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Foods, Supplements and Additives to be Careful With or Avoid

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See each of the food categories (e.g. Fruits and Vegetables) for foods you may need to avoid or be careful with. This section has foods or additives that don't fit easily into other categories.

There is also a folder on phytochemicals.

All plants contain toxins to protect themselves against insects and animals that would eat them. Otherwise there wouldn't be a leaf or twig left. We call these chemicals phytochemicals (phyto being "plant") or anti-oxidants and often think of them as being healthy. Some of them we tolerate reasonably well. Others are handled by our gut microbiomes (as long as they are healthy and our gut isn't leaky). And others are toxic or have harmful effects. Some of those are listed here.

There are other issues with foods we eat--contamination by toxic algae, changes in the biochemistry of our food by high-heat cooking, and food additives. Read on...

Tea Tree Oil Side Effects: Unsafe For Kids, Men, Dogs & Cats. Whole Foods has really stepped up their game when it comes to natural personal care products.

Tea Tree Oil Side Effects: Unsafe For Kids, Men, Dogs & Cats

Sure, they’ve always stocked brands like Tom’s of Maine (owned by Colgate). Though now, you will find fluoride free toothpaste from even the obscure independent Ayurvedic brands. Along with mouthwash, deodorant, shampoo, and even chew sticks to quit smoking. Is Liquid Smoke Flavor Safe or Cancer in a Bottle? Review: Jason Toothpaste & Mouthwash Ingredients Are Risky. According to their website, the word JĀSÖN – spelled that way – means “healer in Greek.”

Review: Jason Toothpaste & Mouthwash Ingredients Are Risky

But might it be hurting you instead? Make no mistake about it. Just because the ingredients are natural, that doesn’t mean they’re all healthy and proven to be safe. Jason Natural Products is a popular manufacturer of personal hygiene products, especially oral hygiene, deodorant, hair products, and natural sunscreens. For over 15 years, they’ve been owned by the goliath Hain Celestial Group. Generally speaking, their products are quite good. However, others we would strongly advise against. Specifically, certain flavors of Jason toothpaste contain an essential oil which research has demonstrated to have hormone-mimicking effects. Jason healthy mouth tartar control toothpaste.


Supplements. Herbs and Spices. Fructose. Foods to Avoid. Phytochemicals -- Antibiotics? Hormetic Triggers?| Art Ayers | Stephan Guyanet. Microbiome Disruptors: Antibiotics, Medications and Environment. Poisons in food and beverages. Are Plastic Plates and Food Containers Safe? Despite the fact that most pesticides have short half-lives, many people seem more concerned about their food being organic… rather than how it’s cooked, how it’s stored, or the material it’s eaten off.

Are Plastic Plates and Food Containers Safe?

Organic free range chicken is a waste of money if you’re grilling it, due to the carcinogenic heterocyclic amines it creates. Though one could argue endlessly as to which foods are healthier. Let’s set that aside and just consider something all diets have in common; no one wants potentially dangerous chemicals leaching into their food! This topic is more important today than ever before. You only have to go back a couple generations to see grains sold in burlap bags, meat from the butcher wrapped in natural brown paper, and rather than a plastic tub, the butter may have come from the creamery in a reusable ceramic. Unsafe Lead & Cadmium Levels Found in Popular Chocolates. 10 Antinutrients to Get Out of Your Diet Immediately. Are you confused about what antinutrients are, where they’re found and if they’re actually a real threat?

10 Antinutrients to Get Out of Your Diet Immediately

Antinutrients are natural or synthetic compounds found in a variety of foods — especially grains, beans, legumes and nuts — that interfere with the absorption of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. They can even get in the way of the digestive enzymes, which are key for proper absorption. Antinutrients can also be found in plant roots, vegetables, leaves and fruits, although these are at much lower levels and usually have benefits as opposed to mostly harmful effects. Spirulina, Chlorella Side Effects May Put You In Wheelchair? Tea Tree Oil Side Effects: Unsafe For Kids, Men, Dogs & Cats. Black Licorice Benefits & Side Effects: Good or Too Risky? No, we’re not talking about Twizzlers or Red Vines.

Black Licorice Benefits & Side Effects: Good or Too Risky?

The first ingredient on those is corn syrup. You’ll also find artificial food coloring; Red 40. Acrylamide – is it really a risk? – Rosemary Cottage Clinic Blog. Acrylamide is a potentially cancer causing compound produced when starches are browned during cooking.

Acrylamide – is it really a risk? – Rosemary Cottage Clinic Blog

As reported in our Jan 2017 News Round Up concern about dietary acrylamide has led the Food Standards Agency to recommend the public ‘go for gold’ – avoiding medium and heavily browned toast, potatoes and pastries. But is this advice overblown? ‘Risk’ is always a slippery subject and human evolution does not appear to have equipped us to deal with it intuitively. The very word ‘risk’ is enough for many of us worry, or exclude a food ‘just to be on the safe side’. Hopefully, the following will put to bed any such concerns about the risk from acrylamide. This graphic shows the commonest sources of acrylamide exposure: One of the highest sources is coffee. If the risk from acrylamide was significant you would expect to see the reverse, with more coffee consumption linked to more cancer. Why Are Fried Foods Bad For You? To Poach, Sauté, or Microwave? That Is the Question. The Depleting Effects of Over-The-Counter Medications. Last week we talked to you about the problem with prescription medications.

The Depleting Effects of Over-The-Counter Medications

Now, we're sharing some information on over-the-counter drugs and how they may be affecting your body's ability to absorb nutrients. Take a look… Say NO to Nut Milks. The other day, Jayson was scrolling through Facebook, and came across something that really got his mind reeling.

Say NO to Nut Milks

It was a new kitchen product called a Hurom Slow Juicer that was being used to make nut butters and non-dairy milks. Harmless, right? Well, if you haven’t heard this before, prepare for a shock: We’re not so crazy about nuts! In fact, we believe this supposedly healthy “go-to” snack (in all the ways you can consume it) can cause some major damage to your health if you’re not careful. 3 High-Fiber Foods to Avoid. Scientific research consistently supports the health benefits of a diet rich in vegetables and fruits.

3 High-Fiber Foods to Avoid

This is in part due to the high vitamin and mineral content of these whole foods (see The Importance of Vegetables) and due to the phytochemicals they contain (see The Amazing World of Plant Phytochemicals: Why a diet rich in veggies is so important! And Polyphenols: Magic Bullet or Health Hype?). There’s another big reason why a veggie-focused Paleo diet promotes health: fiber!

Does Too Much Whey Protein Cause Side Effects? Are You Eating Any of The Top 5 Banned Foods? Gynecomastia: Foods Men Should Avoid That Lower Testosterone. It’s easy to crack jokes about man boobs, but rarely is it a laughing matter.

Gynecomastia: Foods Men Should Avoid That Lower Testosterone

Sure, if a guy is fat and has them, to be blunt that’s his own fault. But obesity is only one of many causes. Whether skinny or fat, young or old, any man can encounter this problem if their testosterone levels get out of whack. For some, their entire chest can resemble feminine breasts.