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Peter Florjancic: Story of ski-jumping inventor who escaped the Nazis. Neck Pain Shawnee KS. Sentinel-6: 'Dog kennel' satellite to measure sea-level rise. Buy CBD Gummies. Sunak to reform anti-Northern spending bias. CBD Oil For Sale Free Shipping. World 400m champion escapes ban after tester knocked on wrong door. Commercial Property For Sale DC. European Premier League: talks held over lucrative breakaway competition. Plans for a lucrative breakaway European Premier League involving top English clubs that would supersede the Champions League have been revived, with the banking giant JP Morgan being asked to seek financing for a new competition.

European Premier League: talks held over lucrative breakaway competition

Liverpool and Manchester United have been approached to join the league, which would comprise 18 teams – including three more English sides and teams from Spain, Italy, Germany and France – and have no promotion and relegation, according to proposals reported first by the Spanish outlet Vozpopuli and by Sky News. Real Madrid, advised by the investment company Key Capital, are said to be behind a plan for a European Super League, first reported by Der Spiegel in 2018. Fifa was dismissive and Uefa said it strongly opposed a format that would “inevitably become boring”. In private, officials believe the plans are an attempt to put pressure on Uefa in advance of the regular negotiations over a revamp.

“Decisive action is now needed to protect the game we love. DUI Attorney Islamorada. Chelsea deserve delayed start to new season, claims Frank Lampard. Frank Lampard has urged the Premier League to push back Chelsea’s start to the 2020-21 season, claiming 12 September is too early for his players to recover properly given their imminent Champions League round-of-16 tie with Bayern Munich.

Chelsea deserve delayed start to new season, claims Frank Lampard

Chelsea face the German champions on Saturday and the chances are that, facing a 3-0 deficit from the home leg, that will signal the end of their European challenge. It would mean they face a 35-day turnaround before top-flight football restarts, a figure that exceeds the 30-day minimum agreed between the Premier League and its clubs. Sky Lofts.

Rory McIlroy: 'All that’s happened this year has given me extra focus' Shoe Liquidator. Bottas and Leclerc to be investigated for breaking F1's Covid-19 rules. USMLE Step 1 Tutoring. Paul Pogba ends Manchester United drought and deepens Aston Villa woes. Epoxy-Coat. California weighs overturning 24-year ban on affirmative action.

A proposal to repeal California’s 24-year-old ban on affirmative action will go before voters in November after it passed the state senate on Wednesday.

California weighs overturning 24-year ban on affirmative action

The bill would remove rules in California’s constitution, passed in 1996, which bar universities and government agencies from giving preferential treatment on the basis of race or sex. The proposed amendment, known as ACA 5, comes amid a national reckoning on racial injustice, triggered by the killing of George Floyd and other publicized cases of racist violence, and rejuvenates a decades-long conversation about the degree to which colleges and government employers can consider race in admission and hiring decisions. In an emotional session on the senate floor, in which numerous lawmakers of color recounted personal experiences of discrimination, Steven Bradford, a Democrat from Los Angeles who is black, challenged his white counterparts to count the times they’ve entered a room in which they were the only members of their race.

Used Cars Hickory NC. Liverpool cruise past Crystal Palace to put Premier League title in sight. The Premier League title will not arrive as anyone at Liverpool envisaged but, should this prove the victory that delivers number 19, a masterful dismantling of a Crystal Palace team led by Roy Hodgson will seem highly appropriate.

Liverpool cruise past Crystal Palace to put Premier League title in sight

The imperfections that surround Liverpool’s season are not of their making. Ten years ago Hodgson stood perplexed in the dugout that Jürgen Klopp now commands. Five years ago it was Palace that left Liverpool’s new manager feeling alone after Scott Dann’s late winner sent home fans heading for the exits. How far Liverpool have come from that low ebb and that loneliness.

The club, united even while apart from its fans, stands on the verge of a first league title for 30 years after a performance that captured the best of this season’s undisputed champions. High Potency CBD Products. I feared sack during early days at Liverpool, says Jurgen Klopp. Liverpool manager Juergen Klopp feared getting sacked by the Premier League club early in his tenure if he was not afforded the time to reshape the squad, he said on Wednesday.

