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Goreng Pisang (Malaysian Deep Fried Banana) with… How to make cream puffs - easy cream puffs recipe. (2) Crispy Homemade BEER BATTER Onion Rings! (Watch out for Sheila) Chicken Fried Steak. Sharing is caring!

Chicken Fried Steak

When it comes to comfort food, Chicken Fried Steak is the real deal. Tenderized cubed steak is breaded and pan-fried and then topped with a creamy milk gravy made from the pan drippings. Serve over mashed potatoes for an economical and filling meal the whole family will enjoy. In addition to Chicken Fried Steak I also love making these Chicken Fried Steak Fingers. Comfort food gets even better when it becomes finger food! To get a nice coating on the cubed steak, I first coat it in flour, then dip it in an egg and milk mixture, and then coat it a mixture of flour and crushed saltine crackers with a little seasoned salt and cayenne pepper mixed in.

I like to cook Chicken Fried Steak in my cast iron pan . After the meat is done cooking, I drain off all the oil and pour it through a sieve to remove any of the browned bits. In no time at all, you have a delicious meal that can easily fill a hungry family, including teenagers. Never miss a recipe. Calories: 1475kcal. Como hacer Chicharrones de Cerdo en casa y Truco para que no salten. Receta de Chicharrón de Puerco. YOGURT GRIEGO con solo 3 ingredientes, saludable y muy fácil, el mejor. QUESO MOZZARELLA FALSO, el queso más fácil de hacer y muy delicioso. Chicken Enchilada Recipe-How To Make Chicken Enchiladas-Casserole-Sauce-Mexican Food Recipes. How to make cabbage patties. (30) The Best Fried Chicken I've Ever Made...Taiwan Street Food Style - Marion's Kitchen. (30) How to Make Homemade Cream Cheese, Truffle Cheese Recipe and More in 5 Minutes. Really Good Vegetarian Meatloaf (Really!) Recipe.

Red Lentil Kebab Recipe (Gluten-free & Dairy-free) (9) The Queen's Scones Recipe: Moist and Fluffy From Former Royal Chef.(British Scones, ASMR) (9) Vegetable Pakora Recipe. (9) 2 Ingredient Biscuits. (8) VEGAN MOROCCAN INSPIRED CHICKPEA STEW RECIPE. (8) The BEST-EVER Spanish Potatoes. Easy Tahini Recipe – Better Than Store-bought. Homemade tahini is so easy to make. Our recipe is quick and makes tahini that tastes so much better than anything you can buy at the store.

Jump to the Tahini Recipe or watch our quick recipe video showing you how to make it. (8) Beer Battered Chicken. (14) Spicy Hash Browns For Breakfast. Super Crispy Fried Chicken. Super Crispy Fried Chicken made with buttermilk, chicken, hot sauce, and seasoned flour is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, PERFECT for dinner or to bring to a potluck or picnic!

Super Crispy Fried Chicken

We love homemade comfort food, and sometimes a fried dish just hits the spot like these Fried Cheese Curds, Crispy Fried Calamari, and Beer Battered Fish. KFC Coleslaw (Copycat) KFC Coleslaw is a five minute side dish you’ll enjoy all summer long with your favorite chicken and more!

KFC Coleslaw (Copycat)

Tastes exactly like the original! KFC Coleslaw is one of my most personal childhood food memories. As a young kid I would walk from my elementary school with my great aunt and we would stop at KFC (then Kentucky Fried Chicken) to get a chicken plate to share and a pudding cup to share. I just remember the most happy memories of our time together there, we would sit and talk and laugh.

To this day anytime I eat or make this KFC Coleslaw I think of her. Eggplant Red Gravy with Anchovies Recipe. Vietnamese Chicken with Ginger. Soyuz undocking, reentry and landing explained. Stove Top Biscuits Recipe. Super Crispy Fried Chicken Recipe 盐酥鸡 BEST Chinese Popcorn Chicken Ever! Taiwanese Style 超大鸡排-迷你版. The Best, Easiest Focaccia Bread Recipe. This post may contain affiliate links.

The Best, Easiest Focaccia Bread Recipe

Please read my disclosure policy. A few summers ago, I bumped into Richard Bourdon at Berkshire Mountain Bakery. During our brief chat, he told me, among other things, he would never write a cookbook because he’s always changing his methods. I was shocked to hear this because I would have thought that after 30+ years of running his renowned bakery, he would know all there is to know about bread baking, that his formula would require zero tinkering, and that he and all of his staff could churn out the acclaimed BMB breads in their sleep. But it was refreshing and reassuring to hear this, too, because I’m constantly changing how I make things, and I don’t know that I’ll ever stop. What Makes The Best Focaccia? Employing a refrigerator rise takes time because the cold environment slows everything down initially, and during the second rise, the cold dough takes time to warm to room temperature.

PS: Simple Sourdough Focaccia PPS: All The Bread Recipes 2. Shockingly Easy No-Knead Focaccia Recipe. So easy and delicious!

