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On the Milo Bus With the Lost Boys of America’s New Right. Rewind two weeks.

On the Milo Bus With the Lost Boys of America’s New Right

It’s a wet night in Berkeley, California, and Yiannopoulos is running away from the left. He was scheduled to speak at the University of California–Berkeley, but the event has been shut down. It was shut down because thousands of anti-racist and anti-fascist protesters decided that there should be no platform for what they called white supremacy. They are marching to say that free speech does not extend to hate speech, that the First Amendment should not oblige institutions to invite professional trolls to spout an auto-generated word-salad of Internet bigotry just for fun, and that, if the institutions disagree, students and allies are entitled to throw fireworks and smash things until the trolls run away.

Which is exactly what has happened. The impression that this is all an exciting adventure in pranking the left, a giddy game of harmless offense where nobody actually gets hurt, is not holding up so well. The team is mostly composed of young men. Our greatest peril? Screening ourselves off from reality. Everything is possible.

Our greatest peril? Screening ourselves off from reality

Nothing is possible. Nothing hurts any more, until the consequences crash through the screen. Immersed almost permanently in virtual worlds, we cannot check what we are told against tangible reality. 12 things you didn’t know you could do with leftover teabags. While hanging used teabags on the washing line might be taking it a bit far, there’s no need to chuck them straight in the bin or on the compost heap, either.

12 things you didn’t know you could do with leftover teabags

Save them up in the fridge for one of these ingenious ideas, and up your ‘tea-cycling’ game. Flavour your meat Make weak tea with used bags, mix with wine or water and use as a marinade for chicken, beef or lamb a few hours before cooking. Korean Billy translates London slang in smash hit video clip. A Korean student's efforts to decode London street slang into plain English have become an internet smash hit.

Korean Billy translates London slang in smash hit video clip

The Facebook star, who posts videos translating slang under the name Korean Billy, has released a video in which he explains the meaning of “roadman dialect words” – including “mandem”, “bare” and “safe”. File:Observable universe logarithmic illustration.png. Inside The Fight Against Child Sex Trafficking - Maxim. The Colombian pimps could hardly believe their good luck.

Inside The Fight Against Child Sex Trafficking - Maxim

Tim, the grinning, beer-soaked American dude in the baseball cap who’d been partying with other gringo buddies around Cartagena for a couple of weeks, was about to cut them in on the biggest deal of their lives. Tim worked advance for a super-rich American businessman who had a taste for underage girls. He wanted to invest millions of dollars to build an island brothel off the coast of Cartagena, and he needed to stock it with children.

The airstrikes debate: once more unto the breach – of good taste. Hilary Benn has quite a robust interpretation of the parable of the Good Samaritan.

The airstrikes debate: once more unto the breach – of good taste

In his version, the Samaritan doesn’t just help the traveller who’s been mugged, he volunteers to seek out and blow the living crap out of the poor chap’s assailants, despite the obvious practical difficulties of knowing who they are and tracking them down. The Psychology of a Crisis - How Knowing This Helps Communication. Introduction Effective communication is a "resource multiplier" during a crisis, disaster, or emergency.

The Psychology of a Crisis - How Knowing This Helps Communication

For example, during a crisis you may find yourself overwhelmed with requests for information from the media and the public, managing misinformation, and conflicting messages being sent by other agencies. Use of effective communication techniques allows you to avoid resource over-utilization or misuse by managing or eliminating as many of these issues as possible. Many of the expected negative individual and community behaviors can be mitigated with effective emergency and risk communication. Lost at sea: the man who vanished for 14 months. As they motored across the lagoon in the Marshall Islands, deep in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, the policemen stared at the specimen laid out on the deck before them. There was no hiding the fact that this man had been at sea for a considerable time. His hair was matted upwards like a shrub. His beard curled out in wild disarray. Surprising photos show how online shopping has affected even China's most far-flung regions.

In China, like many other places around the world, online shopping is spreading rapidly, connecting consumers to goods they may never have had access to before.

