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Web Designer Gabriele D'Amato. 17 Exciting Examples of Hidden Menus in Web Design - Qode Interactive. The Cusp website is minimal, but it comes with a compendium of interactive elements and striking animation effects that make the browsing experience all the more enjoyable and fun. The colors on the homepage are subtle, with images in beige, green, and soft black hues, while typography comes in prominent red. Once you click on the menu button in the top right corner of the screen, the web scenery changes. A black canvas drops from the top to the bottom of the page and all the colors disappear. All you see is the dark backdrop, menu items written in huge, all-caps, serif white letters, and several subtle favicons. But, that’s not all there is to Cusp’s main navigation.

Accessible Brand Colors by Use All Five. Grid Based Web Design Resources. As a complement to our prior post "30 Grid-Based Websites", we've made a selection of indispensable resources like layout frameworks, tutorials, books, templates and useful tools that can help you understand and implement grid based design in your projects.

Grid Based Web Design Resources

Let's start with a little history. Many of you know who Massimo Vignelli is, a known designer with a solid modernist influence who developed his career in numerous areas of design. In 1977, he designed the Unigrid System for the National Park Service. The module grid system allowed the creation of brochures in ten basic formats keeping a consistent, recognizable structure. Modular Grid Pattern. Didattica & Portfolio. 8b – Web design, UX/UI design. Human Inter on Behance.

UX Design Tools for 2018 (For Mac AND PC) World Cup 2018: complete guide to all 736 players. A Simple Introduction to Intrinsic Web Design. Every industry has its jargon, and almost its own language, in some cases.

A Simple Introduction to Intrinsic Web Design

God knows web design has a lot of jargon, even if half of our made up phrases are fancy and nonsensical job titles. But for all of the silliness that comes with having to invent our own words and acronyms for things, jargon plays an important role: it allows us to communicate more efficiently with other designers and devs. Sometimes, the person who (more or less) comes up with a concept gets to name it, as it was with Responsive Web Design. [Here I shake my fist at Ethan Marcotte out of long-standing habit. RWD is a good thing, but it gave me headaches for a while.]

The-current-state-of-element-queries. Infographic: The 100 Best Web Design Tools Ever. 23 steps to the perfect website layout. Il formato SVG: da Adobe Illustrator al web in 5 minuti. Hai sentito parlare di “formato SVG”, ma non sai che cosa sia esattamente?

Il formato SVG: da Adobe Illustrator al web in 5 minuti

In questo articolo ti spiegherò nel dettaglio qual è l’origine storica del formato Svg, quali sono i suoi ambiti di applicazione e quali sono i principali vantaggi rispetto ai più diffusi jpeg, gif o png. Calendari automatici con lo script "Calendar Wizard" - studio361. I progetti pilota di Pagination Best Practices — UX Planet. Pagination Best Practices by Nick Babich One of the most commonly overlooked elements of a site or app is their pagination controls.

Pagination Best Practices — UX Planet

10 Brilliant Graphic Design Trends of 2016. Trends come and go, they emerge, some stay for years, others are more of a flash in the pan.

10 Brilliant Graphic Design Trends of 2016

They don’t start one year and end the next, instead they shift until they fade out. It’s a process that often begins on the catwalk, and gradually moves to other areas such as graphic design, packaging, illustration, and home decor. A trend might be just entering one market, while it’s in full bloom on another market and fading in a third. It’s common to see trends that go in opposite directions, such as a futuristic, high-tech trend and a trend like the hipster beard, that’s more nostalgic, looking to the past for inspiration.

A Web Design History Lesson: 20 Years in Web Design. It seems almost crazy.

A Web Design History Lesson: 20 Years in Web Design

I began my journey as a web designer in 1996, working for my local newspaper. If my math is right, then I’m just about to enter my twentieth year. More than half of my life has been spent working on the web. As such, I thought it might be interesting to take a look back at how the web worked (or didn’t) back then and compare it to some of the challenges we face today.

The question I have is, does history repeat itself on the web? Tools of the Trade. La creatività nel web design è morta? Web Design Book of Trends 2015-2016 - Free e-book by UXPin. Turn your PSDs and Sketch Files into Prototypes Transform your existing static designs files into real interactive, animated prototypes.

Web Design Book of Trends 2015-2016 - Free e-book by UXPin

Unlike other tools on the market, UXPin allows you to add interactions and animations to every single layer in your designs. When your design is ready you can test its usability or gather feedback - everything within UXPin. Advanced Interactions and Animations A powerful tool for hi-fidelity designs and basically for any job where you want to show how things interact, behave and should feel to the user. GoodUI. Navigation Design 101 : Adobe Dreamweaver Team Blog. “Wait, so what am I supposed to do here exactly?!”

