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Award Leisure Warwickshire. Estate Agents Oban & Western Isles, Property for Sale, Property to let, Solicitors. Interesting ways to use boggy land. Carlton Marshes - major habitat creation. 10 of the best tiny homes you can buy for under €100k. If you’re looking for a holiday hideaway, and don’t mind keeping things cosy, there are plenty of tiny homes available that won’t break the bank – provided you have a place to put them, that is.

10 of the best tiny homes you can buy for under €100k

These cabins are an easy escape from the city, with many designed to help visitors immerse themselves in nature, and some even arriving pre-built. Muji Hut, TINHOUSE - A unique cottage overlooking the seascape of the Isle of Skye. Homepage - Stomhaus. Beautiful, handcrafted living spaces, leisure cabins and workspaces designed around your specific and unique requirements and then meticulously hand built using eco-friendly, superior quality materials.

Homepage - Stomhaus

At Stømhaus, the emphasis is on quality and attention to detail. Only "slow grown" Scandinavian timbers are used, and by choosing Stømhaus to create your dream log cabin, you can watch the build every step of the way - your design becomes a reality in front of your eyes as skilled craftsmen construct your cabin on site from sustainable sources. Design to your preferred finish by choosing from American Red Cedar, Siberian Larch or Finnish Redwood cladding. Use a combination of wood, pigmented renders or metal siding to give a striking. Are Container Houses a Viable Option? We’ve all seen container houses on various TV shows and if you’re anything like me probably thought “what a perfect solution, cheap and quick to build!”

Are Container Houses a Viable Option?

So what are they really like and what are the potential problems with container homes? Without wanting to state the obvious, container houses are typically made up from one or more shipping containers joined together and typically (but not always) disguised to look like a normal home. The containers are made from corrugated steel boxes that have very strong vertical box section at the corners and around the edges. The reason they’re built like this is so that they can be stacked on the boats up to 7 or 8 containers high, without deforming. They do this by transferring the weight through the strong vertical box sections in their corners and therein lies their beauty and the inherent difficulties when trying to convert them into a home.

Micro Houses. Model D House, Pitmachie - ModelDhomes. The ‘Model D’ house is a prototype for an affordable low-energy house constructed from locally available materials, which would be both cheaper and more appropriate than the standardised, kit-built homes that proliferate in the rural environment of Scotland.

Model D House, Pitmachie - ModelDhomes

It was commissioned by Sylvan Stuart Ltd, an Aberdeenshire company that specialises in the construction of timber houses, lodges and cabins through the UK. The building was completed in February 2011, and received the RIAS/RIBA and Saltire Housing Design Awards in 2012. It demonstrates the innovative and creative use of home-grown timber, costing less than £950 per square metre to build. The Model-D House offers a viable and affordable housing option for rural communities where fuel poverty is a major concern with the rising costs of energy. The design seeks to stimulate revisions in our current thinking about the affordable rural house design.

The Ultimate Tiny House. Converted Shipping Containers Design & Build UK. Eco Pods - Eco Classrooms, Glamping, Living and Garden Pods. It's time to think outside the box. Crofting Commission. Tenant Crofter A tenant crofter has a duty to either “cultivate” his croft or put it to another “purposeful use” as required by sub-section 5C(2) of the Crofters (Scotland) Act 1993.

Crofting Commission

Purposeful use is defined at sub-section 5C(8) as any planned and managed use which does not adversely affect the croft, the public interest, the interests of the landlord or (if different) the owner, or the use of adjacent land. Build A Press - New! Medium Size Etching Press Plans. How To Use Garden Plants To Deter Midges And Mosquitos.

Midges and mosquitos can turn a lovely evening socialising in the garden or a BBQ into an irritating nightmare.

How To Use Garden Plants To Deter Midges And Mosquitos

The little blighters get up your nose; both literally and metaphorically, into your food and seem to delight in taking swimming lessons in your drink. You can slather yourself in insect repellent, but not everyone is keen on covering themselves in chemicals. You can burn the natural citronella candles or a pyrethrum based repellent coil. One way to cut down on these pests is to make sure you don’t have stagnant standing water in the garden; make sure the bird bath is kept clear of algae and the water changed every couple of days and make sure the pond has a pump to keep the water moving.

Scottish Biting Midges. Written by: DonaldPublished: 19th April 2019 Last Updated on 15th May 2019 The Scottish Midges often loom like a cloud over the idea of a pleasant camping holiday or walk in the countryside.

