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Outils utiles au prof et à l'élève

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Aurasma How To Guide.pdf. Piktochart : Make Information Beautiful - Themes.

Applications ipad

Parcours pédagogiques. Ressources. Online Testing Free Quiz Maker Create the Best web-based quizzes ClassMarker. Zammer - Revision app & web game to make learning fun and social. Great Infographics for Language Teachers Part 1. Infographics are great learning materials.

Great Infographics for Language Teachers Part 1

The colourful graphics, clear text and their size make them ideal for classroom integration. I have been posting some of the ones I deem educationl to help teachers leverage this resource to create engaging, relevant and personalized learning experiences in their classes. In this regard, I am introducing you today to a series made up of four parts all containing the best infograpgics about English language teaching and learning. Due to their size we could not embed all the infographics in one post instead we distributed them on four posts with each one of them containing links to other posts to make it easy for you to navigate the four posts without having to move away.

Teachers can print them out and pin them on the class wall for students to access throughout the whole year. Part One ( scroll down to read the content of this part) Definite and indefinite articlesAll about AdjectivesPunctuation Passive VoiceWhen to use e.g and i.e. Thousands of Free Downloads. Authentic Audiences. “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Authentic Audiences

The idea of “When I Grow Up” pervades our educational culture. Even in elementary school parent conferences, a child’s declaration to pursue a future profession is often one of the first things parents choose to share with teachers. Suzy wants to be a teacher, Joey wants to be an architect, and one out of a million children dream of making advances in string theory. Multipurpose Monday: A Motley of iPad Bingo Cards. I stumbled upon an iPad Bingo Card a few weeks ago in a discussion thread.

Multipurpose Monday: A Motley of iPad Bingo Cards

If there was one… I assumed there had to be more… After a few minutes of Google searches, I had collected 8 of these little gems! 21 Things 4 iPads: iPad Bingo iPad Bingo Cards for Professional Development: In an effort at brevity with this post, I have curated all 8 into a new Pinterest Board entitled iPad Bingo. iPad Bingo on Pinterest Extending the Tool: Truly this motley of gamification professional development tools are multi-purpose and can be adapted to a variety of instructional settings. Different Tasks for one full-featured open-ended app (e.g. Creating the Cards: Bingo Cards can be created using a variety of tools. Piktochart. Free Images - Pixabay. QR voice. Aurasma Community Network. How to Google like a boss - Become a master of Google search with these little-known tips.

No doubt about it, Google Search has revolutionized the way we do research.

How to Google like a boss - Become a master of Google search with these little-known tips

Gone are the days when we need to reside in the library for days-on-end just to finish work we’ve set ourselves to do. What is great about Googleling for research is that you can do it in your favorite cafe while sipping cups of your choice brew. Join me as we peruse this resource I found while I Googled like a boss at Tribeca Coffee, Ilocos Norte. I was adding finishing touches to posts at The Write Freelance when I discovered this treasure. Meantime, let me assure you, when you apply these little-known tips revealed in the infographic, you will surely master the art of using Google Search. Did you know that you may not be using Google search to its full potential?

Set a goal for yourself "I'm going to learn something new about my expertise every day. " Add To My Goal Read full content. QR Code Treasure Hunt Generator from Créer/ utiliser des cartes heuristiques en ligne. For Student Drive Learning Experiences. Quizity : le meilleur site pour créer des quiz quizz ! QR Code Treasure Hunt Generator from The 21st Century Skills Teachers Should Have.

Emaze - Create Amazing Presentations Online in Minutes. Portail moodle. Make Your Images Interactive - ThingLink. EduCanon. Prezi - Ideas matter. Moovly - Create Animated Content like a Pro. Free Beautiful Online Survey & Form Builder. Game-based blended learning & classroom response system.

Make Your Images Interactive - ThingLink. Create Free Interactive Timelines – Stories Displayed on Maps.