Surprising photos show how online shopping has affected even China's most far-flung regions

China’s biggest online retailer, Taobao, has been racking up serious numbers since it was founded in 2003. It’s created 9.7 million jobs and is currently the 10th most visited site on the web. Chinese photographer Huang Qingjun was recently commissioned by Taobao to document online shopping in China. He decided to offer as a diverse portrait as possible. “I wanted to find people from all directions: east, west, south and north,” he told the BBC. Qingjun discovered that even the most isolated parts of the country have started to use the internet as a point of contact to the modern world.

Everything Doesn't Happen For A Reason — Tim Lawrence. I emerge from this conversation dumbfounded.

Everything Doesn't Happen For A Reason — Tim Lawrence

I've seen this a million times before, but it still gets me every time. I’m listening to a man tell a story. A woman he knows was in a devastating car accident; her life shattered in an instant. Interview: Andy McNab, soldier and best-selling author. ANDY McNab is the most affable, good-humoured man you could meet, which makes his absence of empathy all the more startling.

Interview: Andy McNab, soldier and best-selling author

The ex-SAS man, the most decorated soldier in the British Army since the Second World War, and now best-selling author of the Nick Stone thriller series, is sitting with a Diet Coke, agreeing he "couldn't have cared less" the first time he killed a man. • Killing? It's just a job for Andy McNab. Ice F501 - Mini Low Smoke Machine. Timeout. Last month, we let you in on some sneaky tube hacks from Time Out HQ, because we're nice like that. But we also asked you to share your own Underground shortcuts and it turns out we've barely scratched the surface. The secret London Underground shortcuts that only Londoners know. London Underground can seem like a maze to those who aren't used to itBut regular commuters know the hacks to shave time off their journeysPassengers have shared their tricks including walking between stationsAnd in some places like Covent Garden it's better to be lazy and take the lift By Gemma Mullin for MailOnline Published: 12:15 GMT, 22 September 2015 | Updated: 03:40 GMT, 23 September 2015 Some London Underground stations can feel like an endless maze of corridors and stairs.

London Underground Rent Map. 20 PhD Students Dumb Down Their Thesis Just For Us. #6 Is Brilliant. ATOM.SMASHER.ORG. Timeout. Click here for the full-sized map. The Power of Nightmares : Adam Curtiss - BBC 2. Google Maps. Personal Independence Payment (PIP) The 5 Most Terrifying Supreme Court Decisions. In the United States, the Supreme Court has final say over whether any law is constitutional. So in a way it's the final barrier that prevents any legislators from getting too crazy or racist in the laws they pass.

But the Supreme Court itself is not made up of gods or wizards. 5 Awesomely Sarcastic Supreme Court Decisions. When people picture what goes on in the Supreme Court, they imagine austere justices arguing and deliberating on issues that will decide the fate of Law itself. Why I Left Scientology. The big shot: online competition rules.

See below for the full terms and conditions of the Sunday Times photocompetition in partnership with Audley Travel 1. Open to United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland residents aged 18 or over only, except employees of the Promoter, News Corp UK & Ireland Limited, and their associated, affiliated or subsidiary companies, their families, agents or any other person(s) connected with the competition, including Audley Travel Group and any other third party promotional partners. 'Star Trek': The Story of the Most Daring Cliffhanger in 'Next Generation' History. RealDoll silicone sex dolls become dirty-talking robots.

How to Build a Raspberry Pi Jukebox Any Non-Geek Can Use. Skipping meals tied to increased belly fat, prediabetes. The researchers suggest skipping meals to save calories could be counterproductive as it results in larger fluctuations of insulin and glucose that can lead to more fat gain instead of fat loss. Writing in the The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry, the researchers, including members from Ohio State University in Columbus, describe how they compared mice allowed to nibble their food throughout the day with mice that ate their food in one session and then fasted for the rest of the time. 7 countries where Americans can study at universities, in English, for free (or almost free) The Humboldt University of Berlin was illuminated during the 10th annual Festival of Lights in Berlin in October. (EPA/PAUL ZINKEN) How US students get a university degree for free in Germany - BBC News. While the cost of college education in the US has reached record highs, Germany has abandoned tuition fees altogether for German and international students alike.

