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French Bulldog Face Cleaner

French Bulldog Face Cleaner

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Buy Propane Forge He who is not angry when there is just cause for anger is immoral. Why? Because anger looks to the good of justice. Coronavirus: Musk defies orders and reopens Tesla's California plant Image copyright Getty Images Tesla has reopened its only US electric car plant in California, despite local orders against manufacturing. On Monday, the company's chief executive Elon Musk tweeted that production had restarted and he would be "on the line with everyone else". Coronavirus in Africa: Contained or unrecorded? Image copyright Getty Images The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that nearly a quarter of a billion Africans could contract coronavirus in the first year of the pandemic, with between 150,000 and 190,000 of them dying. Africa has had less than 100,000 cases so far, but WHO experts believe the continent will have a prolonged outbreak over a few years - and, aid workers say, the huge focus on containing the virus has led to other health issues being neglected. Here, five BBC reporters give a snapshot of what is happening in their countries: Congolese 'probably had virus without knowing it' By Emery Makumeno, Kinshasa

Coronavirus: US cases ‘may have topped 20 million’ Image copyright Reuters At least 20 million people in the US may already have been infected with Covid-19, according to the latest estimate by health officials. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says the true number of cases is likely to be 10 times higher than the reported figure. It comes as the state of Texas halted its reopening as infections and hospitalisations surged. White House staff ordered to wear masks Media playback is unsupported on your device White House staff have been ordered to wear masks when entering the West Wing after two aides tested positive for coronavirus. The White House personnel office has said that staff must cover their faces at all times except when seated at their desks, socially distant from colleagues. The directive comes after an aide for Vice-President Mike Pence and a valet for President Trump fell ill. Mr Trump said he required the policy. Appearing without a mask in the Rose Garden for a press briefing on Monday, however, the president claimed he did not need to follow the directive because he kept "far away from everyone", and played down the White House infections.

Coronavirus: Ministers under pressure over schools return date Image copyright PA Media Ministers are facing further pressure from council leaders and teaching unions to reconsider plans to reopen English primary schools to some pupils from 1 June. At least 11 councils have expressed opposition amid safety concerns or warned they will not be ready in time.

Immunity to Covid-19 could be lost in months, UK study suggests People who have recovered from Covid-19 may lose their immunity to the disease within months, according to research suggesting the virus could reinfect people year after year, like common colds. In the first longitudinal study of its kind, scientists analysed the immune response of more than 90 patients and healthcare workers at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS foundation trust and found levels of antibodies that can destroy the virus peaked about three weeks after the onset of symptoms then swiftly declined. Blood tests revealed that while 60% of people marshalled a “potent” antibody response at the height of their battle with the virus, only 17% retained the same potency three months later. Antibody levels fell as much as 23-fold over the period.

Coronavirus: Fauci warns Senate of 'serious consequences' Media playback is unsupported on your device The top US infectious diseases doctor has warned senators that the coronavirus will spread further if the country opens up too soon. Dr Anthony Fauci said if federal guidelines to reopen were not followed, "little spikes" would become outbreaks. Apple and Google release marks 'watershed moment' for contact-tracing apps Apple and Google have released a software tool that will make it possible for nations to release coronavirus contact-tracing apps that adopt the firms' privacy-centric model. It offers developers access to added Bluetooth functionality to solve a problem existing apps have of iPhones sometimes failing to detect each other. Android and iOS device owners will have to carry out system upgrades. But some countries - including the UK - are pursuing a different approach. "The release of these APIs [application programming interfaces] along with the operating-system updates will be a watershed moment for the development and adoption of proximity-tracing apps," said Marcel Salathé, an epidemiologist at the Swiss research institute EPFL. He added that apps that adopted the protocol should be able to be made "interoperable" - meaning that citizens can continue to be contact-traced as they cross from one region and/or country to another.

Trump replaces campaign manager Brad Parscale in major shake-up Donald Trump is replacing his campaign manager Brad Parscale, the contentious figure leading the president’s re-election efforts for the last two years, in a major shakeup of campaign staff. Parscale will be demoted to senior adviser, and Bill Stepien, the deputy campaign manager, will take over the top position. Trump made the announcement on Facebook on Wednesday evening, with Twitter temporarily unavailable due to a hacking. Parscale has been under pressure since June after failing to materialize the hundreds of thousands of supporters at Trump’s campaign rally in Tulsa that he initially touted. At the time, the president’s daughter and son-in-law, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner were reportedly “pissed” that Parscale had promised huge crowds after only 6,200 turned up.

Venezuelan bank files legal claim with Bank of England over gold Image copyright EPA The Central Bank of Venezuela has launched a legal claim to try and force the Bank of England to release €930m ($1bn; £820m) worth of gold it holds. Venezuela, already suffering under US sanctions, says it wants to use the gold's value to tackle coronavirus.

Britain's first Paralympic champion Margaret Maughan dies aged 91 Britain’s first Paralympics gold medallist Margaret Maughan has died at the age of 91. Maughan won gold in both archery and swimming at the 1960 Games in Rome, just a year after she was paralysed from the waist down after a car accident in Malawi, and went on to compete in four further Paralympics and win four more medals, including gold in lawn bowls at Arnhem in 1980. In 2012, she was the final torchbearer and lit the flame at the London Paralympics opening ceremony and told the BBC at the time: “I feel very proud to be at the start of all this. From just a team of 70 British people in wheelchairs at the first Games, now there are hundreds from all disabilities.” The Lancashire-born teacher had returned in 1959 from Africa to England for treatment at the Stoke Mandeville hospital in Buckinghamshire where the spinal injury unit founder Ludwig Guttman pioneered the use of sport in therapy.

Israel returns to partial lockdown with immediate weekend shutdown Israel has reimposed some lockdown measures following a vigorous second surge in the number of coronavirus infections, putting in place stringent weekend shutdowns in which shops, hairdressers and attractions will be closed. The government announced the measures in the early hours of Friday morning, following a marathon emergency cabinet session called after daily infection rates climbed to close to 2,000. Gyms and fitness studios will also be closed at all times, while restaurants, which opened again in May, will return to takeaways and deliveries only.