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Spectrum. MR. JAKE PARKER. Gurney Journey. Make manga with a touch of realism in 5 easy steps | Digital art. Painting a realistic manga character isn't easy because the volumes aren't logical. For example, the eyes are totally flat. The best approach is to cheat and use more human-like shapes. Try to find good references such as vinyl figures or dolls, but bear in mind that it doesn't have to be exclusively plastic in nature. Think about your light sources first, which will help you find your palette and define your volumes. When you have to deal with realism, the most important problem to solve is the contrast. Promotion Apply a lot of very light strokes, use a larger brush for bigger areas and a small one for detailing.

For the flesh tones, your palette has to be more complex than a simple gradient. Start with a flat very dark area and paint hair strands individually. 01. My first attempt to paint a realistic manga head looks more like a vinyl figure. 02. Here's my quick sketch. Just try to define the composition and the proportions. 03. I need to do a lot of strokes. 04. 05. Like this? Latest Digital art articles | Tags | Page 3. Le blog de Chicou-Chicou. Illustrations : Blacksad, Le Rige, Siegfried, Star Wars... | Mathieu Lauffray. Portfolio. DPI-Graphics. Blog. Wizards of the Coast artist paints a woman warrior the Applibot way | Digital art.

Demon stopper Oliveira is a character created for the mobile card game Legend of the Cryptids, developed by the Japanese publisher Applibot. She is the warrior who prevents demons and monsters coming up to the surface of Earth. In her backstory, Oliveira spent time in Hell and was rescued by a sacred warrior who also taught her how to fight. In this painting I'm depicting a scene where she is receiving the magic katars from her master. They will help her battle against monsters, as she tries to stop them rising from the depths of the Underworld. Subscription offer As well as telling this particular story in the illustration, I came up with the idea that she should have scars over her body as a vestige of the time she was in the hands of the demons.

Every scar, besides being a physical mark, is a little story in its own right. Character design Before getting into the illustration itself, I like to start laying out the character design. Composition I sketch two versions. Character details. The 60 best free Photoshop brushes | Photoshop. Photoshop brushes are a fantastic time-saver as they allow you to quickly create rich artwork without having to draw all the individual design elements.

There's a huge spectrum of brushes available ranging from leaf designs to fabric textures, cloud patterns to typography. While Photoshop CC does ship with a set of brushes pre-installed, they only scratch the surface of what's possible with the brush engine. So whether you're using CS3 or have joined the Creative Cloud, grab the free downloads below and start adding amazing design flourishes to your work now! As well as browsing through the whole list, you can jump right to the section you need right now using this handy menu!

01. Ultimate Paint Jonas Stoltz created this set of 30 Photoshop brushes in the best possible way: by simply splashing paint onto white boards and scanning the results in high resolution. Limitations: none 02. Limitations: free for personal use; contact for commercial use 03. 04. Limitations: none 05. 06. 07. 08. 09. PRODUCTION ART - Model Sheets, Production Drawings & Others. Pages Sweet Home PRODUCTION ART - Model Sheets, Production Drawings & Others Posted by: Nagy Péter Adam and Dog (2011, Short)Afro Samurai (2007) Akira (1988) Aladdin (1992)Allegro non troppo (1976)An American Tail (1986)Animal Farm (1954)AristoCats, The (1970)Atlantis - The Lost Empire (2001)Balto (1995)Bambi (1942)Batman (1992, TV Series)Beauty and the Beast (1991)Bedknobs and Broomsticks (1971)Bee Movie (2007)Beetlejuice (1989, TV Series)Black Cauldron, The (1985) Blood: The Last Vampire (2000)Bolt (2008)Brave (2012) Castle in the Sky (1986)Cats Don't Dance (1997)Chico & Rita (2010)Cinderella (1950)Cool World (1992)Coraline (2009)Corpse Bride (2005)Corto Maltese: La Cour secréte des Arcanes (2002)Cowboy Bebop (1998, TV Series)Croods, The (2013)Darkwing Duck (1991, TV Series)Despicable Me (2010)Dumbo (1941)Emperos's New Groove, The (2000)Enchanted (2009)Ernest et Célestine (2012)Fantasia 2000 (1999)Fantastic Mr.

Email ThisBlogThis! 55 Comments: Juan Carlos Valdez said... 3/22/2011 4:43 am. 3D Scan Store - Head scans - Full Body Scans - Tutorials and HDRI's for 3D Artists. Featured Latest Bestsellers. Models. Flipbook! - Maker. Kleki. Concept Cookie | Concept Art Tutorials and Training. Shading a Gem. Hello and Welcome to the tip tutorial on Shading a Gem.

