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I´m not a superwoman. Can (1) Hobbies 3. Hobbies 2. Hobbies 1. English Exercises - Ejercicios de ingl s - Para aprender o practicar ingl s. Grammar Bubbles. I can run. Showing abilities. Hobbies. What do you like? Can you? HOBBIES (Like/Love/Hate) CAN (Talents) Hobbies/ Things Kids Do After School. Hi!

Hobbies/ Things Kids Do After School

I'm Roberto. I'm eleven years old. I come from Brazil. I don't like sport very much, and I'm not very good at it. I like music. Sometimes I play at concerts with other kids. The only problem that my big brother plays the guitar too, and there is only one guitar in the house. He doesn't want me to give the guitar. He wants it all the time! Last month a famous rock singer came to Brazil, and I went to the concert with my brother. It was cool! Hi! I'm twelve years old and I live in Israel. I love dancing. I don't like ballet, but I like salsa. At the end of the year, we had a salsa show. The money is to help sick children. Dancing takes lots of time. Sometimes I don't have time for my homework. And I want to watch television,but I don't have time.

That's is my biggest problem. My Hobby. Like etc. I.

like etc

Choose from go/do/play then write the name of the activity in the square. like + hate + like - love ? Like ? Sports Second Grade. LIKE and VERBS. SPORTS. Hobbies. Sports and hobbies. VOCABULARY : HOBBIES. The Sing Clown Brothers / hobbies. Hobbies 1. I can do it! 1.

I can do it!

Choose the correct word 2. Read the sentences and write true (T) or false (F) I can ride a bike I can't paint 3. 4. We choose Morris dance Scottish dance Welsh dance 5. See you later, alligators! Hobbies. I LOVE SKATING. FREE TIME: SPORTS & HOBBIES. I love working out! What do you like doing ?

I love working out!

I. Complete the dialog with the proper word(s) from the box. Study the chart! II. Choose the correct option to complete the dialogs below. A: I can't wait for the weekend. B: Me, neither. A: I like in a band. B: Huh. A: Well, when I'm at home, yoga. B: yoga is really relaxing!! A: Hey, Mia, look at me. B: Hold on a second. A: is your favorite activity, isn't it? B: Yes, it is, but sports is cool, too. A: Well, I'm outside. A: Hey, Tom, are you going soccer after school again this therm? B: Actually I really enjoy sports but I may be in the orchestra this term.

A: martial arts is cool, too. B: To be honest, I don't mind martial arts, but I'd rather soccer! A: Hey, Megan, you're really good at chess, right? B: Well, I guess so, I really like chess. Fun with friends. Surprise 2, unit 3. DO YOU LIKE SPORTS? Sports and leisure II. Unit 5. SPORTS. 1.


We need eleven players to practise this sport. volleyball football basketball 2. Swimming tennis baseball. Do you like sports?