Scottish Biting Midges

They have ruined many a time in the great outdoors and some have been known to reduce grown men and women to tears. Outer Hebrides - Local Support. Micro Business Loan - (CnES - RLF) This 'Interest-Free' loan of up to £2,000 aims to encourage the creation and growth of small businesses, which can contribute to new jobs in the local economy.

Outer Hebrides - Local Support

The loan programme is funded by Comhairle nan Eilean Siar. Business Loan - (CnES - RLF) Highlands and Islands Enterprise. Outer Hebrides - Tourism Research & Insights. About Us - Scottish Tourist Board. Outer Hebrides - Local Support. Business Gateway. Highlands and Islands Enterprise. Outer Hebrides - Tourism Research & Insights. About Us - Scottish Tourist Board. Shipping Container Homes - Design for Me. Shipping containers are used for, well shipping, but did you know that they could also be used as the skeleton of your next self-build or extension project?

Shipping Container Homes - Design for Me

Shipping container homes are becoming the new eco-friendly alternative when it comes to building or renovating a home in the UK. Why not use one for your next extension? Why Use Shipping Containers? Some countries are not trading goods with other countries as much as they used to, the UK being a prime example of this. As a result, empty and unused shipping containers are taking up space on shipping docks because it is too expensive to send them back to their countries of origin. Recycling these shipping containers by turning them into sustainable homes, offices, stores, apartments or schools is a great way to reuse existing materials and reduce our environmental footprint on the world.

Plan Planning is the most important step when it comes to building your own shipping container home or extension. KOKA KARKASA MĀJAS – Koka Karkasa Mājas. Timber frame houses Thanks to the modern technologies, the construction of timber frame houses has developed rapidly, most of the projects implemented by the company “North House”relate to the prefabricated timber frame panel houses.

KOKA KARKASA MĀJAS – Koka Karkasa Mājas

New technologies greatly accelerate the construction process and also save costs. Timber frame houses are made of natural materials and are one of the cheapest building solutions. The constructions of the building are panels for walls, ceilings and roofs, which are filled with heat insulation material and are sheathed from both sides. This technology is ideal for the construction of low-rise residential buildings. Timber frame houses are very popular in the Scandinavian countries, as well as becoming more and more demanded in Latvia. Construction of timber frame houses Warm timber frame house Many owners want to find out what the heating costs will be before starting to build a house. Shipping Container Housing UK. Camping Pod at Gill Head Farm. A new addition to Gill Head Farm are the Camping Pods, timber built, insulated wooden huts specially designed to be used like a tent with the advantage of it being already being set up on the site, ready for your arrival and use.

Each pod has plenty headroom and a floor area of approx 8 metres square, ample space for 2 people or even 2 adults and 2 smaller children. We now have both standard and family sized pods. Each pod has electric lights and heating and are provided with deep filled futon type mattresses. Pod guests will require all camping equipment except for their tent. Wake up to the stunning views of Blencathra and surrounding fells, take a stroll down to the farmhouse and collect your freshly prepared breakfast rolls and croissants, with hot mugs of tea or coffee. Those staying on site can take advantage of all the other site facilities. Pods offer a convenient alternative to the tent but retain all the ambiance of the camping holiday. Benefits include: Shipping Container Housing UK.

Shipping Container Home: Foundation Types. When building a shipping container home, you need to lay a foundation which the containers can be placed upon. The foundation ‘type’ you can use will vary depending on: your budget, structural requirements, local soil type and local building conventions. You need to make sure you choose the right foundation type for both your budget and the local environment. Container Home Plans - Your Hub for Shipping Container Home Plans. Great Books - Book List #2 - Dr Jordan B Peterson. GREEN MAGIC HOMES - The most beautiful Green Homes ever. Can you imagine living under your garden, your flowers, your trees, in a green vibrant living landscape?

All this is can be possible with GREEN MAGIC HOMES technology. These elegant arched structures are made of fiber reinforced polymer modular components which are durable, flexible and waterproof. With endless design possibilities, these structures can be assembled quickly and easily, with minimal cost to create a gracious living environment in harmony with nature.

Green Magic Homes Corp. establishes strategic alliance with Canadian company to offer cutting edge Solar and Wind technology. You can finance your new Green Magic Home with LightStream, a subsidiary of SunTrust Banks Inc. Unstructured 8. What is a good house? For many people it is just space, where it is warm and dry. Somewhere to place your belongings, in a space functional for your lifestyle. Many people, however, also look out for good design, a particular modern feeling, or special qualities in materials and space. Generally, though, the majority of people don't have a proper notion of these things. They appreciate what is there if it feels right, but are not interested in what lies behind the white wall, what makes the light come in an attractive and functional way, of why the room feels warm and airy at the same time.