In this tutorial we go through the steps on shading a gem to show how easy a material such as this can be to create! This can be done with any color that matches the gem’s properties but for this, we are using an amber/honey color. The steps would be similar when using other colors, just remember to bend your colors toward the light. Want some more help looking at color?

Check out the getting started section on Color Basics. Here is the step by step chart on shading a gem correctly. Think about the direction of the lighting.Change the hardness of your brush to blend as you see fit.Let the light permeate the surface, but still remember the reflective property of the surface as well.The saturation in the shadow should be less saturated than the color in the gem. Thanks for checking out this tip tutorial on shading a gem, if you have any comments or questions, leave them in the section below! Fuck-ton of Anatomy References: Reborn • A mind-blowing fuck-ton of gun pose references. ...


TUTOS. Tools. Forums. References Anatomie etc... Video. Browse Inspiration. Inspirational. Gallery. Courses. Blogs. Resource. Moleskine. Techniques. PROJETS. Reference. Angelfire. Undefined. Analytical Figure Drawing SP08. Anatomy References for Artists on Pinterest. Tutorials. All these short tutorials are part of a larger and much more in-depth book I wrote on how to draw caricatures called now available to order online . One of the most common problems I hear about from other caricaturists is that women are harder to draw than men.

Many struggle to make their caricatures of women look feminine, and often feel their female subjects look like “drag queens”. I think it’s a myth that women, particularly beautiful women, are harder to caricature than men. Women have the same sets of features that men have, but the need to differentiate the masculine from the feminine forces the caricaturist to modify his or her approach (in most cases) to the different sexes. Superficially there are a lot of facial elements that identify a given subject as male or female. These are only superficial things, though. Skeletal differences between the sexes are well documented. The female skull is generally smaller and lighter than the male’s. {*style:<i> This are soft and feminine. Photoshop brushes of the pros for free, skills still required. Editor’s Note (2/18/13): It’s been nearly two years since this article was published, so please be sure to check out Photoshop brushes from more amazing artists.

Also if there are any broken links, please do let me know. Ah, Photoshop brushes, the enchanted tool that many young artists seek to level-up their talent. I’ve accumulated here a list of brushes used by some of the best concept artists in the industry. Some of these Photoshop brushes are provided by recognizable names such as Dan Luvisi (adonihs), Thierry Doizon (BARONTiERi), leventep, Goro Fujita, and the like — people who have worked with companies the like of Ubisoft, Eidos, 20th Century Fox, Universal, Wizards of the Coast, Marvel Comics, you get the idea. Whether you’re a seasoned digital art knight or a mere squire, hopefully you’ll find something here that may help you out in your adventure as an artist. Perhaps within this list you will find that one elusive brush that will sweep away all your problems.

Zhuzhu brushes. Rysowanie. Artistic Anatomy. Is learning to draw anatomy in a classroom more secure (since there is a teacher to check the work and possibly a book to study from) in practicing artistic anatomy drawing, or should artists focus on just practicing from images on websites/blogs like this tumblr? Asketh - pjmx24 Depending on the size of your class and where you are, your teacher can be a great guide to help you and show you what areas you need to focus on more to improve and give you good material to work from! If your class size is too big (ideally a class of no more than 15 is optimal for a teacher to give extensive feedback to all students) you might not get enough feedback to really improve as much as possible to your full potential. Outside of class (or if you have no class) you should focus on drawing in a sketchbook dedicated for life drawing/anatomy. Even a page a week of studying will help you improve.

Pictures, live models, people on the street or books by masters of anatomy, anything goes! Draw and paint Golden Eagle tutorial with Photoshop. Will Terry - Children's Book Illustrator. Digital Brushes. Aaron's Art Tips Archives - The Art of Aaron Blaise. Art Tutorials. 85734268_o.jpg (JPEG Image, 1181 × 854 pixels) - Scaled (86%) Blog | Edouard Guiton. Anatomy References for Artists. Education Evolved. Lesson Plan Lesson 1 - Basic Tools In my first lecture, I will talk about the basic tools that Photoshop has to offer and examine how to use them to paint digitally, along with a demonstration of each. We will look at the brush tool in detail, explain what each setting does, and my own personal technique for using it to create an initial sketch. For your first assignment, you will be asked to take an existing pencil drawing that you did and reproduce it in Photoshop.

