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Gmail - Free Storage and Email from Google. Hand hygiene fun and games. Back in May I wrote about a hand hygiene tag, a game created by employees at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC).

Hand hygiene fun and games

The idea was an interesting and well-received approach to hand hygiene compliance. I can only assume these hand hygiene games are effective at BIDMC because it seems the facility has launched another campaign. This time the facility has adopted a bowling theme, according to BIDMC CEO Paul Levy’s blog, “Running a Hospital.” Levy posted the memo that went out to employees on Monday explaining the medical center’s goal to improve hand hygiene compliance from 80%-90%. Here’s an excerpt: BIDMC Bowl-O-Rama (Knock Down The Germs) will use a bowling-themed scoring grid to communicate unit performance in each measurement period. (In case anyone was counting, that’s the second reference to “The Big Lebowski” on this blog in as many months.) BIDMC posts this information on their corporate Web site and updates it at least every quarter. 9 Interactive Approaches to Emphasize Patient Safety and Compliance With Accreditation Standards. Finding effective means to engage staff and physicians in making safety and accreditation a priority can be a challenge.

But it’s certainly not impossible. To help with safety education and ensure greater buy-in from staff and physicians for meeting accreditation standards and creating a safer environment, Surgery Center of Des Moines (Iowa) has implemented a variety of creative educational tools, interactive games, and many other practices throughout the year to achieve this engagement. “We have found that through repetition and making safety fun, you achieve more compliance with rules and regulations,” says Christy Field, RN, a quality/risk manager for the center. Here are just nine of the methods the center has used over the past year to keep accreditation and patient safety at the top of its priorities list. 1. The staff and physicians have enjoyed the event and found value in the safety theme surrounding it, she says. 2.

Patient safety starts with me. Unit Based Quality Initiatives & Campaigns. Unit based activities may help to encourage good hygiene practices among staff.

Unit Based Quality Initiatives & Campaigns

Please submit any ideas that have been successful on individual units to the Infection Prevention and Control department. Your successful initiatives may be able to help others in various setting in Capital Health. The following are examples of unit based initiatives and campaigns that have been completed in other centers. You Bugged Me. Hand hygiene fun and games. Use of an Innovative Game To Teach and Reinforce Hand Hygiene Compliance among Healthcare Workers - American Journal of Infection Control. Gamification board FINAL small2. Seven Very Good Ice Breakers That Teach a Lesson. 1.

Seven Very Good Ice Breakers That Teach a Lesson

Selective Perception: Instruct your audience to count the number of “F’s” in a sentence. Place this sentence on the board or screen: FINISHED FILES ARE THE RESULT OF YEARS OF SCIENTIFIC STUDY COMBINED WITH THE EXPERIENCE OF YEARS. Allow only 15 seconds. On average, most people will only spot 3 or 4 of the F’s in the sentence. There are actually six. Point: One’s perception may not always be correct. 2. Point: How a person approaches a topic often determines how the topic is perceived. 3. 1. 2. Ideas. Team building exercises for conflict resolution.

Icebreakers teambuilding activities energizers. Which Icebreaker?! Hello Friends!

Which Icebreaker?!

Every group needs to have a great icebreaker that lets people blame each other. The Blame Game, which is from Quick Team-Building Activities For Busy Managers, allows participants to point one-another out without actually getting in trouble or starting drama. Here is how it works: Arrange the group into a large circle, with everyone standing.Find your Idol (person you want to blame) you begin by pointing to someone in the circle. Keep pointing.That participant now points to someone else and keeps pointing. Continue until everyone is pointing at someone else, and the lat person then points at you.Stop pointing (drop your hands) and fix your eyes on the participant you were pointing at. Avoid the Blame Game for a Better Team. Quality Champions Role Description. We are the (patient safety) champions! - Nurse Manager Website, June 5, 2006.

We are the (patient safety) champions! -

GSS Quality Champions Roles and Competencies. Quality Champions Role Description. Role of Champions in the Implementation of Patient Safety Practice Change. Abstract Practitioners of patient safety practice change agree that champions are central to the success of implementation.

Role of Champions in the Implementation of Patient Safety Practice Change

The clinical champion role is a concept that has been widely promoted yet empirically underdeveloped in health services literature. Questions remain as to who these champions are, what roles they play in patient safety practice change and what contexts serve to facilitate their efforts. This investigation used a multiple-case study design to critically examine the role of champions in the implementation of rapid response teams (RRTs), an innovative complex patient safety intervention, in two large urban acute care facilities. An analysis of interviews with key individuals involved in the RRT implementation process revealed a typology of the patient safety practice champion that extended beyond clinical personnel to include managerial and executive staff. Pinterest. Patienty Safety English.

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