevant?

Some see these fundamental tenets of classical marketing theory – referring to product, price, promotion and place – as the foundations upon which all sound marketing strategies are built. For others, they represent dusty old concepts that have failed to update to the modern, digital age. Marketing Week was drawn to reconsider the 4Ps recently when analysing the impact of post-Brexit inflationary pressures in the UK and the role that marketers should play in setting prices. Keith Weed: Marketers must follow the '5Cs' to connect with today's consumers - Marketing Week. In 2012 I took to the stage at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity to talk about our new marketing strategy, ‘Crafting Brands for Life’.

Keith Weed: Marketers must follow the '5Cs' to connect with today's consumers - Marketing Week

When Subliminal Logos Attack - Neuromarketing. How Airbnb built its brand by telling the world not to travel. In August 2015, Airbnb co-founder and chief executive Brian Chesky and I were in Shanghai with the intent of better understanding the Chinese market and, importantly, our core millennial Chinese traveller.

How Airbnb built its brand by telling the world not to travel

Having completed some in-depth interviews, we were sitting in the back of a car when I turned to him and said: Luxury Daily. Apparel and accessories September 29, 2017.

Luxury Daily

Design Tools for Non-Designers to Make Killer Visual Content. Are your partners acting ethically? The perils of putting profit before purpose. The issue of corporate ethics has risen high up the social agenda in recent weeks, characterised by the demise of PR giant Bell Pottinger which was found to be conducting secret campaigns designed to stoke racial tensions in South Africa.

Are your partners acting ethically? The perils of putting profit before purpose

Whether it’s the gender pay gap at the BBC, John Lewis’ plan to stock gender-neutral clothing, or the decision of the major fashion houses behind the likes of Dior and Gucci to ban super-skinny models from their advertising, it’s clear that brands are under pressure to do what would be perceived as the “right thing”. It would appear to follow, then, that agencies and other third parties – often billed as extensions to the brand – also need to ensure they are espousing these ethics.

“A strong agency partner needs to stay true to its values, rather than just its bottom line. We are encouraged to meet service providers face to face, to look at their facilities, to meet them, to check their professionalism. Finding an agency that fits. Www.popsugar. It's honestly tough to imagine a world without Forever 21. The megaretailer has long been known for selling trendy, affordable go-tos to women of all ages. The store has truly been there for us, even when our bank accounts were not. We've definitely hit up the store countless times to find that perfect (often metallic) "going-out top," statement sandal, or impulse-buy graphic t-shirt. And now we're pinching ourselves, because we just learned that Esther and Linda Chang, owners of Forever 21, are launching . . . wait for it . . . a beauty store. We know, we know — Forever 21 already sells beauty products. Wwd. Readers of Marie Claire plumb the magazine’s pages, looking for new things to discover.

The glossy publication hopes its Next Big Thing concept shop at 120 Wooster Street in Manhattan’s SoHo, inspires consumers to purchase the products as well. Forever 21 Is Opening a New Beauty (& Home!) Store. Big news from a mall staple: Forever 21 is is getting a sister store, and it'll be all about beauty, accessories, and yes, home.

Forever 21 is a mall favorite for trendy fashion at low prices, but you might have missed that they carry beauty products and home goods, too (albeit with a bigger presence online than in most stores). But the new brand, Riley Rose, will be devoted to these non apparel options. Started by sisters Linda and Esther Chang, the daughters of F21's founders, the women had the idea to create a concept store that was a one stop shop for Millennials and Gen Z. 60818216. PARIS: Air France on Thursday unveiled a new lower-cost subsidiary called Joon that will specifically target well-travelled millenials. A new medium-haul service will begin operating from Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris later this year, with long-haul flights to follow in summer 2018.

The French carrier unveiled details of its new service after resolving a lengthy dispute between the management and pilots over the establishment of the subsidiary. Kodak Recaptures The 'Moment' 09/22/2017. Smart marketing in the past led “Kodak Moment” to become a part of the vernacular. But in a time when so many people take pictures on their phones — and fail to print them out regularly — the idea has become a bit of an anachronism. Until now. Kodak Moments, the consumer-facing side of Kodak Alaris, is releasing a new premium photo-printing platform that will help people find, curate and print the moments that matter to them most.

