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Education resources. Mappleton 360 – Internet Geography. Mrs Humanities shares… 10 Geography Teachers to follow on Twitter. Okay so this is something new I’m trying a new monthly feature on things that stand out to me.

Mrs Humanities shares… 10 Geography Teachers to follow on Twitter.

This could be anything from teachers to follow on twitter, interesting pedagogical practices, recently shared resources, news stories etc. Suggestions welcomed. I’m starting with 10 Geography Teachers to follow on Twitter, these are people I regularly interact with, follow links posted or magpie ideas from. There are many more I could add but I really can’t spend all day writing a post.

So in NO particular order. Geographer & Author of 100 Ideas for Secondary Teachers: Outstanding Geography Lessons. Can often be found causing a stir, shares a great deal of insightful articles, links and resources for the everyday teacher and/or geographer. Head of Geography Regularly shares great teaching practice for the geographer and general teacher alike.

Head of Geography Set up the AQA teacher facebook group and schoology collective; a huge amount of resources have been shared widely as a result. Finally… Teaching_strategies. Natural Hazards• ELI Natural Hazards category Plate tectonicsPlate tectonics - whole concept:-• Partial melting - simple process, huge global impact (ELI+)• Partial melting model and real rock (ELI+)• Plate riding (ELI+)• Plate tectonics through the window (ELI+) Evidence and explanation for the theory:-• Continental jigsaw puzzle (ELI+)• Earth time jigsaw puzzle• Geobattleships (ELI+)• Wegener’s ‘Continental drift’ meets Wilson’s ‘Plate tectonics’ (ELI+)• Did the continents move for you?


(ELI+) Mechanism:-• Bouncing, bending, breaking• Mantle plume in a beaker (ELI+)• What drives the plates? Constructive or divergent plate margins:-• Mantle plume in a beaker (ELI+)• Magnetic stripes (ELI+)• Model a spreading ocean offset by transform faults (ELI+)• Continental split - the opening of the Atlantic Ocean Resources• Make your own oil and gas reservoir• Trapped!

Secondary Geography. Fieldwork. Fieldwork is an essential component of geography education.


It enables pupils to better understand the ‘messiness’ of ‘geographical reality’, develop subject knowledge, and gain a range of skills that are difficult to develop in the classroom alone. However, the value is not simply the ‘geographical’ value of experiencing such things as landscape features, busy urban streets and unfamiliar cultures which helps ground the pupils’ local environment in the context of the global. It also aids motivation and self-development. This resource aims to help teachers to introduce and develop fieldwork with students in both primary and second schools. It acts as a portal to existing resources on this and other websites, rather than as a self contained programme of guidance and activities. In each section we have listed useful resources along with introductory text to help you find the most useful materials for your needs.

The Field Studies Council. BBC Teach. - Online Geography Resources. Citizenship and PSHE lesson plans, activities and ideas for teachers. Geographygeek_home. Living Geography. Living Geography. Home. Planet Earth Online homepage. Links to Geoliteracy. Resources. Featured Results: SuperSchemes: Barnaby Bear Investigates the UK This unit aims to help pupils to learn and understand more about the United Kingdom and develop a variety of geographical skills through fieldwork, mapping and recording the weather.


Pupils will learn about the location of the UK in the world, the UK’s countries and capital cities, seasons, weather and key human and physical features of urban, rural and coastal locations. Results: A different view - Geography: Moving stories 'A young woman stands amidst the crowds on the concourse at Grand Central Station: a thousand different lives interconnect around her' Six of the stunning geographical photographs from A different view, the GA's manifesto for school geography, are now available as A1 posters. A different view - Geography: Running free 'Stand in the university city of Cambridge as urban 'free-runners' practise their moves: whose space is this?

' A different view - Geography: To the ends of the earth Download. National Geographic Kids. Geography for 2015 & Beyond - Home.