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Internet of Things

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Social Internet of Things. City Pulse and SocioTal at Meetups and at EU Open Days. In The Open Days IoT Workshop - 9th October - Borschette centre, Mirko Presser will focus on the communication of IoT through scenarios.

City Pulse and SocioTal at Meetups and at EU Open Days

Mirko Presser is the Head of Research and Innovation for the Smart City Lab at the Alexandra Institute working on Open Data and the Internet of Things in the context of Smart Cities for Citizens. He is also the president of the IoT International Forum since it was founded in June 2013. The reason for talking about the IoT in terms of scenarios is to get an understanding of how widely the IoT will impact people, government and businesses – us. If we focus on technology, specifications, definitions, business or single elements only, we might make a nice product, standard or a lot of cash – but we do not understand the holistic impact the IoT has on us. Mirko will also bring from CityPulse some new way of talking about scenarios and involving people in filtering, aggregating and ranking them. Q1. A1. Cities do what big companies tell them to. Q2. A2. Q1. NearBus. Waspmote - Wireless Sensor Networks 802.15.4 ZigBee Mote.

New Generation!

Waspmote - Wireless Sensor Networks 802.15.4 ZigBee Mote

More than 120 sensors available 16 radios technologies available Open Source SDK & API Features Ultra low power (7µA) 120+ sensors integrated on 10 Sensor Boards 16 radio technologies: Long range: 4G / 3G / GPRS / GPRS+GPS / LoRaWAN / LoRa / Sigfox / 868 MHz / 900 MHz Medium range: ZigBee / 802.15.4 / DigiMesh / WiFi Short range: RFID/NFC / Bluetooth 2.1 / BLE Over the Air Programming (OTA) Encryption libraries (AES, RSA, MD5, SHA, Hash) Certified encapsulated line (Plug & Sense!)

Industrial Protocolos: RS-232, RS-485, Modbus, CAN Bus, 4-20mA. Arduino. VoCore: A coin-sized Linux computer with wifi. What is VoCore?

VoCore: A coin-sized Linux computer with wifi

VoCore is a coin-sized Linux computer with wifi. It is also able to work as a full functional router. It runs OpenWrt on top of Linux. It contains 32MB SDRAM, 8MB SPI Flash and using RT5350(360MHz MIPS) as its heart. It provides many interfaces such as 10/100M Ethernet, USB, UART, I2C, I2S, PCM, JTAG and over 20 GPIOs but its size is less than one square inch(25mm x 25mm). What can You DO with VoCore? 1. 2. Spark Core: Wi-Fi for Everything (Arduino Compatible) by Spark Devices.

Contiki: The Open Source Operating System for the Internet of Things. Node-RED. Open Source for Internet of Things. Open Energy Monitor. Standard - HyperCat. 1248 · Connecting your products. – Connecting Things. Mind+ Open Source Framework for the Internet of Things. Xively – Public Cloud for the Internet of Things. Internet of Things - ThingSpeak. Feel, Act, Make sense. The Internet of Things. Imagine a world where everything is connected.

The Internet of Things

Inside Bosch and Siemens go with Worldline to manage connected home cloud systems Photo: Also Bosch and Siemens go with Worldline to manage connected home cloud systems Cars aren’t just connecting to the internet; they’re connecting to everything Misfit breaks into the smart home with a color-changing lightbulb Cars aren’t just connecting to the internet; they’re connecting to… / Kevin Fitchard As in previous years, we’re seeing a lot of car connectivity news at the Consumer Electronics Showcase, but an interesting theme is emerging at this year’s conference.

Internet of things opens new opportunities for consultants. Alan Radding, guest blogger Your own book is the best way to build a practice; ask me about ghostwriting your book The Internet of Things (IoT) appears finally to be gaining real traction with both Gartner and IDC putting out reports on it.

Internet of things opens new opportunities for consultants

The opportunity, however, can best be understood in terms of vertical markets because the value of IoT is based on individual use cases across all verticals. “Successful sales and marketing efforts by vendors will be based on understanding the most lucrative verticals that offer current growth and future potential and then creating solutions for specific use cases that address industry-specific business processes,” said Scott Tiazkun, senior research analyst, IDC’s Global Technology and Industry Research Organization.” Tiazkun was referring to IDC’s latest Worldwide Internet of Things Spending by Vertical Market 2014-2017 Forecast. Technology Organisations. A search engine for the Internet of Things.

View our Work - Platform Startups. Publish an experience / Publish, Share and Deploy Experiences / Knowledge Base - IntuiFace Support. IntuiFace enables users to publish experiences directly from within Composer to third party cloud storage accounts.

Publish an experience / Publish, Share and Deploy Experiences / Knowledge Base - IntuiFace Support

Once published, these experiences can be shared with colleagues and clients. Shared experiences can be downloaded directly into Composer and Player. Before publishing an experience, make sure you have granted IntuiFace access to at least one cloud storage account. At any time while editing an IntuiFace experience, save your latest changes and then select the Composer menu item File -> Publish. Composer's Experiences panel appears and the upload is monitored.

