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IKEA Molger Bench Ideas Hacks. If your furniture isn't going to be beautiful, it should at least be versatile.

IKEA Molger Bench Ideas Hacks

Case in point: IKEA's Molger bench. It's not ugly by any means, but a bit plain and forgettable. But you can forgive it because it rings in at just under $40 and can report for duty all over your home. Take a look at these examples: In the Bathroom Molger is part of a bathroom storage line at IKEA, so it's no stretch to see how useful this piece can be in the bathroom to hold towels, toilet paper or baskets of bath toys. In the Entryway or Mudroom The Molger is a bench + storage making it ideal for corralling shoes as well as providing a spot to sit while you take them on and off. In the Kitchen or Small Dining Room Chloe Joe of Little House Big City pushed two Molgers into a corner and added cushions to create cozy banquette seating in the corner of her laundry room. In the Kitchen, Another Use In the Living Room In the Living Room, Another Idea. Honeycomb Wall Shelf with Mesh Brass Frame – Upper Earth. Smart and Stylish Wall Storage to Organize Your Small Bedroom.

If you have a small bedroom, chances are you understand that the struggle is real when it comes to space.

Smart and Stylish Wall Storage to Organize Your Small Bedroom

Unless you're a hard-core minimalist, you probably feel like you're just drowning in stuff. Sweaters litter chairs, boots are strewn across the floor, knick-knacks run into each other the desk, and books and magazines and anything else imaginable just tumble into each other with no rhyme or reason. But what can you do if you can't manage to fit another nightstand or chest of drawers in your square space? You're kind of out of luck with your little room. Well, not exactly. Chic Crate Storage DIY Inspiration: Better Homes & Gardens If you have a lot of books or random odds-and-ends, then this crate storage could be the perfect way to capture it all. Stylish Honeycomb Shelves Smart Buy: Upper Earth, $279 If you're not much into DIY and would like to just buy a set of shelves, consider this fun honeycomb option.

Repurposed Wire Baskets DIY Inspiration: Style By Emily Henderson Metal Wall Grid. BuyMeOnce.Com. STiiCKs® Magnetic Poster Frame — We Are Well Made. + How do I choose the right size?

STiiCKs® Magnetic Poster Frame — We Are Well Made

Simply measure the width of your artwork and find the closest frame set. For example, our 25” frame set is made for 24” x 18” Landscape-oriented prints, or 24” x 36” Portrait-oriented prints. Custom sizes are made to order in our Chicago, USA wood shop in sizes up to 72” wide. + What are the product dimensions? Each set of STiiCKs comes with 4 pieces, each measuring 0.75" x 0.375" x Length. . + Do you make custom sizes? Yes. . + How strong are the magnets? We use incredibly strong rare earth neodymium magnets that frame paper, photographs, linen, fabric – even canvas extremely well. Cuisipro 1.5-Cup 4-Piece Scoop Bowl Measuring Set: Nesting Measuring Bowls: Kitchen & Dining.

21 Brilliant Ways For Plant Lovers To Decorate Their Homes. Amazon. Amazon. Amazon. Amazon. Amazon. 23 Majestically Beautiful Pieces Of Science Jewelry. Urbio Perch Starter Kit. Can your wall art photosynthesize or organize?

Urbio Perch Starter Kit

It can if it’s Urbio. These minimalist, wall-mounted organizers turn plants, mail, craft supplies, and whatever else you wish into a tidy, eye-catching vertical display. Created by Beau Oyler and Jared Aller, Urbio sprouted from Jared’s desire to grow plants and herbs inside his small city apartment. Vertical gardens are used everywhere from homes to hotel lobbies, and having a natural “living wall” in your space is bound to brighten it up.

Imagine moss, succulents, and flowering vine plants adding color and texture to your wall. 33 Beautiful Things For Your Home That Cost Less Than $40. 5 Small Design Details to Add Today For A Cheerier Kitchen. Looking to infuse your small/sad/bland/plain kitchen with a little bit of cheery spring-like excitement?

5 Small Design Details to Add Today For A Cheerier Kitchen

You don't need to go big, expensive or permanent. These five design details, though small, will make a big impact in your kitchen space. And they're easy and fast enough you can add them to your space today! Add hooks under a shelf or cabinet to hang a collection of your favorite tea cups or coffee mugs Not only is this a decorative and functional idea — you'll save room in your cabinets by not having to store your cups and mugs in there — you'll smile every time you walk into your kitchen when you show off your collection of cute tea cups or coffee mugs with hilarious sayings.

Add some fresh herbs planted in cheery containers ANY plant will do when it comes to cheering up a sad kitchen with live green things. Include some art. 31 Gorgeous Furniture Upgrades For Your Grown Up Apartment. Affordable Bathroom Accessories - Inexpensive Bathroom Decor. 26 Amazingly Cute Things That Will Also Keep You Organized.