An increasing number of Americans are taking advantage and saving tens of thousands of dollars to get their degrees. In a kitchen in rural South Carolina one night, Hunter Bliss told his mother he wanted to apply to university in Germany. Do It Yourself Microwave Popcorn Recipe. The House In The Middle (1954) Typeset In The Future. This Animated Data Visualization Of World War II Fatalities Is Shocking. 8 Reasons Advertising Doesn't Work Anymore. Scientists Used Virtual Reality to Teleport People into Different Bodies. This article originally appeared on Motherboard. 20 Jokes that only intellectuals will understand :) The 15 Most Baffling Boasts in the History of Rap. Why Do We Have Allergies? Queen stunned by inventory of historical Royal gifts. Looting after Hurricane Sandy: Disaster myths and disaster utopias explained.

VisaEase Officially Launches Its US Immigration Service. Photographer Yûki Aoyama's book Daughters and salary men of Japanese dads jumping next to their daughters is brilliant. 12 New Science Fiction Comics You Absolutely Need To Be Reading. Why Group Brainstorming Is a Waste of Time  Typeset In The Future. Speak To Me / Breathe (In The Air) (Darkside) Facilitating the Power of Making. 5 Mind-Blowing Things Found Hiding in Our Own Solar System.

16 Surprisingly Simple Self-Defense Techniques. 142 Behind-The-Scenes Photos Reveal Blade Runner's Miniature World  What Happens Behind the Cockpit Door? Karel Bata - Centre for Moving Image Research. Living the dream: teach yourself how to dream lucidly. Why People "Fly from Facts" Orion Magazine. Challenges of Traditional Market Research - Neuromarketing Overview. Exclusive: Monica Lewinsky on the Culture of Humiliation. 5 Creativity Myths you Need to Stop Believing. Shutterbug Parents and Overexposed Lives. 9 Historical Murder Mysteries Solved More Than A Century Later. Philip K. Dick - Book Cover Art Gallery. The Benefits of Lucid Dreaming. Brutally Honest Oscar Ballot No. 5: I "Love" 'Sniper,' "Just Can't Do It Again" With Streep. London's best escape games - Things to Do. London's best escape games - Things to Do.

Oliver Sacks on Learning He Has Terminal Cancer. Have a Cigar: Cringe at the insanely misogynist radio ads of the Women’s Lib era. WOLF TOTEM by Jean-Jacques Annaud shot in 3D by Jean-Marie Dreujou AFC. Uno Short Story. How “omnipotent” hackers tied to NSA hid for 14 years—and were found at last. HIV is increasing in gay men in London because of lack of testing, comparative study finds. After Effects. Wild Is a Bad Movie and Reese Witherspoon Is Bad In It. New-Age Bullshit Generator. The Second Psychedelic Revolution, Part Six: A New Earth? Can You Crack One Of Car Talk's 'Toughest Puzzlers'? Free Range Kids. 5 Things I Learned as a Mormon Polygamist Wife. Mapping the City. A Poor Imitation of Alan Turing by Christian Caryl.

I’m sorry for coining the phrase “Manic Pixie Dream Girl” 15 Things You've Been Cleaning Wrong Your Entire Life. LITTLE BOOK OF A BIG YEAR<br>Bono’s A to Z of 2014. What kind of armor did Medieval women really wear? Can You Solve 'The Hardest Logic Puzzle In The World'? EASY Crowdfunding Websites for Creative Projects! The Absolute Best Comics And Graphic Novels of 2014! Noam Chomsky discusses Ferguson: “This is a very racist society; it’s pretty shocking”

The complete guide to making a full-time salary from one book. From The Women's Desk on WBAI Radio: The Interview: Presidential Assassination Comedy As Free Speech Manifesto, Or Conceived CIA Coup Under Cinematic Cover? Best Kindle Fire apps to download 2014. The Audience Club. Hollywood Salaries Revealed, From Movie Stars to Agents (and Even Their Assistants)

Americanize, Anglicise: Why Do Brits And Yanks Spell Words Differently? This Funeral Director Can Teach You A Lot About Embracing Death. 16 Foods That Help You Sleep. Kindle Fire HDX Tablet - Personal Entertainment Tablet, Portable Tablet, Best Tablet for Apps.