Once publishing has completed, Management Console is opened in your Web browser. Tech City UK. Aimed at startups and SMEs in London and Cambridge working on the Internet of Things First announced by David Cameron at the CEBIT conference earlier this year, the competition will support Internet of Things early stage startups or SMEs centred in or working within London and Cambridge. £1M in grant funding to be shared between multiple winners.

Tech City UK

Companies can apply for anything from £50K to £150K. The Technology Strategy Board is looking for projects that may be risky for companies to take forward without any support, or that may take them into new innovative areas. The Internet of Things Methdology - Iterating the Internet of Things one Thing at a time. - The IoT Methodology #iotmethodology. Daniel Burrus - Technology Trends and Business Strategy Speaker. 17th Work Meeting – Wireless Connectivity for the Internet of Things. Intel IoT (@Inteliot) IBM InternetofThings (@IBMIoT)

IoTPedia (@IoTPedia) Internet of Things. Technology. ISN Conference. IoPT Consulting — Async Messaging Experts. IOT Community. Datalayer - Turn Big Data into Business Value. Nicholas Negroponte. Philips Hue API. The Pragmatic Company. Our offer consists of consultancy, projects and training.

The Pragmatic Company

We help companies get started with Semantic Technology and we take end-to-end ownership in implementing semantic solutions. Find out more about what we offer in the domain of Semantic Technology in our information pack. What is Semantic Technology? Find out the basic principles of Semantic Technology, or why we don't call it Semantic Web Technology or Data Management. Advances onto the Internet of Things - How Ontologies Make the Internet of Things Meaningful. Presents recent research in the fields of the Internet of Things, and the Semantic Web Provides new perspectives highlighting possible similarities and suggesting synergies between the two areas Scientific outcome of a workshop held in Palermo on October, 29th 2013 The title of this book is a pun on the use of the preposition “onto” with the aim of recalling “Ontology”, the term commonly adopted in the computer science community to indicate the study of the formal specification for organizing knowledge.

Advances onto the Internet of Things - How Ontologies Make the Internet of Things Meaningful

In the field of knowledge engineering, Ontologies are used for modeling concepts and relationships on some domain. The Business of the Internet of Things with Chad Jones. Building the Internet of Things with the Eclipse IoT stack: a practical example.

Internet of Things

Open Smart Cities I: Open Source Internet of Things - Open Smart Cities I: Open Source Internet of Th... "Open Smart Cities I" is the first post of a series of three that address, from the point of view of open source software, several technological areas related to Smart Cities, as the Internet of Things, Cloud, Big Data, or Smart Cities platform of services and applications.

Open Smart Cities I: Open Source Internet of Things - Open Smart Cities I: Open Source Internet of Th...

In this post, we make a brief review of the concept of Smart City, and introduce the topic of Internet of Things, wherein we explore the potential of open source technologies (software, hardware and standar). Read this post in Spanish Introduction: What Makes Cities Smart? The EPIC Project (EU Platform for Intelligent Cities) in relation to the Smart City definition notes that the current economic crisis, combined with growing citizen expectations, is increasing the pressure on cities to provide better infrastructure and more efficient services, often for less cost.

Cooperation and information exchange are both key ideas in the Smart City paradigm. 2. 2.1. Thingsquare - Connecting the Internet of Things. Open Energy Monitor. OpenHAB - empowering the smart home. Open Source Framework for the Internet of Things. OpenTSDB - A Distributed, Scalable Monitoring System. Nimbits: The Open Source Internet of Things on a Distributed Cloud. Kaa Open Source IoT Platform. About. FAQ. What is Layer? Layer is the easiest way to add rich messaging, voice and video features to your application. We handle all of the hard parts so you're freed to focus on building an excellent user experience for your customers. Layer gives you access to a globally distributed and scalable communications infrastructure through a native API that's simple and intuitive. We’re experts in building secure and reliable global communications infrastructure with the capacity to handle all of the communications traffic you can send us.

From powering the infrastructure to offering UI toolkits and mobile SDKs, we provide an end-to-end solution. What kinds of communications features can I build into my app with Layer? Layer powers rich, in-app messaging. Simple Chat Group Messaging Photo MessagingEphemeral Messaging Location Sharing Who should use Layer? Layer is for anyone developing an application that can benefit from in-app, one-to-one or one-to-many communications. Internet of Things - IOT Syndicate. UP Global - Home page. Startup Digest. Multi-tenancy in Federated Clouds. Daniele Catteddu, CSA; Dr.

Michaela Iorga, NIST; Marnix Dekkar, ENISA; Claudio Belloli, GSA Security and privacy certifications have been identified as one of the most effective means to increase the level of trust in cloud services and stimulate their adoption. Based on this assumption, it was critical to focus on the appropriate standards and their interoperability. Therefore, a number of efforts have started in Europe, mainly led by the European Commission, in collaboration with ENISA and the Cloud Standards Coordination ETSI effort, as well as in the USA and other regions of the world.

In this webinar the panellists will discuss the role that security certification and standards can play in supporting a more mature and pragmatic approach to cloud computing. On 2 October you will have the opportunity to ask questions in this interactive webinar. Webinar details Date: Thursday, 2 October Time: 15:00 – 16:00 (CEST) · Dr.

. · Claudio Belloli, Information Systems Security Manager, GSA. The Internet of Open Things.