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Find wisdom in information. Utilizaton-Focused Evaluation. Improving the quality of evaluation. Informing Change. ECDG - Innovation Network. Measuring Success Toolkit. Canadian Evaluation Society - Competencies. Competencies for Canadian Evaluation Practice This document provides a suite of competencies for evaluation work in Canada.

Canadian Evaluation Society - Competencies

Competencies are defined as "the background, knowledge, skills, and dispositions program evaluators need to achieve standards that constitute sound evaluations. " (adapted from Stevahn, L, King, J., Ghere, G., & Minnema, J.,(2005) Establishing Essential Competencies for Program Evaluators , American Journal of Evaluation, Vol. 26 No. 1, March 2005, pages 43-59) These were developed through research, member consultation and expert validation processes conducted in 2008 and 2009.

While the Competencies for Canadian Evaluation practice were developed as part of the Credentialing Program of the Canadian Evaluation Society (CES), they provide a much broader foundation for the evaluation community. The skills and knowledge in any profession or discipline grows and evolves over time. College of Education. View the 2014 CREA Brochure.Visit our 2014 Conference page for updates.CREA at Dublin City University recently completed an evaluation of The Learn Together Curriculum.Fiona Cram and colleagues publish a new book: Maori and Pasifika Higher Education Horizons (2014)Fiona Cram and colleagues publish a new article: Developing a Kaupapa Māori research project to help reduce health disparities experienced by young Māori women and their babies.OMG Center Launches "Voices of the RWJF Evaluation Fellowship Program: A Video Conversation SeriesViewpoint: "Where is Culture in Higher Education Assessement and Evaluation?

College of Education

"CREA Hosts International Conference in ChicagoProfessor Rodney Hopson on Culturally Responsive EvalautionCheck out the American Evaluation Association's (AEA) feature on CREA in the September 2012 Newsletter! Center for CulturallyResponsive Evaluationand Assessment College of Education. Social Research Methods and Program Evaluation. About MESI » Minnesota Evaluation Studies Institute. The Minnesota Evaluation Studies Institute (MESI) is an interdisciplinary training institute for evaluation studies at the University of Minnesota.

About MESI » Minnesota Evaluation Studies Institute

MESI’s academic home is in the Department of Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development ( in the College of Education and Human Development (CEHD). The institute brings together faculty expertise from CEHD, the School of Public Health, the Humphrey School for Public Affairs, the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs (CURA), and Minnesota Extension. Freshspectrum — Doodles and other Silliness by Chris Lysy. Reach Effectiveness Adoption Implementation Maintenance (RE-AIM) W. K. Kellogg Foundation. Evaluation. Beyond Rigor. Evaluation Toolkit. At NSTTAC, we are committed to data-based decision making and we view evaluation as a tool for improving our work.

Evaluation Toolkit

For some, the idea of evaluation and data analysis can be an overwhelming task-we created theNSTTAC Evaluation Toolkit with that in mind! We want to assist transitioneducators and service providers to improve their programs and services by determining what is working, what is not working, and what needs changing or replicating. This toolkit will show you how. It provides specific examples for state and local teams who are developing goals and activities for providing effectivetransition education and services for students with disabilities.

It is designed to help you determine what is important to your stakeholders, what needs to be measured to satisfy stakeholders, what is feasible to measure,how to measure these items, and how to report your findings. NSTTAC Evaluation Toolkit (pdf, 469 KB: updated 8/2010) Section 2: NSTTAC Capacity Building Model (pdf 26 KB) Program Development & Evaluation home. Basic Guide to Program Evaluation (Including Many Additional Resources) © Copyright Carter McNamara, MBA, PhD, Authenticity Consulting, LLC.

Basic Guide to Program Evaluation (Including Many Additional Resources)

Adapted from the Field Guide to Nonprofit Program Design, Marketing and Evaluation. This document provides guidance toward planning and implementing an evaluation process for for-profit or nonprofit programs -- there are many kinds of evaluations that can be applied to programs, for example, goals-based, process-based and outcomes-based. Nonprofit organizations are increasingly interested in outcomes-based evaluation.

If you are interested in learning more about outcomes-based evaluation, then see the sections Outcomes-Evaluation and Outcomes-Based Evaluations in Nonprofit Organizations. Sections of This Topic Include Online Guides, etc.Outcomes-EvaluationGeneral Resources Also see Evaluations (many kinds) Related Library Topics Related Library Topics Also See the Library's Blogs Related to Program Evaluations Library's Business Planning Blog Library's Building a Business Blog Library's Strategic Planning Blog 1.. 2. 3. 1. Better Evaluation. Planning & Evaluation – helping you find the path forward.

Prevention Research Center Prevention Research Center - MEASURE Evaluation. Monitoring and Evaluation - CRS Technical Resources. American Evaluation Association.