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Collecting the world! For all of you who studied this stuff years and years ago ……. we want you to know that the world as you knew it has changed!

Collecting the world!

New countries, new capitals… Here you’ve got the chance to remember your general knowledge from the past and, whilst playing this great game, learn about things that didn’t exist back then. And for those of you who are still young, here you’ll find a simple fun way of improving your general knowledge. Geo Privacy Helper. Yahoo! Answers - Home. - Ask question and get instant answers Folcast podcast folcsonomico. Anuncios Clasificados Inmuebles - Casas, Apartamentos. Neiio Contact. Welcome to - The easiest way to clip, share and discuss things that interest you. Marcela Conroy (marcelaconroy. Squidoo : Welcome to Squidoo.

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Ipernity O° (Comparte lo que quieras con quien quieras) Puush / home. Social bookmarking. Twimbow - Colored Thoughts. The Rainbow vanished Hi folks, today is a sad day here in Twimbowland, In the last communiques, Twitter discouraged the development of new applications replicating the core Twitter Experience, called “Traditional Clients”, among which Twimbow is included.

They outlined some rules ( read here ) which disheartened us and now we have no longer enthusiasm to continue our adventure. Since our first day we tried to go along with the wishes that you (our dearest Twimblers) wrote in your feedbacks, and we tried to develop Twimbow accordingly. All those that earlier were just Twitter’s “ best practices” about their data visualization, have become rules too binding for us. We made huge efforts to launch our mobile app for all the platforms out there, but, reluctantly, we cancelled those projects. From today we won’t work on Twimbow anymore, but it will be available until Twitter will be upgraded to 1.1 API version ( probably within the next 6 months).

Ciao The Twimbow Team. MyWebCareer - Discover, Evaluate, and Monitor Your Professional Online Brand.


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