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The history of Argentina's most popular hangover cure. Sign Up for Our free email newsletters What do you get when you combine a storied Italian hangover remedy and a beloved American cure-all?

The history of Argentina's most popular hangover cure

Argentina's go-to cocktail, but of course. Sometimes referred to as a Fernando or a Fernandito, Fernet con Coca is made by mixing the amaro Fernet-Branca with Coca-Cola, serving it tall over ice. I'll be the first to admit that the Argentinean tipple is an acquired taste (it's at once bitter, sweet, minty, and herbaceous). The concept of "hair of the dog" hails back to medieval Europe, when a therapy for rabies was to place some literal hairs from the rabid dog onto the victim's bite wound, assuming that a little bit of what ailed them would also be what ultimately cured them.

Our 5 Favorite Classic Cocktails. Certain cocktails are classic for a reason: they’ve been around a long time, they’re easy to make (sometimes you only need three ingredients), and they’re the perfect thing to make when you, well, want a drink.

Our 5 Favorite Classic Cocktails

A good, strong drink. If you don’t know where to start with making cocktails at home, start here! Ginger Ale Highball Recipe. The Secret to This Amazing Highball? Chill Your Spirit. “Traditionally, a highball is liquor and a carbonated beverage,” says Brandyn Tepper, the former bar director for acclaimed San Francisco restaurants Saison and Angler.

The Secret to This Amazing Highball? Chill Your Spirit.

Calling out one of the world’s simplest, and most classic, cocktails, Tepper cites some of the highball’s earliest iterations, dating back to “the late 1890s, with scotch and carbonated water,” which, he adds, eventually lead to the 7 & 7 during the 1930s, with the popularity of Seagrams’ 7 Crown blended whiskey and 7UP. Today’s highball has many more faces. 7 Best Cocktails to Drink While Cooking Weeknight Dinners.

11 Tequila and Mezcal Cocktails to Try Right Now. 9 Blast from the Past Drinks You Should Know. What we drink today is most assuredly not what we drank yesterday or a decade ago or a century ago.

9 Blast from the Past Drinks You Should Know

Ingredients go in and out of fashion, as do the fickle tastes of the imbibing public. But in today’s boisterous cocktail culture, we find ourselves returning to the past to unlock its forgotten treasures. Some drinks have fallen by the wayside for a reason. Perhaps the recipes are too sweet for the present-day palate. Maybe the necessary ingredients are defunct or, worse yet, ersatz versions of their original selves. 10 Bourbon Drinks to Try Now. The 7&7 Gets Updated. In his lifetime, my grandfather drank somewhere between 20,000 and 25,000 7&7s: two a night from the early 1960s until his death in 2003.

The 7&7 Gets Updated

Aside from the occasional Bloody Mary or Screwdriver, and an annual sip of Champagne on his wedding anniversary, the man was devoted to the Seagram’s 7-and-7UP highball. He wasn’t alone. Seagram’s 7 was ubiquitous in American liquor cabinets in the ’60s and ’70s. Adonis Cocktail Recipe. The Aviation Cocktail: 6 Things to Know. The turbulence experienced by the delicate and dreamy Aviation cocktail has all the rise, fall and rise-again dramatics of a rollicking trans-Atlantic journey.

The Aviation Cocktail: 6 Things to Know

But its drinkers’ view of the cocktail’s now-famed lilac hue, the color of twilight skies, was almost obscured by a simple but near-devastating bit of cloudy-with-a-chance-of-forgetfulness recipe fumbling. Add in the whims of fashion and the wide distribution of a not-quite-right version of the drink in the early days of the modern cocktail renaissance, and this flower of the cocktail canon was nearly grounded for good. Where did the Aviation come from, how did it nearly crash and burn, and what saved the day? These are six facts to know. How the Bamboo Became a Flex. On paper, a Bamboo is just a 50/50 Martini made with dry sherry in place of gin.

How the Bamboo Became a Flex

Though simple in construction, the resultant flavor profile is lively, savory and sneaky-complex at an elegant proof—lean, but not particularly mean. Fluctuating proportions, occasional hits of sugar and bitters and varying garnishes notwithstanding, it’s also a cocktail that has mostly maintained its factory settings since emerging in the late 19th century. Time-jump to 2020, though, and you’ll find the Bamboo fills a new, perhaps unexpected, role among a certain ilk: The demure old drink now doubles as a launching pad for bartenders who wish to dunk on their friends. The recipe has been galaxy-brained into a creative, inspiring and often-absurd declaration, a secret password of sorts that can tell one pro all they need to know about another.

“It can serve as a fun litmus test,” says Karen Fu, who tends bar at République in Los Angeles. Is the Batanga the Next Big Tequila Drink? Try the Blackberry Old-Fashioned by Cris Dehlavi Bartenders at Home. Bloody Maria. Did you know I didn’t try a Bloody Mary until I was 29??

