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How to Make Your Own Lamp — Decor and the Dog. Well, he was too tired to help.

How to Make Your Own Lamp — Decor and the Dog

Or to follow along with the tutorial. If you're like Ike but you are still interested in making your own lamp, you are in luck! Nate will be sharing our lamp at The Home Depot for the Lamps & Lighting DIY Workshop on July 12 from 10:00-11:30AM at The Home Depot store in West Des Moines, IA! (The address is 3700 University West Des Moines, IA 50266.) Build a Lamp Combo USB Charger Easy Fun DIY. Here is a fun diy project that only takes a few hours and will run you around $50 dollars.

Build a Lamp Combo USB Charger Easy Fun DIY

The combo Lamp, electrical outlet and USB charger. The Nugget: DIY Geometric Wood Flooring for $80! Dudes!

The Nugget: DIY Geometric Wood Flooring for $80!

We are overhauling a 1972 Bell Travel Trailer! Follow the entire series from the beginning here! This Nugget project is sponsored by my friends at The Home Depot. I just need to say, that this project thus far on the Nugget has been my favorite. The original plan for the little Nugs was to lay this gorgeous hardwood down in a herringbone pattern. DIY: Wire Baskets - Faux Butcher Block Conter-Top Tutorial. For those of you that emailed me asking how I made the butcher block counter tops...

Faux Butcher Block Conter-Top Tutorial

Turn An Old Dresser Into A Bench And More! 12 Clever Ways To Repurpose A Dresser! Posted by Jamie Dresser Into A Bench?!

Turn An Old Dresser Into A Bench And More! 12 Clever Ways To Repurpose A Dresser!

Now this is a truly brilliant re-purposing job. ToolGirl Mag Ruffman: Plank Flooring for Any Budget. Hanky Planky - (I wrote this article on plank floors 5 years ago and am still getting requests for it every week, so here's the original text plus some additional photographs.)

ToolGirl Mag Ruffman: Plank Flooring for Any Budget

As I approach the cusp of middle age the closest I’ve come to having any design allegiance is that my furniture is the same stuff I had in university, placing me in the Early Student school of décor. The one exception is the bedroom, where I have a high-end mattress, but only because my futon got so compacted it was about to become the next black hole.

So you probably shouldn’t take my decorating advice. Unless you have the problem I’m about to describe, or you have hardwood tastes on a paint budget. Here’s the situation. Installing a snow grate on the front door, Vermont-style. After seeing many a house with a nice metal boot-scraping grate inserted into the deck, we decided it was time to pull the trigger.

Installing a snow grate on the front door, Vermont-style

I called Fred Spencer of the Mountview Inn and asked him the various questions about grates, installation, steel vs. aluminum, etc. I measured out possibilities in front of our door and decided that 3 or 4 board depth and width of the entire door was the way to go. The joists come out perpendicular to the door, 16″ on center, so i figured 32″ wide would fit perfectly at the entryway. Fred actually had a piece of aluminum 17″ deep left over from another larger job which would fit right in place of 3 deck boards. Installing an Interior Brick Wall (aka: The 'warehouse' effect) This weekend, we started turning our normal dark beige with orange-peel textured living room wall into a brick wall.

Installing an Interior Brick Wall (aka: The 'warehouse' effect)

We wanted a new york Chelsea kind of feel, so we decided to make the brick wall look old and weathered - like it had been there for 80 years. We decided to turn the main room of our downtown San Diego condo into a brick wall. Build a Low Cost Custom Closet - Step by Step. Get clean cuts in laminate You can often have laminate shelves cut at the home center where you bought them.

Build a Low Cost Custom Closet - Step by Step

If you prefer to cut the shelves yourself, use a sharp 140-tooth plywood circular saw blade for the cleanest cuts. Remove closet doors Before installing new storage components, remove the closet doors, if you can, to avoid scratching them and to have the widest possible area to work in. Read the instructions before you start Once you buy your storage components, compare the parts list with what is included in the box. If something is missing, you can get it before you begin the installation instead of having to stop in the middle. BXG7G.jpg (500×752) DIY Fire Pit. 6 square cement pavers and 30 cinder bricks (+10 more for a bench).

