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Connect With Your Principal. Every school librarian media specialist wants to have the support of the school principal.

Connect With Your Principal

Despite repeated efforts to talk with administrators, school librarians often feel ignored. This can stem from a difference in the way school librarians and school-level administrators communicate and make decisions. There are several similarities between these two positions, especially in terms of their potential impact. Both hold the possibility of touching every student and teacher in the school. Also, both positions are in the midst of monumental change, and librarians and principals are both working hard to manage these shifts. Despite the commonalities, there is a disconnect between how school librarians communicate and how principals make decisions. . • BE READY. . • BE SOLUTION-ORIENTED. . • BE CONNECTED. . • BE SUCCINCT. . • BE STUDENT-CENTERED. Administrators and school librarians are trying to provide the best education to create productive members of society.

Make Fabulous Bookmarks with Canva – Mattson's Musings. I LOVE Canva.

Make Fabulous Bookmarks with Canva – Mattson's Musings

It makes me look like a graphic design superstar without much effort at all. This week I used the free online tool to create custom bookmarks that go along with our “Walk a Mile” reading challenge. The “Etsy Cover Photo” template inside of Canva is the PERFECT size and shape for bookmarks. And while Canva has a lot of great free images to choose from, I also like to find free, copyright friendly high resolution images on Pixabay.

Once you’ve created the perfect bookmark, download it as a JPEG. Have fun making bookmarks your students will love. Like this: Like Loading... Walk a Mile Reading Challenge. 12 Insta Easy Instagram Library & Literacy Promotion Ideas. What’s the point of Instagram and why should you spend your precious time and money on it? Well, don’t worry about the cost, because it’s FREE! So, all you really need is creativity and a few minutes a day to make meaningful, fun, and lasting connections with your community. And with Instagram you get a twofer! Even maybe a threefer, fourfer?! That’s right, for the amazing low price of FREE, each Instagram post can cross pollinate to your Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, and that thing called Swarm that kinda took the place of the annoying Foursquare?

But to be truly effective with those connections using social media, your graphics, caption copy-writing, conversation, and photography skills should strive to be, positive, professional, and on point. Shelfies – The easiest way to share on Instagram is taking the humble shelfie. But most of my teens love to show off their latest book, and even tag themselves in the picture! Post-It-Book Reviews (from the LMS Library @Tigers_Read stream) 27 Things Your Teacher Librarian Does. Future Ready principles for Libraries #FutureReadyLibs. How to Create Awesome Book Displays. I work full time at a public library, and even though I work in the Adult Reference department, I’m fortunate enough to spend most of my work hours on book-related responsibilities.

How to Create Awesome Book Displays

But if I had to pick an area that takes up the majority of my book-related time, it would be creating displays. Now, for some libraries or book stores, creating displays requires nothing more than printing off a sign and slapping a few marginally-related books on a shelf and calling it a day, but that’s what separates the amateur displays from the awesome ones. Over the last 5+ years, my coworkers and I have devised a set of guidelines that have helped take our displays from good to great, so strap yourselves in while I give you an inside look at how our displays are created. Brainstorming Display Ideas We have 5 different rotating displays that are changed out every 4 weeks or so. Selecting Items for Display – The phrase “hidden gems” should be at the forefront of every display list you put together. Refreshing your on- and offline spaces with a bit of library eye candy.

Twitter. One Book to Connect the World. Popping the shelves at Brisbane Grammar (and David’s templates) Take Charge To Maximize Your Library’s Online Presence. The Mac.Robertson Girls High School. The King David School. Melbourne High School.