Bloody Maria

It’s embarrassing to say the least. I was convinced that I was anti-tomato juice. Welp, turns out I LOVE a freshly made tomato juice and I’ll take it as a Bloody Mary or a Bloody Maria – with the Bloody Maria being my preference because I’m a tequila girl. The key to a good Bloody Maria is 2 things. 1: you need great tomato juice. There’s just no alternative – make sure you find the best quality out there if you’re not making your own. 2: the toppings. I’m talking bacon, grilled shrimp, pickles, olives, tomatoes, limes, you name it, anything is pretty much fair game in the bloody mary / maria game! Ingredients Instructions In a shaker filled with ice, combine all the ingredients except the garnishes, and shake until well chilled. Bourbon & Berries Cocktail Recipe. Catamaran Cocktail Recipe. The Cosmo-naut Recipe. To make this tall spin on a Cosmopolitan, I created a spiced orange syrup in lieu of triple sec.

The Cosmo-naut Recipe

It gives the drink a seasonal quality and a bit more depth, and balances the cranberry juice beautifully. I lengthened this cocktail with soda to keep the flavors from getting too overpowering, and added fresh mint. Its crisp scent hits you with every sip. Ingredients 1 ½ ounces vodka½ ounce spiced orange simple syrup2 ounces cranberry juice2 ounces soda water2 sprigs mint, separated Directions. The Cosmopolitan Cocktail: 6 Things You Should Know.

When it comes to drinking a Cosmopolitan, it’s best to dispense with the notion that you’re indulging in a guilty pleasure.

The Cosmopolitan Cocktail: 6 Things You Should Know

You have nothing to feel guilty about—it’s a good cocktail! When done right, the tart-sweet combo with its gloriously rosy hue is an easy-to-love libation. Yes, for the foreseeable future, it will be inextricably linked to that late ’90s-to-early-aughts gal-pal palooza “Sex and the City” (and hey, that’s nothing to be embarrassed about either), but the Cosmopolitan is truly as elegant as its name implies. And while the show may have been fictional, the reality is it was invented in New York City. French Martini Cocktail Recipe. Godfather Cocktail Recipe. Hold Up  Cocktail Recipe. Longshoreman Cocktail Recipe. Master Cleanse Shot Recipe. Midnight, the Stars and You Cocktail Recipe. Viral Old Fashioned Cocktail Video Gets Jim Beam Do-Over in New Ad.

The world’s worst Old Fashioned was made on a quiet summer morning in 2010, in a dot com startup’s shoddily decorated conference room in Santa Monica. had hired JaNee Nyberg to host a series of 50 cocktail tutorial videos that they would then upload to their YouTube channel. In the series’ most infamous video, the actress, model, and part-time bartender slops together an Old Fashioned using no bitters, a giant orange wedge, a ton of ice, and an entire pint glass of bourbon.

Now, everyone makes an Old Fashioned a little bit differently—here’s Esquire’s official recipe—but Nyberg’s way was definitely wrong and totally hilarious. “The first time I saw the viral video was six or seven years ago. I was taken aback by just how much Jim Beam was being used,” says Beth Burrows, who was a bartender in Louisville back then.’s video has gone viral several times over the last decade (most recently, earlier this year), but no one had heard from Nyberg herself since.

6 Things You Should Know About the Mai Tai. Listen here, Fruity Pebbles. The Mai Tai is no haphazard mishmash of fruit salad mayhem—it’s a classic straight to its rummy core. But like many drinks that involve fruit juices, the Mai Tai got muddy along the way, with shortcuts and liberties that more often than not left you with a headache and (literally) a bad taste in your mouth, instead of memories of tropical splendor. But no more. The Secret to the World’s Best Margarita. “The Indispensables” is’s series devoted to the classic cocktails drinkers of every skill need in their arsenal.

Each installment features one signature recipe, assembled from intel by the best bartenders. Monte Carlo Cocktail Recipe. Manhattan Drink Recipe – How to Make a Manhattan. The Manhattan demands respect. It is brazen and strong: rye whiskey (or bourbon, but we think you're better off with rye), Italian vermouth, and aromatic bitters. It is rich, with flavors both spicier and sweeter. And in the annals of cocktail-making, it is an all-around heavyweight champion. Benton’s Old Fashioned Cocktail Recipe. 11 Great Rum Cocktails to Make Right Now. Daiquiri Recipe. Best Tom Collins Recipe - How to Make a Tom Collins.