Shockingly Easy No-Knead Focaccia Recipe

I made this the quicker room temp way as I wanted it for dinner this evening. I buried whole cherry tomatoes and added fresh rosemary at the end instead of brushing it with butter..... so good! And a great alternative if you want to keep things vegan. Perfect Potstickers - Easy Pork Pot Stickers Recipe. Chicharon (pork crackling) fried rice - CASA Veneracion. It was a clean-out the fridge operation that resulted in this fried rice made with the rind and meat salvaged from soup bones and leftover chicken stew.

Chicharon (pork crackling) fried rice - CASA Veneracion

See, a couple of days ago, I made a huge pot of soup with pork knuckle bones with all the rind, litid (ligaments, sinews, tendons) and meat intact. Spicy Beef with Peanuts & Chiles. _Crypto Tools. Vietnamese Caramelised Pork Bowls. Meet your new favourite pork mince recipe – Vietnamese Caramelised Pork Bowls!

Vietnamese Caramelised Pork Bowls

A super fast pork stir fry made with ground pork infused with flavours from the streets of Vietnam. With just a handful of ingredients you probably already have, it’s sweet, salty, beautifully caramelised and absolutely irresistible. It’s the quick and easy version of Vietnamese Caramel Pork, a famous Vietnamese food speciality! Vietnamese stir fry – Pork Mince recipe Ground pork – which we call “mince” here in Australia – is extremely good value. It’s also just about the least sexy protein I know. Mince is…well, it just isn’t fancy. But sometimes, it’s nice to do something a little different. The crazy thing about this pork mince recipe is that the ingredients list is so short. Faster No Knead Bread. Oven Fried Chicken Recipe. Oven Fried Chicken – all the flavors of the deep fried chicken without all the extra fat and oily mess!

Oven Fried Chicken Recipe

These chicken thighs are coated with a seasoned Panko and baked until golden brown and perfectly crisp! You wouldn’t believe how close they come to the real thing. This is how you do comfort food. Southern Oven-Fried Chicken Recipe. This simple and lighter fried chicken is coated with a seasoned flour mixture and then it's baked to perfection.

Southern Oven-Fried Chicken Recipe

Butter is melted in the baking pan and then the chicken is added to the hot pan, creating a flavorful, crispy coating. Depending on the size of your family, feel free to reduce or increase the amount of chicken and breading. Stove Top Biscuits Recipe. 土豆新吃法,不用炸不用烤,孩子最喜欢了,咬一口满嘴拉丝!香!【阿胖面食】 Vegan Cheese. Have you ever heard someone say, “I could almost be vegan.

Vegan Cheese

I love soymilk and I don’t care too much about eggs. I just couldn’t live without cheese.” Who could blame them? Fake cheese “ain’t nothin’ like the real thang.” Creamy Cauliflower Sauce Recipe. This creamy cauliflower sauce is a hit. Perfect for pasta, pizza, or anything else you might want to cover in white cauliflower creamy deliciousness. click here to Pin this recipe This. Sauce. DEEP-FRIED GLUTINOUS RICE CAKES/ ZONG BAO. Sugared Peanuts like they have at Chinese Buffets. Lasagna with White Sauce Recipe. Broccoli Cheese Casserole - Cook2eatwell. This broccoli cheese casserole is easy to make and perfect for Sunday dinner or a holiday feast. We use, a simple, steam-in-the-bag broccoli and pair it with a homemade cheese sauce.

Then, it’s topped with buttery bread crumbs and baked until golden and bubbly. It’s really easy to eat your broccoli when it’s covered in a creamy, cheesy sauce and topped with crunchy bread crumbs. I say, bring on the broccoli! If you’re looking for more side dishes, try one of these delicious recipes: Sausage Stuffing.

Truly Crispy Buttermilk Oven Fried Chicken. Truly Crispy Oven Fried Chicken Recipe {Includes VIDEO Instructions} How to Make French Fries Crispy in the Oven. BREAKING NEWS. Baked Fries that are actually crispy! After slicing, baking, and salting more potatoes than I care to count, I have for you a foolproof method for how to make French fries crispy in the oven. No more compromising texture for the sake of making baked French fries healthy. Spinach Fritters Recipe with Homemade Yogurt Aioli - Spain on a Fork. Crispy Onion Rings Recipe - How to Make Crispy Onion Rings.

Vietnamese Caramel Pork. This Vietnamese Pork recipe is an epic Vietnamese food speciality that’s easy to recreate in your own home. Slow cooked tender pork pieces in a sticky savoury-sweet glaze, Vietnamese Caramel Pork is a magical way to transform pork shoulder into something exotic and spectacular. And it’s SO easy! Complete your Vietnamese banquet with fresh Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls to start and a side of fluffy coconut rice.

