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PDF/Ebooks. Pole Shift Survival Information. Bookshelf Porn: Archive. Quotes, Poems, Novels, Classics and hundreds more. Quotes, Poems, Novels, Classics and hundreds more. BOOKS - ArtsBeat Blog. Photo A rambling 1950 letter from Neal Cassady to Jack Kerouac that helped inspire “On the Road” will be auctioned next month by Christie’s in New York, apparently bringing to an end an 18-month legal battle over its ownership.

BOOKS - ArtsBeat Blog

The 16,000-word typed letter, which carries an estimate of $400,000 to $600,000, had been considered lost before it surfaced in the discarded files of Golden Goose Press, a now-defunct small San Francisco publisher, and listed for sale by a Southern California auction house in 2014. That auction was suspended after the Kerouac estate and Cassady’s children said they were the owners. Jami Cassady, a spokeswoman for the family, told The San Francisco Chronicle this week that the three parties had reached “an amicable settlement.” She also said the family, which owns the copyright on the letter, intended to publish it at some point.

Seattle librarian and author of the best-seller "Book Lust" shares recent picks. The Millions. Reading Matters. Late last night London time the longlist for Australia's top literary prize, the 2014 Miles Franklin Literary Award, was announced.

Reading Matters

It's quite a strong list, although I'm shocked that it doesn't include Christos Tsiolkas' Barracuda and Alex Miller's Coal Creek, but I do like the fact it features some new authors that I've not heard of before. Still, I think when push comes to shove, it's going to be a big battle between two old favourites: Tim Winton and Richard Flanagan. Only time will tell. In the meantime, I've taken a leaf out of Trevor's book (who did something similar for the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize) and listed all the longlisted titles here with a cover image, brief synopis and a round-up of reviews by bloggers. Book reviews, book awards, poetry, literary criticism, authors & more. ForeWord Reviews. Books - Sunday Book Review. Books. Books: Book Reviews, Book News, and Author Interviews. Detailed book reviews. A Christian Review. Book Beast. Berlusconi’s So-Called Bunga-Bunga Life By Barbie Latza Nadeau In a new authorized biography, ‘My Way,’ there’s an ‘awestruck’ Putin, the sick joke he and Gaddafi made famous—and the Italian playboy PM who remains as slippery as ever.

Book Beast - Thousands of Full-Text Free Books. Create Online Book Clubs. Book trailers. Book trailers are a fairly recent phenomenon in the publishing industry.

Book trailers

They originated less than ten years ago, based on the venerable institution of the movie trailer, but have only really taken off since the development of video sharing sites such as Youtube. Books News, Videos, Reviews and Gossip - io9. Book Reviews. Booktopia - A Book Bloggers' Paradise - The No. 1 Book Blog for Australia. To celebrate January, Booktopia’s Month of Australian Stories, we asked you just who is Australia’s Favourite Novelist.

Booktopia - A Book Bloggers' Paradise - The No. 1 Book Blog for Australia

The response was overwhelming, and after tens of thousands of votes were cast, these are the results. Australia’s 50 Favourite Australian Novelists for 2013. If you aren’t familiar with any of them, there’s no better time than now to get familiar and celebrate Australian Literature this year with Booktopia, Australia’s Local Bookstore. 50. Peter Temple Peter Temple is the author of nine novels, including four books in the Jack Irish series. Our Pick The Broken Shore won the UK’s prestigious Duncan Lawrie Dagger for the best crime novel of 2007 and Truth won the 2010 Miles Franklin Literary Award, the first time a crime writer has won an award of this calibre anywhere in the world.

Book Reviews - Kids Books. Detailed book reviews. Reading Group Choices. Best Books for Public Libraries and School Libraries - Book Reviews from the ALA. Book Trailers - Mrs Mac's Library. The Y.A./Middle-Grade Book Awards, 2012 Edition - Jen Doll. It was a year of countless great books in the categories of young adult and middle-grade fiction and nonfiction, buoyed not only by content but by that all-important publishing mark of sales.

The Y.A./Middle-Grade Book Awards, 2012 Edition - Jen Doll

"The children’s and Y.A. category grew by more than 196 percent in August," according to an Association of American Publishers report, outpacing adult literature sales by leaps and bounds. But even prior to that news there were signs this was shaping up to be an unprecedented year of Y.A., what with growing numbers of adults reading the books (helped along by the popularity of The Hunger Games, of course) and growing numbers of people writing about that trend (including here, in this column). NPR Books' summer poll of the year focused on Y.A., identifying 100 of the greatest teen novels ever. 1. Best Prose. Honorable Mention to Fever, by Lauren Destefano (Simon & Schuster). 3. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17.

