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Paper Strip Christmas Tree - Housing A ForestHousing a Forest. Easy Christmas Craft for Preschoolers We have been having so much fun creating Christmas crafts over the last few weeks.

Paper Strip Christmas Tree - Housing A ForestHousing a Forest

SO far we created beautiful ornaments, a recycled paper Christmas tree, played games and had lots of Christmas fun together. However, I have to say that this simple Paper Strip Christmas Tree craft might be one of my favorites. The kids had a blast creating it, and I love how it turned out! Their favorite part was adding the jeweled ornaments. Brown paper for the base (although green would work great as well)Masking tapeGreen paper – cut into 4″ x 1/2″ stripsWhite GlueShallow container – for the glueJewels Start by forming the brown paper into a cone.

We used a recycled Styrofoam food tray to pour our glue into. Be prepared for lots of drippy glue:) Keeps adding branches until the tree is finished. Set your drippy Christmas tree aside to dry. Once the tree is dry add the beautiful jeweled ornaments. Click on the link to find more creative Christmas inspiration. 15 Fun ideas for Science with LEGO. Here at Science Sparks we love LEGO.

15 Fun ideas for Science with LEGO

My children play with LEGO or DUPLO everyday and it’s been fantastic for helping them develop fine motor control, logic skills and for learning to read and understand instructions. We use LEGO for building, making up imaginative stories and of course for experiments and investigations. These are some of our favourite ideas for Science with LEGO. Learn about bar charts using some sweets and DUPLO. You could make a smaller version of this with LEGO too. Make a LEGO/DUPLO bridge, can you test how strong it is? Find out how fast different types of paper absorb water to reveal a hidden LEGO man. Penguins of Madagascar Brand. Mommy school. The third week of Mommy school will be about the of the world.

mommy school

We'll learn about the continents and how they differ from each other. I thought this would be good after learning about the planets and space the week before. Here are a few activities we plan on doing. 1) I want to make a big map for the boys to see. I figure I can print one off at Staples as a blueprint so it'll only be $3 and they can color it. 2) After spending a LOT of time looking for ideas on teaching the boys about the different countries and what animals live there, what the climate is like, what traditions they have, etc. 3) I'd like us to do some cooking from some of the different cultures.

Magnetic Mud Science Experiment. How to be a Bookworm – Free Activities for 4th Grade. Homemade Vacuum Cleaner – Science Activity for 6th Grade. Kids DIY Easy Wind Chime with Mod Podge Wash Out. DESPICABLE ME Minion DIY Tic Tac Toe Board Game. This post may contain affiliate links or sponsored content.

DESPICABLE ME Minion DIY Tic Tac Toe Board Game

Please see our privacy and disclosure policy for more information. Who doesn’t love the DESPICABLE ME movies?!? I think grown ups and kids alike will agree that minions are just about the most adorable little creatures around. This DESPICABLE ME craft is not only fun to make but it will give endless hours of fun for the family during game nights, on rainy days, in the backyard, or even on road trips! DESPICABLE ME – DIY Tic Tac Toe Supplies: Instructions: There really isn’t much to making this craft besides painting the rocks. Begin by painting 4 rocks yellow and 4 purple. While the black paint dries, use the blue paint to add the “pants” to the yellow minions.

Quick Craft for Kids. Need a super quick craft to keep the kids busy?

Quick Craft for Kids

Here is a really simple toy boat the kids can make themselves, then race in a local creek, lake, or even in your own bathtub! My kids love making their own toys, so this activity was a big hit with them, plus it uses mostly recycled materials! To make your own toy boat, you will need: – 3 wine corks. Marshmallow Shooter Kids Activity: Over 30 feet! 0StumbleUpon 0 As part of our Knight Unit we made these simple to make Marshmallow Shooters.

Marshmallow Shooter Kids Activity: Over 30 feet!

They are super easy to make with things we had just laying around in our house already. And did I mention they shoot over 30 feet – that’s some serious FUN! Marshmallow Shooter Step 1 Cut out the bottom of a Dixie cup. Marshmallow Shooter Step 2 Cut off the tip of a balloon. Marshmallow Shooter Step 3 Pull the balloon over the top of the cut end of the Dixie cup. Collections -2000 kids activities.

Here you will find over 2000 kids activities!! With more to be added soon! These are all of the play collections we have shared! ~~ Click the photos to be taken to the full posts ~~ Connect the Dragon. Alternative Teaching Methods - That's so Second Grade. I have been wanting to join in on the Ashley Reed's Ten Pin Linky fun for a while now.. but for some reason always felt like I was late to the party!!

Alternative Teaching Methods - That's so Second Grade

I am excited to join her fun linky and see everyone's pins.. I love this weeks theme! There are SO many great ideas for teaching science and social studies, but I feel like they are sometimes the afterthought to reading, writing and math (at least in my head). Sometimes... I wish science and social studies curriculum was the same across the country... 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.