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Copycat Starbucks Gingerbread Loaf with Cream Cheese Frosting - The Country Cook. I got a thing for loaves Apparently I am all about them copycat Starbucks loaf recipes lately.

Copycat Starbucks Gingerbread Loaf with Cream Cheese Frosting - The Country Cook

I shared a recipe recently for the Starbuck’s Lemon Loaf and I promised I would share the recipe for their gingerbread loaf. This one took a little longer to get on the blog than I initially had planned on. The truth is, I wasn’t real crazy with my first attempt. It wasn’t as moist as I had wanted. Back to the drawing board After realizing it needed something to help make it more tender, I went back to the drawing board. And I scaled back on the frosting just a bit so you don’t have a ton leftover. Side note: if you have fresh nutmeg – use it here. Gingerbread Loaf. Pandan Chiffon Cake. To summarise my bakes for chiffon cake the last few weeks, my first attempt was Pandan Chiffon which was quite badly done.

Pandan Chiffon Cake

Follow by Banana chiffon, I was pretty satisfied with it. Then I tried Chiffon Cheesecake & Double Choc Chips Chiffon all were quite successful. After baking those few I'm more familiar with the techniques of making Chiffon cake now. Thus, I decided to try Pandan Chiffon again last night using back the same recipe from my 1st attempt which was from Richard Goh's baking class. However, I did some alteration to it and I'm so glad that it's turn out so well. Green Tea Chiffon Cake w/Strawberry. My bakes for Sep 09 also include this green tea chiffon cake which I would like to post it separately.

Green Tea Chiffon Cake w/Strawberry

After trying the green tea chiffon cake from Tampopo, I kept telling myself I must try to bake one somedays. Finally got myself into baking one as I wanted to make one for my best friend's birthday. She simply loves anything that's green tea so I have to try out the recipe first before baking one for her. I'm glad it turned out quite nice and my colleagues who's my testers all gave rather good comments. Of course still can't compare to the one from Tampopo but rather close to their's except their cream taste nicer probably because they used dairy cream. Pandan Chiffon Cake (cooking method) 31st Aug 2010 I read about this pandan chiffon cake from Jane's Corner, recipe originated from Forbidden Garden.

Pandan Chiffon Cake (cooking method)

The method for this chiffon cake is different from the usual one so I did not dare to try it out until I met Karen during one of the workshop at Shermay's, she told me this is the best Pandan Chiffon cake recipe and a definite keeper. So I set up my mind to give it a try since there are so many praises on this recipe. This chiffon cake uses cooking method, which I never came across before. So I read and follow the recipe very closely on each step and the tips given. Purple Sweet Potatoes Chiffon.

22 Nov 2010 During Aspiring bakers #1 - Chiffon Cakes, I tried a few chiffon recipes but only submitted one of them which was the Ham & Cheesy Chiffon.

Purple Sweet Potatoes Chiffon

This recipe seem to be very popular and saw quite a few bloggers baking it. I also gave it a try since my aunt happen to buy some purple sweet potatoes from Shop n Save. However mine was a bit underbaked but still was a nice and soft chiffon. I always envy those who manage to get a brown crust on their chiffon. Recipe adapted from:Happy Home BakingIngredients: For 20cm tube pan 70g Egg yolks 80g Water 70g Sunflower oil 12g Lemon juice 90g Purple sweet potato, boil/steam, mashed 80g Cake flour 20g Caster sugar 120g Purple sweet potato, boil/steam and diced into small chunks 180g Egg whites (cold from fridge) 90g Caster sugar 10g Corn flour Method: Preheat oven at 160C 1.

Mango Yogurt Chiffon (Cooked Dough Method) 28th Mar 2011 I give a little twist to my favourite Pandan chiffon cake recipe that used cooked dough method and turned it to a Mango Yogurt chiffon cake.

Mango Yogurt Chiffon (Cooked Dough Method)

It came out pretty happy! The cake is very soft and moist with strong mango fragrant, very refreshing! Recipe adapted & modified from here:Ingredients: Egg Yolk - 5 nos Mango yogurt - 70g Mango puree - 30g Butter - 50g Cake flour - 90g Baking powder - 1/4 tsp Fresh mango - 80g (cut into small cubes) Egg white - 5 nos Castor Sugar - 70g Cream of tar tar - 1/8 tsp Method: Aspiring Bakers #1: Ham & Cheesy Chiffon Cake (Nov 10) 19th Nov 2010 This is my entry for Aspiring Bakers #1 hosted by Small Small Baker.