Living space should also contain these qualities when there is nothing in it: a mattress on the floor , one chair and a table should be all you need to feel at home. If you are bulding a house, the site is important, as is the local climate, the people and their culture. 96 % of all housing in Norway is built in wood. The Self Build Portal - The Gateway to more Self and Custom Build Homes. Build It magazine. The World's Largest Domain Name Registrar - GoDaddy UK. Register A Limited Company Online.

Do I need to provide proof of ID? No if you are buying the Basic or Risk-Free company formation packages. Yes, only if you are buying a company formation package which includes any one of our address services including the Registered Office, Service Address or Mail Forwarding services. We have a legal obligation to check Proof of ID and Proof of Address documents for account holders and company officers (directors and people with significant control) who use our address services - this is to ensure we comply with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations and ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC) requirements.

For which documents you need to provide us please check the FAQs. BeerSmith™ Home Brewing Software, Recipes, Podcast and Blog. Simon Wells. Recent Times Formerly Senior Engineering Manager at Frederic Robinson Brewery, Simon operated as part of the Senior Management Team until June 2014 overseeing all engineering and energy related matters across the two company sites based in Stockport. Early Career. How easy is it to start your own microbrewery? Many men are turning such imaginings into liquid reality. The Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) was established in 1980 by a group of 20 microbrewers; it now has 786 members. Crofting Register. This site uses some unobtrusive cookies to store information on your computer.

Home - Registers of Scotland. Croft Tenancy with Dwelling House, 4 Seilebost. Schedule. Ecology Building Society. Oak Cabins, Oak Framed Garden Rooms, Wooden Cabins. LifeSpace Cabins Info Hut: FAQ Do I Need Planning Permission to build a cabin? All here in the information centre. Hebridean Estate Agency. Eco Pods - Eco Classrooms, Glamping, Living and Garden Pods. EcoPods - EcoPods. High Wickham 2010. Designer Armchairs - Vintage style armchairs. 2014-Caravan-and-Camping-Register_3.pdf. Glamping accessories. Cool Camping and Glamping UK and Worldwide - Discover glamping and luxury camping the easy way... Camping Equipment Page 4 of 18. Get in touch with an international mortgage specialist. International Mortgages. Lower Milton - West Country campsite. Welcome - SoulPad. Wild Sierra Glamping. Mildew Remover for Fabric. Whether you have mildew on a shower curtain, outdoor furniture or a carpet, mildew remover for fabric will take away the unsightly stain and eliminate the foul odor.

Commercial Products. Categories - Inside - SoulPad. Latest News from the South West of Ireland - County Kerry. In January 2014, the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) awarded Gold-tier status to the newly established Kerry International Dark-Sky Reserve. About Us. Away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, Wave Crest Caravan and Camping Park is quietly located in one of the most beautiful parts of Ireland on the Ring of Kerry. Location of Eagle Point Camping, In the heart of West Cork on Shores of Beautiful Bantry Bay, Ireland, Ballylickey. O Sheas Caravan And Camping Park , Co Cork Campsites, S Ireland. Search results for where to stay caravan and camping in Cork. Follow us Search Results. Inch hideaway eco-sustainable camping glamping yurt east-cork ireland. How to get here. How to get here. How crowdfunding works. Log Cabins - Arctic Cabins. How To & Instructions. Wildwood Cumbria - Custom made yurts / Price of building a yurt / Flooring for a yurt / Yurts for sale / Custom built yurts / How to build a yurt.

Tent Works - Makers, manufacturers of Tipis, Yurts - Mongolian ger, Bedouin tents, dome tents Wales UK. Bedouin and Yurt Tents - Other Links. Yurt sales and manufacture in UK, Ireland and Europe : LPM Bohemia. Yurts Gers Roundhouses UK. Yurtworks - Cornish Yurt Holidays, Sales and Courses. Luxury Yurts for Sale & Yurt Hire UK, Glastonbury Tipi Tent Hire. Introduction - Yurt Specialists -Makers & Suppliers of traditional Yurts. Yurts for Life. Yurt, Yurts, Woodland Yurts. Factory Cabins - Log Cabins and Timber Buildings.