I feared sack during early days at Liverpool, says Jurgen Klopp

The early years were spent building the team into title contenders and Klopp said he knew he had to convince Liverpool's owners — Fenway Sports Group — that he needed time to change their playing style. Pool Routes For Sale Texas. Italian PM says training can start in May, no date for Serie A re-start. Industrial Concrete Floor Coatings. Henrik Stenson: 'I don't feel the rush to practise and play' Cyber Security For Your Business Philadelphia. Trippin’ out on olives: a food lover’s guide to the Peloponnese. When I first went to Greece, some 30 years ago, I was a teenage backpacker and survived on biscuits and scrumped (delicious) lemons.

Trippin’ out on olives: a food lover’s guide to the Peloponnese

I didn’t discover the joys of Greek food until I lived there as an English teacher after university. Tear Wipes For White Dogs. How Tokyo's 2020 hopes turned to ashes – but can rise again in 2021. It sounds preposterous in hindsight, especially now the Tokyo Olympics has joined the ranks of the sporting postponements, but barely a fortnight ago organisers could still see a rickety route towards hosting the Games in 2020.

How Tokyo's 2020 hopes turned to ashes – but can rise again in 2021

Japan and China appeared to be over the worst of the coronavirus epidemic, so the thinking went, and most of Europe was still open. So a decision was made: to push on, to wait, to hope. That hope continued to flicker, even as the World Health Organization declared a pandemic, major sports shut down, and more countries entered lockdown. The Olympic flame was lit on a still March morning in Olympia, Greece and Thomas Bach, the president of the International Olympic Committee, insisted there was “no plan B”.

But on 17 March, there was a subtle, almost imperceptible, shift missed by almost everyone. Independent Sponsor Report. Life after lockdown: has China really beaten coronavirus? According to official statistics, China has defeated the coronavirus.

Life after lockdown: has China really beaten coronavirus?

Over the last five days, health authorities have reported only one new locally transmitted case of Covid-19 – a patient in Guangdong province infected by someone travelling from abroad. In Wuhan, the centre of the outbreak and the country’s worst-hit area, officials on Monday reported a fifth day without new cases. The figures are a sharp drop from just a month ago when recording a daily increase of fewer than 2,000 new infections was a milestone. Authorities have begun easing Wuhan’s two-month lockdown while cities across the country are following orders to “fully restore” production and resume normal life. But as the country returns to work, residents and analysts doubt the near-zero community transmission rate, worrying that leaders have prioritised restarting the economy over decisively containing the virus. 'Don't take it lightly': Charlie Austin says he suffered acute Covid-19 symptoms. The West Brom forward Charlie Austin has urged people to take the coronavirus outbreak seriously, after revealing he has been suffering from acute Covid-19 symptoms.

'Don't take it lightly': Charlie Austin says he suffered acute Covid-19 symptoms

In the UK, pubs, restaurants and clubs are closing from Friday night, and the pandemic continues to affect everyday life. Sport has been hit hard with postponements, with a number of players and staff already testing positive. Water Heater Repair Fairfax VA. Exeter have most to lose in limbo but Rob Baxter urges perspective. No one needs telling that rugby is a long way down the list of current global priorities.

Exeter have most to lose in limbo but Rob Baxter urges perspective

A lot of people are stuck in coronavirus limbo – or worse – and in Exeter it is no different. “It all seems rather petty talking about the Premiership when we’re in the grip of something potentially as big as it is,” says Rob Baxter, whose ability to retain a clear sense of perspective is among his defining qualities. Baxter, though, still has a job to do.

Until this season is formally abandoned – as with the Pro14 and all rugby in England beneath the Premiership – he must keep as many performance-related plates spinning as possible. With the Chiefs five points clear at the top of the league and still, in theory, European Champions’ Cup contenders, there is no English club with more to lose should the plug be pulled completely. Hilton Head Island Golf Club Rentals. Amazon bans sale of most editions of Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf. Amazon has banned the sale of most editions of Hitler’s Mein Kampf and other Nazi propaganda books from its store following decades of campaigning by Holocaust charities. Booksellers were informed in recent days that they would no longer be allowed to sell a number of Nazi-authored books on the website including Hitler’s autobiographical screed and children’s books designed to spread antisemitic ideas among children.

In one email seen by the Guardian individuals selling secondhand copies of Mein Kampf on the service have been told by Amazon that “they can no longer offer this book” as it breaks the website’s code of conduct. Window Treatments Tulsa.