Aspiring Bakers #1: Ham & Cheesy Chiffon Cake (Nov 10)

I decided to bake a savoury chiffon instead of the usual sweet ones. Got the idea from Cuisine Paradise and adapted the recipe from Kitchen Corner with some changes. It turned out pretty well. Soft and tasty! I love savoury stuff and it tasted like ham & cheese bun. Cheddar Cheese Loaf. Recently I been baking different type of butter cakes quite frequently.

Cheddar Cheese Loaf

This is another butter cake recipe I found it from my recipe books collection. This cheddar cheese butter cake is quite nice, very flavourful and fine texture. I will be submitting this to Aspiring Bakers #6: Say Cheese! (April 2011) hosted by Jean from Noms I Must. Cheddar Cheese Loaf Oreo Durian Butter Cake. I been baking durian related cakes quite frequent recently trying to clear my frozen durian flesh stock.

Oreo Durian Butter Cake

Decided to try out another Richard Goh's recipe - Durian Butter Cake. To make it more interesting, I added some Oreo cookies in. Aspiring Bakers #3 - My Cashew Nut Cookies (Jan 2011) My first CNY bakes started with this nutty and crisp Cashew Nut Cookies.

Aspiring Bakers #3 - My Cashew Nut Cookies (Jan 2011)

Been baking this cookies for the past 4 years and this is the first time sharing the recipe to give my support to Aspiring Bakers #3 - My Favourite CNY Cookies hosted by Jess Kitchen. This recipe was given to me by aunt who used to teach baking at CC in 1980's. Yes my aunt not only can cook but also can bake very well. However she had lost interest in baking since she quited teaching, such a pity but she is still very knowledgeable on baking techniques and ingredients so I will seek her advice at times. CNY Bake - Cashew Nuts Cookies. Raspberry Cheesecake Slice. Rich, Creamy & Refreshing... Recipe adapted from My Kitchen Snippets: Crust: 150g Oreo cookies – crushed 50g melted butter Method: Preheat oven to 160 degree C. 1.

Prepare and greased an 8” x 8” (I used 7") square baking pan. Line it with parchment paper or aluminum foil and left some overhang on the side (for easy removal later on) 2. Combined Oreo cookies crumbs with melted butter. Press into the base of the baking pan and let it chill in the fridge while you prepare the filling. Cheesecake filling: 500g cream cheese 120g sugar 2 eggs 1tbsp corn flour 80g light sour cream 1-2 tbsp of lemon juice Zest of one lemon 6 oz fresh raspberry (I use approx. 160g) Method: 1.

Look messy but didn't bother me as long as it's taste good! Aspiring Bakers #4 - Love Pocket Bread (Feb 2011) Love pocket bread - recipe adapted from my colleague Sandra who once made this for our X'mas Potluck Gathering. Ingredients:Fillings 1 no potatoes (cooked & mashed) 1 no hard boiled egg (chopped) 1 slice of ham (chopped) 1/2 no tomato (deseed & chopped) 1/2 no Japanese cucumber (deseed & chopped) 2-3 tbsp Kraft coleslaw dressing Pinch of salt & pepper to taste **this portion is enough to make 5-6 pocket bread, about a loaf of bread Mix all the ingredients for the potato salad together into a smooth paste as shown in the picture.

Use a heart shape small cake tin to outline the bread, spread the potato salad within the outline. Top with another slice of bread and press out the love pocket. Deep Fried Dumplings (Ham Sui Kok) I have not been participating in Aspiring Bakers for months and finally I am able to make it for this month's theme - Dim Sum Affair. Tried out one of my aunt's dim sum recipe - Ham Sui Kok. Though not a very successful attempt because I find it quite difficult to shape the dumplings.

Making dim sum really needs practice. Weekend Breakfast VII - Fried Radish Cake. Fried radish cake is a popular dim sum item that is also great to serve it as breakfast. This is my aunt's recipe and been bookmarking it for ages. Finally got into making it over the weekend. Sesame Oil Chicken Mee Sua Soup 麻油鸡面线汤. Weekday easy cooking - One dish meal! Very hearty and tasty bowl of mee sua full of sesame oil, wine and ginger fragrant!

Haha... like confinement food! Steamed Savoury Pumpkin Kueh. Steamed Savoury Pumpkin Kueh First attempt and turn out pretty yummy! Garlic Bread. Garlic bread is my family all times favourite and I like to make my own garlic spread. Savoury Glutinous Rice 糯米饭. 21st Feb 2010 One of my favourite food for breakfast is Glutinous rice, the hokkien style. Asian Home Gourmet - Pineapple Rice. There are many types of ready paste available in today's market that make restaurant style dishes easy to prepare at home. One of my all time favourite is the spice paste for Thai Pineapple Rice from Asian Home Gourmet. Claypot Chicken Rice (Rice Cooker Method) My dinner tonight was Claypot Chicken Rice but was cooked by rice cooker instead of using claypot...Yummy!