Honorable Mention for Angelfall, by Susan Ee (Amazon). 19. 20. 21 and 22. 23. Book Reviews, Excerpts, eBooks and Reader Exclusives - HuffPost Books. Book Reviews & Author Interviews. Books. Book reviews: Find the best new books. {*style:<ul>*} {*style:<li>*} {*style:<br>*}{*style:<b>*}Victoria{*style:</b>*}{*style:<br>*} by Daisy Goodwin{*style:<br>*}If you love history, you have to read this book.

If you think this historical era is not your cup of tea, also try this novel. We meet a young lady who is not stucked up.... {*style:<br>*} {*style:<a href=' more{*style:</a>*} {*style:</li>*} {*style:<li>*} {*style:<br>*}{*style:<b>*}Victoria{*style:</b>*}{*style:<br>*} by Daisy Goodwin{*style:<br>*}Victoria by Daisy Goodwin was a very easy read. Mostly Fiction Book Reviews. Books. FableCroft » Spec Fic for School Libraries. Spec Fic for School Libraries I often come across librarians looking for recommendations of speculative fiction for school libraries that goes beyond the usual YA boundaries (and transcends the current paranormal tropes!).

FableCroft » Spec Fic for School Libraries

On this page, I’ll identify books I would personally recommend for school libraries (whether intentionally YA or otherwise suitable for adolescents). If I think the book/series is excellent but may have content that some schools might have concerns with, I will note that. Ban. YA Dystopian Books. What’s on my bookshelf ?

YA Dystopian Books

4 Today I would like to recommend a few books belonging to the very trendy genre of Dystopian fiction for Young Adults. Immensely popularised by The Hunger Games trilogy, this Fantasy sub-genre offers a wide variety of books, some really worth checking out. Before providing you with a reading list, let’s remind ourselves of what the Dystopian genre actually is. Books - Entertainment. ReadersPlace. A graphic novel review website. What Should I Read Next? Book recommendations from readers like you. 101 Books To Read This Summer Instead of '50 Shades of Grey'.

The Top 10 Banned books of all time - ShortLists. The 10 Most Disturbing Books Of All Time. In my younger days if I heard a book or movie was disturbing or hard to handle I generally took that as a challenge.

The 10 Most Disturbing Books Of All Time

Most books generally turned out to not be too bad, but occasionally I’d come across something that would leave me with a sick feeling in my stomach for weeks. I’ve largely outgrown this “genre” of late, but here are my picks for the ten most disturbing books of all time. Any one of these books is capable of leaving you feeling a little depressed at the least, and permanently scarred at the worst. I’d say enjoy, but that doesn’t really seem appropriate … 10. Free download e books. Reading. Books - Entertainment. Book Reviews and Ideas, Author Features. Books. RT Book Reviews. Library Journal Reviews — Previews, Reviews, and Collection Development. The BOOK Spoiler.

Book Reviews, Sites, Romance, Fantasy, Fiction. The Reader's Nook. The New York Review of Books. Books. N+1: N1BR. Free eBooks at Planet eBook - 80+ Classic Novels and Literature. Graphic novels. NOTE: This site is no longer active.

graphic novels

Please visit Graphic Novels in the Classroom, my site where I'm now curating articles that focus on working with graphic novels in the the classroom. For a detailed list of my publications and presentations, please visit my Professional Profile. (Just a couple of articles and papers are offered here) I'm happy to come and speak with teachers about graphic novels and their use in the classroom. My fee... a cup of tea! Developing a graphic novel collection An article examining the issues surrounding the development of a graphic novel collection in the school library. Books. London Review of Books · 11 April 2013. Book Reviews.

Book Reviews The Bard of Suburbia Robert Wilson John Updike’s obsession with ordinary life made him the writer by whom we came to know ourselves Updike· By Adam Begley 19th Nervous Breakdown Gary Greenberg. ABR FEBRUARY 2012, NO. 338. The University Bookman. Review 21 April 2014 The Founders’ FounderW. Bradford Littlejohn Of the Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity. A Critical Edition with Modern Spelling by Richard Hooker, edited by Arthur Stephen McGrade. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013. On Essays and Letters 21 April 2014 On IncomprehensiblesJames V. Father Schall reflects on Pascal’s Pensées and the point of his inescapable incomprehensibles. Review 13 April 2014 Religious Liberty and the Tragic Approach to Legal TheoryElizabeth Corey The Tragedy of Religious Freedom by Marc O.

Book Reviews and Best Selling Lists. 100 Must Read Books: The Man’s Essential Library. Los Angeles Review of Books. / home. Share Book Recommendations With Your Friends, Join Book Clubs, Answer Trivia.