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Sílvia Pérez Cruz. Elina Duni. Spiro. Angélique Ionatos. Photis Ionatos. Meg Hutchinson. Tommy Sands. Roy Brown. Pauline Paris. Arema Arega. She seems to be everywhere in Havana.

Arema Arega

Her songs are on the radio, she's singing and playing guitar in recording studios and nightclubs, and one day we find Arema Arega sitting in the lobby of our hotel clutching a thick notebook full of drawings and hand-written lyrics. Her interview with Havana Cultura isn't scheduled until the following day, but she's eager for us to see her artwork. She hands us the notebook and watches intently as we turn the pages full of mermaids and Harlequins and other brightly coloured imaginings. As we return her notebook to her we realise that, (a) these are what Arema's dreams look like, and (b) Arema is unwilling or unable to keep her dreams to herself. Arema is one of the most generous performers you'll ever see. Her songs tend to flow together until you're not sure where they begin or end.

António Zambujo. 23 de AbrilPalais des Beaux Arts, Bruxelas, Bélgica 24 de AbrilEspace Jean Vilar, Arcueil, França 25 de AbrilCine-teatro Constantino Nery, Matosinhos, Portugal 17 de MaioCineteatro Municipal João Mota, Sesimbra, Portugal 18 de MaioPrimavera do Campo Branco, Castro Verde, Portugal 24 de MaioCentro Cultural de Fronteira, Fronteira, Portugal.

António Zambujo

Madeleine Peyroux. Jacques Higelin. Izïa. VIDEOS - - Il paraît qu'un jour Izïa (ci-contre) s'est emparée de cette pensée sublime de John Lennon -»Le vin anglais est comme le rock français...»- pour la faire sienne.


Rien d'étonnant donc que d'entendre aujourd'hui cette jeune fille de 18 ans, née d'un papa célèbre (Jacques Higelin), chanter... en anglais. Mais ce qui est étonnant, c'est sa façon de chanter, détonante! 18 ans à peine et déjà autour d'elle des bien grasses et déménageuses. Un vrai brûlot, son disque éponyme, sorti en 12 titres. Plus Rolling Stone que Lennonnien, mais Izïa est une bête (bombe!) Saint Preux. Saint-Preux (born 1950[1]) is a French composer of contemporary classical music which also combines elements from popular music and electronic music.[2] His real name is Christian Saint-Preux Langlade.[3][4] Biography[edit] Saint-Preux grew up in the small village of Mervent en Vendée.[1] By 1968 he had already released several 45 rpm recordings of his compositions, including Une étrange musique (A Strange Music) which reached #71 on the French charts that year.[5] In August 1969, he took part in Poland's Sopot International Song Festival with his first major composition La valse de l'enfance (The Waltz of Youth).

Saint Preux

The song was Luxembourg's entry in the festival and was sung by Henri Seroka with Saint-Preux conducting the symphony orchestra. Discography[edit] References[edit] External links[edit]