Hot Basil Minced Meat w/Rice. Hong Kong Kai Lan w/Salted Fish Topping. Last time, if anyone asked me how to stir fry vegetables. My answer will be simply use garlic and oyster sauce. Aunt is different, she has a few types of sauce for frying different vegetables and it's always taste so good. Stir Fry Spinach with Fermented Beancurd. Nonya Curry Chicken. Friday - 31 Oct 2008 Curry Chicken - Most people will adore this dish. Szechuan Preserved Vegetables w/Shredded Pork. Szechuan veg is a type of salted preserved veg that can be used for soup, steaming, stir fry or eat with noodles.

Nowaday we can get the ready shredded type (spicy/original) in all supermarkets & wet markets. Fried Black Pomfret w/Leek & Golden Mushroom. Leek is one of my favourite vegetable too, it's a rather traditional way to cook it with fish. Ikan Bilis w/Miso. Bean Sprout w/Fresh Shitake Mushroom & Fish Maw. Stir Fry Pork w/Spring Onion & Ginger. Stir Fry French Bean with Preserved Radish & Dried Shrimp. Cabbage w/Crispy Dried Shrimp Topping. Braised Pork w/Dried Vegetables (Mei Cai) Stir Fry Pickled Mustard w/Shredded Pork.

Fried Mee Tai Bak. Fried Belachan Bee Hoon. Chicken Stew. Steamed Chicken with Mushroom & Black Fungus. Fried Chicken with Sambal. Chicken w/Sesame Oil in Soya Sauce. Abalone Chicken Congee. Paper Wrapped Chicken. Steamed Glutinuous Rice w/Chicken. Crispy Golden Pomfret with Sauce. Bamboo Clam In Black Bean Paste. Fried Fish In Hot Bean Paste. Jacket Fish In Miso Sauce. Golden Pomfret Soup. Fried Belachan Bee Hoon. Steam Golden Pomfret (Teochew Style) Belachan Cabbage (Assorted Veg) Curry Fish Head. Steamed Pork Ribs In Plum Sauce. Honey Garlic Pork Ribs. Assam Pork Ribs. Stir Fry Bittergourd with Salted Egg & Eggs. Assam Stingray with Lady Fingers. Spicy Korean Rice Cakes - Ddukppoki. Weekend Cooking III - Chuncheon Dakgalbi. Hasma with Lotus Seeds and Red Dates. Prosperity Pot 发财一品锅. Spicy Korean Rice Cakes - Ddukppoki. Stir Fry Korean Sliced Rice Cake. Korean BBQ Pork (Kalbi) Pajeon - Korean Style Pancake. Kimchi Soup.

Sukiyaki Hotpot. Curry Udon with Chicken Karaage. Sesame Oil Chicken Mee Sua Soup 麻油鸡面线汤. Chicken Chop. Easy Baked Salmon. Korokke - Japanese Potato and Bacon Croquette. Teriyaki Chicken Meatballs. Simple Coq au Vin (French Chicken Stewed in Red Wine) Korean Spicy Chicken Stew. Stingray with Salted Vegetables. Baked Pasta with Homemade Tomato Sauce. Chicken asparagus spaghetti in light creamy mushroom and leek sauce. Penne in Spinach Basil Pesto Sauce with Grilled Chicken. Champagne Cranberry Pork Ribs. Sweet and Sour Pork. Mushroom Minced Pork Balls & Vegetables Udon Soup. Steamed Minced Pork with Salted Fish and Mushroom.

Katsudon (Pork Tonkatsu Rice Bowl) Golden Pineapple Balls. Guinness Beer Cake Recipe – Sugar Geek Show. Pancake Cake Recipe – Sugar Geek Show. Carrot Cake Recipe – Sugar Geek Show. Real Red Velvet Cake Recipe – Sugar Geek Show. Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cake Recipe – Sugar Geek Show. Jaconde Recipe – Sugar Geek Show. Delicious Black Velvet Chocolate Cake Recipe. Sticky Rice Cake with Black Sesame Filling. Sticky Rice Cake with Black Sesame Filling. Red Bean Soup Recipe. Green Onion Bread (香葱面包) Mung Bean Cake (Mung Bean Paste) Chinese Walnut Cookie. China Sichuan Food. Small Sticky Rice Balls over Mango Smoothie.