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(moms. too keep, do the traditional one too)A New, Irresistible Take on the Philly Cheesesteak. Part of our comprehensive coverage of the American sandwich, available in full in our September issue The best sandwiches come from the greatest factory cities, and Philadelphia—the "Workshop of the World"—has its share.

Cook the meat a little bit more (if too raw is hard to eat in a sandwich). Make sure the bread slices are wide enough and well toasted or everything will fall apart. Best chimichurri ever!!! Great combination of flavours. Heaven. Used Calabrese Italian Bread. Maybe not, not rustic and though enough. – mammeganna2

But none are more famous than the almighty cheesesteak: thinly sliced meat quick-cooked and served on a roll, with Cheez Whiz or slices of American or provolone.

(moms. too keep, do the traditional one too)A New, Irresistible Take on the Philly Cheesesteak

Onions are optional, but a proper cheesesteak comes with fried or roasted long-hots: long green peppers common in the kitchen gardens of South Philly. In our version, we upgraded the meat to flank steak, substituted spreadable Boursin for the Whiz, and transformed the long-hots into a Philly version of chimichurri—the spicy Advertisement - Continue Reading Below Argentine green sauce used for all sorts of roasted and grilled meats. • Place the onion, garlic, and peppers in a mixing bowl and add the vinegar. . • Chop the cilantro and parsley and place in a separate bowl, and then mix in the olive oil.

(to keep - best recipe so far.) Tomato Eggs. (Chinese recipes, prepare authentic Chinese food now!)

(to keep - best recipe so far.) Tomato Eggs

Tomato eggs is a popular Chinese recipe–a humble dish that is often served at home. Called 蕃茄炒蛋 or 西红柿炒蛋 in China, tomato eggs is basically egg omelet with tomatoes. As simple as it sounds, tomato eggs is hard to master. I have seen many tomato eggs that are not properly cooked–too runny, watery, or simply overcooked.

The good news is that I am going to share with you my tomato eggs recipe and the easy way to prepare this Chinese dish. (to keep moms try )Red Jambalaya Fried Rice. While you might think that fried rice is strictly a Chinese dish, I like to think of it as more of a stir-fried dish that you can add whatever you'd like to.

(to keep moms try )Red Jambalaya Fried Rice

In fact, fried rice is never made the same way twice in my house, since I throw in whatever leftover ingredients or tidbits I have on hand. And to prove just how adaptable this dish is, it can even be given a spicy Creole-inspired twist. We're doing it jambalaya-style! ( to keep - moms try) Pan fried tofu with teriyaki sauce (keep- more sauce less tofu) This recipe for pan fried tofu with teriyaki sauce is starting to become a favorite tofu recipe of mine!

( to keep - moms try) Pan fried tofu with teriyaki sauce (keep- more sauce less tofu)

… aside from the tofu and pork rice bowl recipe I have been using if I have my mind set on having tofu for dinner. I am a huge fan of m.e.a.t, and tofu will probably be my last choice if it was sitting beside chicken and pork. I try to eat healthy (keyword: try) as much as possible – stuffing vegetables into my plate and having fruits for dessert – but sometimes I crave meat so much I just want to run to our favorite burger spot and order a freakin’ burger! (too keep moms try)Curried Chicken Wraps Recipes. Ingredients 3 split (1 1/2 whole) chicken breasts, bone in, skin on Olive oil Kosher salt Freshly ground black pepper 1 ½ cups good mayonnaise.

It makes extra sauce ( i used 2 chicken legs instead of breast, may be related) – mammeganna2
(too keep moms try)Curried Chicken Wraps Recipes

(to keep, moms - almost perfect, but try to find better)Almond Crusted Macaroni and Cheese. When Kaitlin was here in Beijing last week (TWOL newcomers: click here for context!)

The almond crust is fantastic in mac. great taste, though I think I can find better, maybe it's the cheese... – mammeganna2

, she took about 2 whole pounds of almonds and ground them up into almond meal.

(to keep, moms - almost perfect, but try to find better)Almond Crusted Macaroni and Cheese

After this moment of lapsed judgement that has of yet been left unexplained, she didn’t end up actually doing anything with the almond meal, leaving me with 2 pounds of the stuff. ALSO, in the process, she ended up electrocuting the Nutribullet by plugging it into the 220V outlet rather than the 110V outlet we have attached to our voltage converter. The moral of the story: Do not, under any circumstances, let this girl into your home. She’s dangerous. Kaitlin has since gone back home to the US (Okay, so she actually posted a couple really awesome recipes while she was here. In an interesting development, I was mega craving macaroni and cheese today, so this happened: mac n’ cheese with an almond crust. Ok, so the secret to my macaroni and cheese? Here’s what you need. Ok let’s get started: (to keep - moms and gran try) Queijadas de Laranja.