Lesson 2 - Light and Shadow In this lesson, we'll look more closely at light and shadow, and how the proper handling (or MIShandling) of this element can make or break a piece. Lesson 3 - Layers and Black & White Coloring Method Now, we'll get into another major advantage to painting digitally: layers. Lesson 4 - Coloring (Cell Shading) Cell shading is a common coloring method in CG that is heavily dependent on the placement of light and shadow. Lesson 5 - Color Mixing and Painting Lesson 6 - Custom Brushes Lesson 8 - Combination. JASON SEILER ILLUSTRATION | Facebook. Jason Seiler IllustrationJason Seiler Illustration. The Art of Sycra Yasin - Concept art, Caricatures, Life drawing. Painting Light – One Pixel at a Time – Enliighten. Hundreds of Free Art E-Books.

Brushes – Enliighten. Anatomy/Poses. Sell ​​your designs. Marvel Illustrations by Mike Mitchell. Male Figure Drawing – From Reference – Enliighten. In this video Daarken paints a male figure from reference. Instead of starting with a line drawing, he starts by blocking in large shapes and silhouettes. Music byTrash80 from IcarusSycamore Drive from Kicks/Moves Male Figure Drawing – From Reference from Daarken on Vimeo. The Art Of Mike Mitchell. Art & Imagery by Isabella Morawetz.

Ebooks | MesDDL | ★Site de Téléchargement Gratuit★ Watercolor. [NEW Class!] Figure Sketching With Color & Light “Figure Sketching With Color and Light” is an exciting new class that combines quick sketch figure drawing with color and painting in watercolor. This is a 10 week, in-person class that will meet every Wednesday evening at 3 Kicks Art Studio in Los Angeles. This is the perfect class for those who want to improve their figure drawing, head drawing, color or anyone who wants to transition to painting.

To enroll or for more info, visit the 3 Kicks Studio website. You may also contact the school directly by phone or email. Online: phone: (626) 466-5043, or email: When: Begins January 15th, 2014 Time: Wednesdays, 7:30 pm – 10:30 pm Where: 3 Kicks Fine Art Sudio, 55 Waverly Drive, Pasadena, CA Cost: $540 You may also visit the class information page for more detailed description. Color Studies These color studies started as sketches on the bus. Read more… Color Experiments. Yoann Lori. Manohead - Artista Visual. Caricature tag Gallery - CG Society. Cartoon genre Gallery - CG Society. Hoisel. Home - Patrick Brown Art.

Searching for my dignity and for buried treasure. — kagamii: here are my brush settings! i... Portraits / Caricatures - The Art of David Boudreau. Character Design | Caricatures on Pinterest | 236 Pins. Character Design | Portraits on Pinterest | 48 Pins. Tons of Tutorials,Guides,and More! (178 links) Will Terry - Chlldrens book illustrator. Low Poly Illustrations in Photoshop by Breno Bitencourt.

Photo Manipulation by Kareem Hossam. How to Draw Videos. Immortal Cintiq wants to be good at Drawing. Princess Bubblegum - Coloring on Livestream. Paintings I all images on this site are copyright 2014 jason shawn alexander. PAINTER X3 IN-DEPTH | PaintboxTV. Videos | CG Persia | Page 2. Download | nkurence/blog. While generating the initial image sequence for a knob can be a lot of fun, concatenating them into a vertical knob image isn’t something I look forward to. I’m Mac-based and couldn’t find a decent tool for doing this. As it’s a bit tedious and overly manual to do with actions in Photoshop I’ve written a script called StackSpreader that automates the process dynamically. I know there are a lot people doing similar skinning work for Reaktor and Max etc., and this has uses beyond knobs, so I thought I’d share it.

You can grab it here: First load your image sequence into a stack with Scripts/Load Files Into Stack… Then execute StackSpreader. That’s it. StackSpreader will prompt you for a canvas expansion direction, Top, Bottom, Left, Right.. if you’re making knobs, progress bars etc., you want Bottom. I commented out the script so if you want to customize it or poke about its guts, feel free. cheers, n ShareThis. Will Terry video courses at Folio Academy. Concept Cookie | Concept Art Tutorials and Training. Blog BD - J'aime ça ! SketchBook Pro. Digital Brushes. NKS5 Essential Media Toolkit for Photoshop CS5+ | nkurence/blog. UXPin: UX Design & Wireframing Tools As Beautiful As Your Work. 2d art.