The company is supporting the launch of the program with its largest marketing campaign in recent memory. Free Images for Blogs and Marketing (39 sites) @DreamGrow 2017. Free images for blogs are important as the owners don’t usually make a lot of income from their sites. Marketers working for businesses also need free images to lower production costs. IKEA lance son application pour tester les meubles virtuellement chez soi. Profitant de la sortie d’iOS 11 et d’ARKit, IKEA dévoile son application qui utilise la réalité augmentée pour vous permettre de tester ses meubles avant de les acheter. Hier soir, Apple dévoilait iOS 11, la nouvelle version du système d’exploitation qui équipe l’iPhone et l’iPad. Et parmi les nouveautés majeures attendues, on a notamment beaucoup parlé d’ARKit, le nouvel outil dédié aux développeurs pour leur permettre d’exploiter pleinement les possibilités de la réalité augmentée.

IKEA n’a pas perdu de temps et a dévoilé “IKEA Place”, son application qui va vous permettre de simuler vos meubles chez vous avant de les acheter grâce à la réalité augmentée. Il faut avouer que ça fait déjà pas mal de temps que IKEA travaille sur cette technologie qui colle parfaitement à son domaine pour faciliter le processus d’achat. Should your brand launch a youth sub-brand? - Marketing Week.

Marketers are always talking about wanting to appeal to millennials but a number of brands are now taking this a step further and launching sub-brands targeted specifically at this generation. Earlier this month, Vodafone unveiled Voxi, a mobile network designed specifically for under-25s. Can I Use that Picture? The Terms, Laws, and Ethics for Using Copyrighted Images – The Visual Communication Guy: Designing, Writing, and Communication Tips for the Soul.

With Sales Dropping 5%, Lego Says It's 'Pressing Reset Button' 09/06/2017. Lego: how can the business ditch the 'complexity' and hit the reset button? Heineken research reveals cultural challenges in tackling drink-driving. The brewer surveyed 10,000 adults aged 25 to 54 across ten countries (1,000 in each): Brazil, China, India, Italy, Mexico, South Africa, the Netherlands, the UK, the US and Vietnam. Heineken - Marketing Week's Employer Brands. Global versus small brewers: The battle for the craft beer market. Costco to appeal decision in Tiffany & Co. lawsuit. Issaquah-based Costco Wholesale Corporation announced its response to the Aug. 14 ruling in the lawsuit brought by Tiffany & Co. against the retail giant. Innocent to focus on ‘health and wellness’ as it preps brand refresh. Amp.timeinc. Optimising a Luxury Portfolio Must Be About Buying — and Selling. Naïma, Brand Development - CBA, designing brands with heart.

Don't Outsource Your Brand Positioning - DMN. Lessons On Branding From A Company That Has No Brand. First look at Lidl's new designer fashion range - and everything's under £50. Domino's: increasingly 'an e-commerce company that sells pizza' How to Stop Wasting Your Vacation. Www.refinery29. Le community management peut-il transformer des détracteurs en fans ? Air France unveils Joon, an airline for millenials. Smartphone : la recette du succès d'Honor - Boursorama Lifestyle. KFC China Debuts K PRO Healthy Eating Concept. KFC shifts marketing to focus on quality and provenance. KFC: why making weird products seems to be a global brand strategy. Amazon-Whole Foods Is Not About to Wipe Out Supermarkets. Unpacking the Amazon-Whole Foods Deal.

UberEATS x McDonald's McDelivery Service Expands Globally. How the Right Co-Branding Can Drive Brand Relevance. Stop trying to understand customers through the lens of the brand. [#MarketingA20ans] Georges Lewi : "Les marques sont nos mythologies contemporaines" - 20 ans de Marketing! Benefit-cosmetics-launches-uks-first-brows-and-beauty-drivethru-for-glastonbury-a3560421. What’s In Store as Amazon Joins Forces With Whole Foods Market. Tigerair to operate under Scoot brand from July. Acquisition of Bob’s Stores and Eastern Mountain Sports. Time Inc. adds to its distributed video strategy with a beauty brand, The Pretty. Microsoft's new Skype logo ditches the iconic clouds - The Verge.

New Logo for Skype. Rporate Integration: Harman Launches New Corporate Logo with Word ‘Samsung’ US Retail: Aldi Plans $5B Expansion as Lidl Opens Its Doors on Thursday. Amazon to Acquire Whole Foods Market. Walmart to Buy Bonobos, Men’s Wear Company, for $310 Million -