The Tom Collins might be the best cocktail to make for yourself in your own home. It just so happens to be a long-time favorite of ours, too. It's crisp and zesty. It's gin without the tonic, and all the better for it. It doesn't require anything in the way of headache-inducing, hard-to-find ingredients. And it is very old. Esquire has been endorsing the Tom Collins for many years. A more traditional Tom Collins is built over ice in a Collins glass, stirred, then topped with bubbly water. The Hurricane Cocktail Is a Force of Nature. Mai Tai Cocktail Recipe. If you order a Mai Tai at a bar these days, chances are you’ll get a very fruity and heavily sugared drink. 10 Simple Yet Beautiful Summer Cocktails And How To Make Them. Boost Your Cocktails with Vodka. Three Aperol Spritz Variations - Perfect Summer Cocktails ~ Macheesmo.

Sky Juice Cocktail Recipe. 11 Essential Cocktails for your July Parties. Vladimiry Cocktail Recipe. How to Make a Martini. 7 French 75 Variants to Order Today. 11 Vodka Cocktails to Make at Home Right Now. 11 Tequila and Mezcal Cocktails to Drink in Bars Now. Rum Drinks. Best Margarita Recipe - How to Make the Perfect Margarita Cocktail. The Tequila Sunrise Is So Much Better Than It Needs to Be. If you ask around, the general barfly consensus on the invention of the Tequila Sunrise settles hazily into the 1970s, that decade when Glenn Frey and Don Henley strummed and sang about drinking at dawn and lost love.

Or depending on the year your cultural consciousness kicked in, maybe you tie its garish grenadine hue to the audacious ’80s and the eponymous flick starring Mel Gibson, Michelle Pfeiffer and Kurt Russell. Or maybe you’ve never given it much thought at all. The Tequila Sunrise is one of those drinks. It had a big moment, popular in bars in the ’70s and ’80s, and then it sort of became relegated to listings on paper diner menus or all-inclusive vacation swim-up bars. Is One Relatively Unknown Drink in New Orleans the Perfect Drink for 2019? Everything You Need to Know to Make Better Soda Cocktails This Summer - InsideHook. Aperol Spritz Is Bad But Spritz Culture Is Good - Aperol Spritz Drink Controversy Explained.

10 Essential Tequila Cocktails You Have To Try. 5 Classic Caribbean Cocktails You Should Be Drinking. Best Practices: Mai Tais Are Better Than You Think. Black Russian Cocktail Recipe. Best Sazerac Recipe – How to Make a Sazerac Cocktail New Orleans-Style. 11 Great Whiskey Cocktails to Try Now. Tequila Sunrise Cocktail Recipe. 6 Gin Cocktails for Winter Sipping. How to Use Chambord. The Best Ways to Use Navy Strength Gin, According to Bartenders and Distillers. Godfather Cocktail Recipe. Best Old Fashioned Recipe - How to Make an Old Fashioned Cocktail. Suffering Bastard Cocktail Recipe. Picon Punch Cocktail Recipe. Picon Punch Is the Winter Drink You Never Knew You Needed. How to Cocktail: Sangrita. This video file cannot be played. (Error Code: 102630) How to Make Cocktail Onions. The Reverse Manhattan: 5 Modern Takes. The Dashing Daiquiri Recipe. Punchdrink. Every year sees new trends born, some that will stick and others that are destined to flame out.

This year, the notion of “wellness” continued its incessant spread, albeit counterintuitively, into the booze world with the rise of CBD cocktails and non-alcoholic “spirits.” How to Cocktail: Inside Job. Black Gimlet Cocktail Recipe. The Portside Martini. Drink Like a Bartender on Christmas. 3 Magical Moonshine Cocktails. The Port of New York. Aperol® Spritz Recipe. In Search of the Ultimate Last Word Cocktail Recipe. More than most cocktails, the Last Word has a split personality. The mix of gin, maraschino liqueur, green Chartreuse and lime juice is an old drink, invented before Prohibition struck. But it is also a new drink, having only really been discovered and embraced by bartenders and drinkers alike in the last 15 years. In Search of the Ultimate Champagne Cocktail.

Punchdrink. 6 Things About the Manhattan You Should Know. Wassail: a Classic Holiday Drink Recipe. The El Durazno Recipe. Cranberry-Tequila Punch Recipe. The Secret to Death & Co’s Delicious Whiskey Highball. Stone Fence Cocktail Recipe. When Is a Martini No Longer a Martini? Singapore Sling Cocktail Recipe. Cocktail Recipe: Cold Brew White Russian. Rob Roy Cocktail Recipe. How to Make the Rob Roy Cocktail. 11 Great Rum Cocktails to Make at Home. Best Cocktails You've Never Heard Of. 15 Great Tequila Cocktails That Aren't Margaritas. Mexican 75 Recipe. Food & Wine. The 30 best-selling cocktails in the world in 2018. Hanky Panky Cocktail Recipe.