Navigation Design 101 : Adobe Dreamweaver Team Blog

– is the last thing you want your visitors to ask themselves when they’ve just come across your site for the very first time. Navigation design can be a tricky thing. And especially if you’re leaving it for last – making it this one final element that you will optimize nearing the whole project’s completion. Ai2html. 24 Most Influential Web Designers / Developers - 3Rank. The web design industry is changing very quickly and there are some people who are setting the bar higher with their extraordinary skills, works and contribution to the web design community.

24 Most Influential Web Designers / Developers - 3Rank

If you want to be successful, find others who are already being successful at doing what you want to do. The article is for all whose career revolves around websites and internet. Gloria Viganò - grafica e web designer. Il nuovo sito del manifesto. Risorse gratuite e tools per web designer. Simple Landing Page Builder - Cover Pages — Squarespace. CodyHouse. 20 esempi di uso creativo dei filtri per colore nel web design. Username: Password: Fargot Password?

20 esempi di uso creativo dei filtri per colore nel web design

/ Help Alchimie Grafiche \ Risorse \ 20 esempi di uso creativo dei filtri per colore nel web design I 20 migliori temi wordpress per sviluppatori I 30 migliori template Wordpress per business di ogni tipo I 30 migliori temi Wordpress responsive per riviste 2014 20 fantastici temi Wordpress per l'ecommerce 10 plugin Wordpress per creare fantastici effetti immagine I 40 migliori template per designer: Wordpress contro Joomla 20 fantastici temi Wordpress con sfondi video I migliori temi WooCommerce sul mercato 15 plugin Wordpress indispensabili del 2014 30 temi Wordpress premium con slider a tutto schermo febbraio 11, 2015 Posted by Federico Antonioni in Risorse, Web Design inShare3. 20 set di icone per web designer originali e gratuite. Username: Password: Fargot Password? 7 Rules for Creating Gorgeous UI (Part 1)

Introduction OK, first things first. This guide is not for everyone. Iconmelon. 7 Non-raster Approaches for Making the “Hamburger” Menu Icon - Tuts+ Web Design Tutorial. Why some projects just go right. Like many web designers, I have spent a lot of time worrying about why projects go wrong. Perhaps we should be asking what makes a project successful. Headscape recently launched a website for the RAF Benevolent Fund. Yuna's Sandbox. Get the latest version of jquery.traceit.js. traceit on GitHub Include the jquery.traceit.js script and it's dependencies jQuery (tested with jquery.js 1.10.2), Raphaël (tested with raphael.js 2.1.2) ) in your page. Or include jquery.traceit.min.js script and jquery.min.js. raphael_traceit.min.js is combined and minified raphael.js (v2.1.2) and jquery.traceit.js.

Garden. How to go beyond the basics with SVG filters. Filter effects apply graphics operations such as blurs, lighting, colour transformations and distortions to content. Today's browsers implement three types of filters: CSS filters: a set of simple CSS properties like sepia() and contrast() that can be applied to any HTML content. SVG filters: combinations of graphics effects that can be applied to SVG content (and HTML content through a CSS filter cross-reference).

DX filters are Microsoft's proprietary filter effects. DX filters were deprecated in Internet Explorer (IE) 9 and then removed in IE version 10 (although they can still be reactivated via group policy). In this tutorial, we'll start with a simple drop shadow, then customise shadow effects for text, walk through building a texture and finally recreate Gotham, which is a discontinued Instagram filter. Designing with Dynamic Content. The designer's guide to grid theory. Grids are like the invisible glue that holds a design together, so whether you work in print or on the web you need to understand grid theory. There's been a resurgence in the popularity of the grid in recent times.

This has come about as the web has matured into a more capable design platform, and web designers (and developers) have created reusable CSS libraries and frameworks to simplify the process of deploying and leveraging grids to create balanced page layouts. For an entire generation of designers on the web, however, the grid is something of a mystery. While art college graduates will know all about it, for self-taught web designers, there's much theory and rationalisation of the grid as a design tool that simply isn't covered by the typical blog posts and conference talks. Guide to the grid We're here to set that straight with this simple pocket-sized guide to the grid, including a small smattering of theory! Crea un sito unico. Designing for the Web – Contents. Brackets. Can I use... Support tables for HTML5, CSS3, etc.

FitVids.JS - A lightweight, easy-to-use jQuery plugin for fluid width video embeds. Design websites at speed with Photoshop and Edge Reflow.


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