Make sure the water is till the end of the mould, to cook throughoutly. Not as sweet as expected Best queijadas, but very extenuating process – mammeganna2

(to keep moms try )Tarte de pastel de nata. Avalie esta receita: (4 votes, average: 4,75 out of 5)

Pretty good but maybe there's better. Search. Add a pinch of salt next time to bring out the flavour, and mb leave a bit more in the oven. – mammeganna2
(to keep moms try )Tarte de pastel de nata

(to keep, mom try) 20-Minute Congee (皮蛋瘦肉粥) Did you know that you can make delicious congee with slow-cooked flavor from scratch in 20 minutes?

(to keep, mom try) 20-Minute Congee (皮蛋瘦肉粥)

I’m not talking about getting it done in a pressure cooker either. This extremely exciting cooking technique I am about to reveal will cut the usual congee cooking time by at least two thirds, if not more. (to keep - use only when feeling ''healthy'') Raisin Bran Muffins That Work Recipe.

Very healthy and filling. Not that great of a flavour. Momo likes it. Good for cleanse times. – mammeganna2

(to keep- mummy)Parmesan Baked Chicken Nuggets. Parmesan Baked Chicken Nuggets – Best nuggets with real chicken & Parmesan, no deep-frying.

Go to nuggets, very easy and tasty. (Maybe a bit more flavour?!). Use panko next time to see the difference. Forget the sauce – mammeganna2

The easiest baked chicken nuggets recipe ever!

(to keep- mummy)Parmesan Baked Chicken Nuggets

Everyone loves chicken nuggets, and if you’re a mom, you’ll know that chicken nuggets are our secret weapon and a must-have for toddlers. (to keep- smtimes. very fatty) Minced Pork Stir-Fry with Ketchup & Fermented Black Beans. Minced pork stir-fried with fermented black beans is one of the standard items served at places that sell Teochew porridge.

Momo loved it, meme not so much. Very flavourful, nonetheless. Cut the pork smaller next time – mammeganna2

The dish is different from other fbb-based recipes because it's got a good amount of tomato ketchup.

(to keep- smtimes. very fatty) Minced Pork Stir-Fry with Ketchup & Fermented Black Beans

Ketchup goes well with the salty fragrance of fbb. It adds a sweet and sour dimension not found in fbb dishes that are more traditional. The stir-fried minced pork sold at Teochew muay places usually has a layer of oil coloured red by tomato ketchup, and meat that has a generous amount of fat. The one I make avoids the excessive oil because I don't think it makes the pork taste better.

The ideal meat is fatty pork belly that's minced very roughly – with a cleaver (or two) – into tiny pieces the size of rice grains. Lean meat, on the other hand, is dry when it's stir-fried. Once the meat is chosen and minced, cooking it takes only a few minutes. (to keep) Rice Cakes with Chili Paste, Fermented Black Bean, and Sichuan Peppercorn Recipe.

(to keep) North Country Creamed Turkey & Celery Hash by Lavender and Lovage.

Cut the veggies smaller next time. Still pretty good when roughly chopped – mammeganna2

(to keep -moms try) Authentic Mexican Salsa Recipe.

Best salsa recipe so far. Natural flavours and right consistency/ level of spice – mammeganna2

(find better- to keep)3 Ingredient Black Bean Soup Recipe - Easy and Healthy. (to keep)Green Beans with Toasted Almonds Recipes.

Make sure the beans are well cooked. Too simple, almost stupid to keep – mammeganna2

(to keep) Chicken in Chili Bean Sauce.

Very simple and very easy. Momo liked it very much. I don't think it's that amazing, but just good. typical Chinese dish flavour – mammeganna2

(to keep moms try )Old Charleston Style Shrimp and Grits Recipe.

Try grits without peppers (more classic).Takes a lot of time, but it's worth it. Very fatty, though. The shrimp sausage mix is much more than the grits. Make more or add to other stuff – mammeganna2

(to keep)Red Curry Chicken. This red curry chicken is as easy as cooking gets. After making the miraculously simple 15-minute Coconut Curry Noodle Soup recipe a few months ago, I realized what a magical ingredient canned curry paste is. It adds a ton of flavor with minimal effort––emphasis on minimal. This recipe has fewer than 10 ingredients, takes less than a half hour to make, and it’s a one pot meal worthy of any weeknight. If you’re wondering where to find red curry paste, head to any Asian grocery store, and look for a little red can labeled…you guessed it––red curry paste. No confusing Chinese characters or misspelled Chinglish words here! You’ll need: 1 pound boneless skinless chicken thighs, cut into bite-sized piecessalt and pepper2 tablespoons oil2 cloves garlic, minced2 slices ginger, minced2 tablespoons Thai red curry paste1 cup coconut milk1 small bunch choy sum or baby bok choyA handful of cilantro, chopped Season the chicken with salt and pepper.

Turn up the heat to high and add the chicken.