DIY Fire Pit

It was hard work but well worth it... DIY Console Table - Shanty 2 Chic. Hey guys! If you follow us on Instagram you may have tried to guess what the heck I was going to build with 3 large turned legs… Well holy moly I’m in love with it!! *If you like the mirror propped on top, click HERE to see how I made it! * 3 Level Iced Beverage Fountain Cooler. Print this Post Do you have a large family reunion or celebrating with a huge outdoor party ? Do you need to have a HUGE amount of beverages on ice and accessible to a large crowd of people ? This idea may not be fancy but it will work fabulously.

Drill holes into the bottom of the first plastic kiddie pools randomly to allow melted ice to drip down into the next level. Flip the large blue plastic storage bin upside down between two plastic kiddie pools. Master Makeover: DIY Plain to Paneled Door. Checking another project off the to-do list today... So, I've spent a lot of time trying to figure out what to do about our doors. Here's an old shot from the hallway: After I painted the walls an almost white/super light gray shade, it just turned into the hallway of no color. I knew I needed to do something with the cheap hollow core doors but didn't want to break the bank. In a perfect world, they would all be beautifully constructed and detailed solid wood, but there's no way I'm spending that much on all of the doors in the house.

Crafty Blog: Organization Binders. DropBox download added/Updated Photos Dec. 10,2012 How the Binders are Organized Here are a few FREE PDF's of the templates I made to use inside my binders. Hemp pendant lamps. Inspired by West Elm’s gorgeous Abaca pendant lamps Super talented Heika DeHart strikes again. These pendant lamps she made of hemp string are genius. DIY RESTORATION HARDWARE-INSPIRED SHELVING. DIY Industrial Pipe Table Base Frugal Farmhouse. Frugal Freebies: Frugal Tip: Bathtub Toy Storage. CDN,children,frugal tips,saving money,storage tips,US,worldwide, DIY Tabletop Lamp From Old Toys. DIY Rustic Shelf: Building. Home decorating trends- Interior design & Architecture inspiration. Mirror in the bathroom. When we first moved into our new house, I took one look at the raw edge mirror in the downstairs bathroom and had every intention of removing it and replacing it with something better.

DIY Industrial Coffee Table (The Locker) I came across a great table while perusing Pinterest last week. Wine Bottle Citronella Candle. I had been collecting wine bottles and bugging my friends and neighbors to save them for me so I could try out my previous wine bottle project. How to build a bench around a tree. Drip Irrigation System - A drip irrigation system for under $100. DIY Garden Decor: Whimsical Toadstools. Update Your Boring Builder Bathtub With AIRSTONE! Jumbo Tape Dispenser - Woodworking Shop. DIY ARDEX Concrete Countertops. Board and Batten (Part 1) Build a Wood Tilt Out Trash or Recycling Cabinet. Natural weed killer (made with basic items in your kitchen) DIY Wood Countertops. Grow 100 lbs. Of Potatoes In 4 Square Feet: {How To.

A penny saved.. is a tile floor. Rok-Bak Chair. David Meddings Upcycling by Design since 2002. Making Hypertufa Pots. Keep it modern” » Modern DIY Table - Sean Michael Regan. How To Make Concrete Countertops. How to Make DIY Concrete Countertops Imperfectly Polished. Clever Ideas: For The Kitchen! Felting Project: A Rug! Build It With Ana: Floating Shelves. Invisible Book Shelf. DIY Projects / Thrift store frame + simple wooden box + paint and hooks. Downloadable Plumbing Pipe Shelf Instructions Dosuno Design. Wainscoting: Recap and Reveal. Turn One Desk into Two Nightstands Sugar Bee Crafts. DIY stepping stones – Flaming Petal Blog.