How to make egg curry - Swasthi's Recipes. 5-Ingredient Flaky Cheddar Biscuits. Just 5 ingredients and 15 minutes is all it takes to bake the flakiest, butteriest, cheddar biscuits you’ll ever eat! How to Make Chinese Dumplings. The ultimate guide to making Chinese dumplings from scratch. Fast Pot-Stickers Recipe. Easy 3 Ingredient Self-Rising Flour Biscuits. Self-Rising Flour Biscuits are the easiest biscuits you will ever make! The dough for these drop biscuits comes together in less than 10 minutes and uses only 3 ingredients: self-rising flour, salted butter, and milk or buttermilk! Creamy Red Pepper Pasta Sauce - An Italian in my Kitchen. Onigirazu (Rice Sandwich) Recipe by Tasty. 6 Best Japanese Hamburger (Hambagu) Steak Recipes.

Difference between Japanese Hamburger Steak and the U.S. Japanese hamburger steak is one of the most popular meals among children. Japanese hamburger steak is different from the U.S. version of the dish, because the Japanese hamburger patty is made by mixing ground meat and a variety of vegetables. This is a meal filled with mother’s love, as mothers whose children don’t like vegetables try to have their kids eat vegetables by mixing minced or grated vegetables into meat.

How to Make Grilled Cheese Rice Burger (Recipe) How We Eat for Less Than $60 a Month: A Peek into Our Food Budget. A typical night as we are ready to fall asleep: Italian Grandma Makes Lasagna. How to Make No-Knead Ciabatta Bread - Amazing Italian Bread. Savory Cabbage Pancakes (Okonomiyaki) I know, I know, two cabbage recipes in a row?

While I’m sure some of you are delighted, some might be totally “over” cabbage. But I’m all about reducing waste over here, so I needed to find a recipe to use up my leftover cabbage, carrot, and green onion from my Beef and Cabbage Stir Fry. Extra-Flaky Chinese Scallion Pancakes Recipe [葱油饼] 1 notification. Microwave Mochi Recipe. Dragon Roll Recipe ドラゴンロール. Cantonese Salt and Pepper Pork Chops. Chinese Salt and Pepper Pork Chops are the best! I remember this dish from when I was a chubby kid growing up in the small resort town of Liberty, NY. Every month, my family would make the two hour Saturday morning pilgrimage in our white Chevrolet station wagon to Manhattan’s Chinatown.

Kind of reminiscent of Little House on the Prairie…heading into town on a wagon to buy coffee and a sack of flour from Mr. Whipple at the General Store. Only with more Chinese people. We’d first have dim sum, and then pay a visit to my grandparents’ tiny apartment, where we would all converge with our aunts, uncles and crazy younger cousins. Orange Chicken - Just Like Panda Express! Stove Top Barbecue Chicken. Popeye's Biscuits. Perfect Seared Steak with Charred Crust - The Weary Chef. Iron Skillet Beans-Houston's - The BBQ BRETHREN FORUMS. This is reported to be a close copy, but I don't see any chili powder. Cast-Iron-Skillet Baked Beans Serves 10 to 12 11 strips bacon, divided 1 onion, diced 1 bell pepper, diced 1 tsp. salt 5 (15.5-oz.) cans navy or pinto beans, rinsed and drained 1 cup sweet tomato-based barbecue sauce (Western North Carolina-style) 1/2 cup mustard-based barbecue sauce (South Carolina-style), or 1/4 cup cider vinegar plus 1/4 cup Dijon mustard 1/4 cup brown sugar 1/4 cup sorghum syrup Preheat the oven to 325°.

Cut 8 of the bacon strips in half and cook in a large cast-iron skillet over medium-low heat until most of the fat has rendered out but the bacon has not started to brown, about 6 to 8 minutes. 鹽焗雞 Chinese salted chicken. Fettuccine and meat sauce. Pasta With Sardines, Bread Crumbs and Capers Recipe. Panda Express Orange Chicken (Copycat) Mom's Best Zha Jiang Mian (炸酱面) - Fried Sauce Noodles. MyRecipes. Food & Wine. Perfect Potstickers from Scratch! { Dumpling Dough }

Spicy Thai Basil Chicken (Pad Krapow Gai) Recipe. Tasty Burritos Recipe. Sizzling steak recipe. Home Hawkers: Recipe for roti prata and fish curry. Hakka Salted Steamed Chicken (客家盐鸡) Fluffy pumpkin pie - Bake Love Give. Stir-fried "Flat Rice Noodle" (Ho Fun) with Beef. How To Make Easy Kimchi - Recipe. Pan Fried "Roasted" Pork.

Thai Curry Chicken with Jasmine Rice Recipe. Tuna Onigiri 金枪鱼饭团. 《Tinrry下午茶》教你做芒果糯米糍. Miso and Soy Chilean Sea Bass Recipe. Miso and Soy Chilean Sea Bass Recipe. House Of Blue Cornbread Recipe. The Best Clay Pot Chicken Rice (鸡肉煲仔饭) Spaghetti Aglio e Olio.