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French games. French Slang - Argot Français. TRALACLIPS - Polyglotte. Where to Get the Best Free Education Online. I Learned to Speak Four Languages in a Few Years: Here's How. TCF (Test de Connaissance du fran?ais) : entra?nement, exemples, simulations avec le CIEP sur TV5MONDE. MFL Teaching Resources. French in a Click homepage: GCSE French learning resources and French revision, French teaching resources, French GCSE topics and French grammar lessons.


French Language Podcasts. French 1b; L'école et La routine- Introduction. Index: la grammaire de l'absurde. French Online Grammar Quiz. Français. Podcast français facile - learn french - study french - french listening. Vocabulaire Français. French Listening Exercises - Topical Index.

Lafrancebis. Common French Phrases: Video Series. Learn how to speak French in this free online French language course for beginners.

Common French Phrases: Video Series

Get easy lessons on learning useful common phrases for business or travel to France, with a pronunciation guide. French (Le Français) is a Romance language; that means it came from Latin, like Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian, not that it is the best language for an amorous exchange. Yet, French is often thought of as the language of love , perhaps because of the images we remember of the hopelessly romantic Pepé Le Pew trying to capture a certain unfortunate black cat in the arms of his French embrace. Surprisingly, French is the second most popular language for study, the first being English. Non-native students who learn French are predominantly taught the variant known as “français neutre,” or Parisian French, which is mostly erudite and free of regional coloring. Languages - French - Ma France.

Languages - Ma France. Linguee – Dicionário – português-inglês. iLoveLanguages - Your Guide to Languages on the Web. French Linguistics. Welcome to the French Tutorial. Zoeken. Learn French online with videos and audio Free French Resources. French Language Multimedia Resources at Various Levels MindZeit French Resources for Schools, Self Learners and French Teachers DuoLingo (Free Learning) Learn French for free with duolingo and help translate the web as you learn!

Learn French online with videos and audio Free French Resources

View MindZeit (Free to View) French word cards with pictures (and a bear or two!) Ma France Video French Lessons from the BBC (Free Learning) 24 'Interactive' French video lessons/podcasts for beginners. View LanguageGuide Free French Vocabulary, Grammar and Readings with Transcripts (Free Learning) Beginners or intermediate level French with audio. Note: how well the audio functions seems to depend on your browser and/or computer.

BBC Bitesize French Revision (Free Revision) GCSE French from the BBC. View There is also a French section on the BBC Bingo game and the BBC Destination Death game (requires Flash player) Français interactif. Apprendre le français en ligne - cours et exercices – Première classe avec TV5MONDE. Learn to Speak French Online - Check out Our French Grammar Guide. French Language Podcasts. French Links. French Idiomatic Expressions. Update Required To play the media you will need to either update your browser to a recent version or update your Flash plugin.

French Idiomatic Expressions

The normal speed version of the news story contains ONLY news narration, not dialog. Mouse-over French text fragments in blue to see English translation Fin de la guerre en Irak Mercredi, le président américain Barack Obama, a annoncé la fin de la guerre en Irak dans un discours prononcé au Fort Bragg en Caroline du Nord. Plus de 200 soldats basés au Fort Bragg sont morts au cours de la guerre qui a duré presque 9 ans. L'Iran rejette la demande des États-Unis de leur restituer le drone capturé Projet de gratte-ciel en Corée du Sud ressemblant aux tours jumelles en feu de New-York Le Time dévoile la personnalité de l'année : le manifestant.

Basic French phrases. How to Learn French Free. One Minute French Podcast. French Dictionary. French Review Games. Frans Radio.