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Spark Core: Wi-Fi for Everything (Arduino Compatible) by Spark Devices

Spark Core: Wi-Fi for Everything (Arduino Compatible) by Spark Devices
Share this project Done Share Tweet Embed Tweet Share Email Spark Core: Wi-Fi for Everything (Arduino Compatible) by Spark Devices Play A tiny Wi-Fi development board. Minneapolis, MNDIY Electronics Share this project pledged of $10,000 goal seconds to go Funded! This project was successfully funded . A tiny Wi-Fi development board. Spark Devices Project by 2 created | 27 backed See full bioContact me About this project Our Kickstarter campaign has ended, but you can still order your own Spark Core at The Spark Core is an Arduino-compatible, Wi-Fi enabled, cloud-powered development platform that makes creating internet-connected hardware a breeze. This little board packs a punch: with a 72 MHz ARM Cortex M3, the best Wi-Fi module on the market, wireless programming, and lots of pin outs and peripherals, there's nothing you can't build with the Core. We love Arduino, and we love writing Arduino code. Set-up steps: 1. That was it. Current Shields: Zach Supalla. First off, thank you!

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BLEduino: Tiny Arduino with Bluetooth LE Built In The Arduino world continues to innovate and push towards easier and smaller options for getting Arduino based projects connected to a network. Today, BLEduino launched what is essentially a shrunken-down Arduino Leonardo with Bluetooth 4.0 built in. One less thing to worry about when doing an Arduino project. It’s 100% hardware and software compatible with Arduino, has an awesome shield-shield that makes the board compatible with nearly all Arduino shields, and includes an all-in-one iPhone app that contains all of the experiments and can be used to build your own things on top. 100% open source in everything (including the app). OBDLink MX WiFi: A Wireless Gateway to Vehicle OBD Networks by OBD Solutions OBDLink MX WiFi is a pocket-sized, wireless device that enables you to access the data available on the OBD network with your smart phone, tablet, or PC. The device plugs into the standard OBD port found in all modern vehicles, and requires no tools to install. The average installation time is 3 minutes, including the OBDLink app download. You can safely leave it plugged in: the unique BatterySaver technology will automatically put the device to sleep. Once you plug it in, MX will appear in the list of available networks as a secure WiFi Access Point.

Make your bike electric in 60 seconds by GeoOrbital Sometimes you just need all-wheel drive. Just like being in a car with all-wheel drive you have a lot more stability and control in harsh environments. The GeoOrbital wheel performs great in all weather conditions but if you pedal while using the wheel you will have all-wheel drive when you need it most. The GeoOrbital wheel comes with a flat-proof solid foam tire, so you never have to worry about getting a flat or even checking tire pressure. By using the latest hi-density foam technology the tires act and weigh the same as a traditional bike tire, but you will never get a flat.

Internet on Things Why FlyportPRO SoM? A system-on-module is the best solution for those customers looking for flexibility and for development time and risk reduction. FlyportPRO is already installed in tens of thousands of professional devices around the world and you can rely on our professional support during development. How to create your next IoT/M2M product? Easy, just designing a simple carrier board for it you get three different products. The carrier board is normally very easy to design since you don’t need an host processor there: FlyportPRO acts as core processor and connectivity, all in one.

ExtraBee Open-Source Radio Module by Jeremy Willden There are a lot of radio modules out there, but few of them allow you to customize the firmware inside. We started this project so we could have a radio module to use with our Arduino and other projects, but with the ability for anyone to customize the firmware for their own projects. We're big fans of open source, so we're using an Atmel processor so we can make it compatible with the Arduino development environment, and we used an Atmel 802.15.4/Zigbee chip.

Femtoduino A couple months ago I was playing with my Arduino Uno and I was wondering, what is the smallest Arduino that I could find these days? So fast forward, I am holding Femtoduino, smallest Arduino that I was able to find without braking my budget. What is Femtoduino? It is VERY small Arduino compatible board that has same processing capability and pin count as an Arduino Uno. Here are the specs from Femtoduino’s website : Femtoduino is an ultrasmall libre Arduino compatible board.ATMEGA 328p (QFN32 version) Processorexact same computing power of the Arduino Duemilanove or UNO.ultra light (2g)ultrasmall (20.7×15.2 mm) (.81″ x .6″)0.05″ connectors0402 componentsremoving everything not strictly necessary Open Source Single Board Computer Android device, Powerful computer, Arduino-compatible, ADK 2012 The most powerful and small developing board UDOO is a multi development platform solution for Android, Linux, Arduino™ and Google ADK 2012. The board is designed to provide a flexible environment that allows to explore the new frontiers of the Internet of Things. UDOO allows you to switch between Linux and Android in a few seconds, simply by replacing the Micro SD card and rebooting the system.

NINJA SPHERE: Next Generation Control of Your Environment by Ninja Blocks Your Ninja Sphere learns about you, and your environment. It uses data from sensors and actuators to build a model that can inform you if something is out of place. It can monitor temperature, lighting, energy usage, you and your pets' presence, and anything else you connect to your sphere. By using data from your devices, environment, and location your sphere is able to advise you intelligently and give you control only when you need it.

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