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Vegan Coffee Donuts (No Pan!) Blackberry Cornmeal Muffins. You guys, I don’t even know where to start.

Blackberry Cornmeal Muffins

These muffins need to be made. End of story. These 1-bowl beauties were inspired by the seasonal muffins served at Bijou Cafe in Portland – one of my favorite brunch spots in town. (See our whole Portland Dining Guide here!) Coconut Oil Blueberry Scones. Can you believe I haven’t made a single vegan scone for this blog?

Coconut Oil Blueberry Scones

Me neither! That had to change. Luckily, the perfect inspiration came from a cozy little coffee shop on the Oregon Coast called Sea Level that serves up a savory rosemary blueberry scone that’s a total game changer. It was love at first bite, and I immediately knew I wanted to try and recreate it at home. So, I got to work. This recipe is simple, requiring just 30 minutes and 10 ingredients to prepare. After some testing, I settled on a mix of spelt flour and unbleached all purpose flour for the base.

Easy Vegan Fondue Recipe. Seems like a contradiction of terms doesn’t it?

Easy Vegan Fondue Recipe

Vegan fondue…? Well, it wouldn’t be another typical day in The Edgy Veg if I wasn’t trying to solve the rubik’s cube that is vegan comfort food, would it? Well, finally, after many years of trial and error, the vegan fondue recipe has finally been given the Carnivore Approved stamp of approval by multiple omni-friends and family. Strawberry Rhubarb Pop-Tarts. Yep, it’s happening. A rhubarb invasion on the blog. Prepare yourself. When planning out recipes for the month of June I was plotting many ways to feature rhubarb. It’s such a curious plant and I just had to employ it.

My first memory of having rhubarb was during a road trip I took with my friend Ashley years ago. While Ashley’s mom made us dinner one evening, her dad baked a pie: strawberry rhubarb. The funny thing about rhubarb is, it’s elusive. Consider this the first of at least two rhubarb recipes in June if not more. So these pop tarts. You simply must try these pop tarts. If you do, snap a picture and tag it #minimalistbaker on Instagram. Prep Time 20 minutes Cook Time 25 minutes Total Time 45 minutes Course Breakfast, Dessert Cuisine Vegan Freezer Friendly 1 month Does it keep?

1 cup powdered sugar1/2 Tbsp melted vegan butter2-3 tsp pomegranate juice (or other similar juice) Preheat oven to 375 degrees F (190 C) and line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Rosemary, Olive Oil and Orange Cake Recipe. Emily's Famous Popcorn Recipe. Servings Per Recipe: 6 Calories: 223 % Daily Value * total fat: 13.9g 21 % saturated fat: 5.7g cholesterol: 20mg 7 % sodium: 265mg 11 %

Emily's Famous Popcorn Recipe

The Ultimate Vegan Nachos. Let's do nachos today.

The Ultimate Vegan Nachos

I know the title says vegan nachos, but whether you're vegan or not, when you need a nacho fix, this is how you should roll. At least once. Just to see if you like them. I mean, nachos are always a crowd pleaser, and this is no exception, I promise. Chances are, you won't even miss the classic cheese bomb version. All About the Cheese Sweet potato nacho cheese is a thing for good reason, it behaves a lot like a classic nacho cheese, it's the right color even, but(!)

How to Get the Toppings Right I'm including two different versions here. If you're trying to make a meal out of the nachos, a good approach is to pile them high with an added sheet pan of simple, roasted vegetables. Choosing Your Chips Is it me, or are baked tortilla chips increasingly hard to find? Uses for Your Extra Nacho Cheese.

Hearst Castle Shortbread Cookies Recipe. This week I'm sharing with you a beautiful, buttery shortbread cookie recipe.

Hearst Castle Shortbread Cookies Recipe

I encountered it while on a mini road-trip late last week. Wayne and I packed up the car and headed south down the California coast to our destination, a beach front campsite in San Simeon, Ca - better known as the home of Hearst Castle. Skillet Pizza Dip recipe. This is perfect for your next party.

Skillet Pizza Dip recipe

Guests will enjoy pulling apart the freshly baked, cheese-stuffed pizza crust from the edge of the skillet and scooping up the hot bubbly dip that’s loaded with spinach, chicken, and sun-dried tomatoes. They’ll be scraping every last bit of cheesy goodness out of the pan! To make it, first thaw a package of Green Giant™ Chopped Spinach. Then squeeze out the excess water from the spinach. Toss together the spinach and Alfredo sauce, then stir in half of the shredded mozzarella cheese along with 2/3 of the diced chicken and 2/3 of the sun-dried tomatoes. Grease the inside of an oven-safe, non-stick skillet (or grease a cast iron skillet with butter).

Unroll the dough and cut it into 12 rectangles using a pizza cutter or knife. Brush egg white over the pizza dough. Set balls of dough around the edge of the buttered skillet, creating one row of 12. Spoon the spinach mixture into the center of the skillet.