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Free Preschool & Kindergarten Reading Comprehension Worksheets - Printable. Kids Learning Station. 5 recommendations for improving reading comprehension in K-3. A panel of experts in reading instruction developed the following 5 recommendations for working with K-3 students to improve their reading comprehension.

5 recommendations for improving reading comprehension in K-3

The recommendations in the What Works Clearinghouse Practice Guide, Improving Reading Comprehension in Kindergarten Through 3rd Grade, are based on the panel’s review of the literature as well as on the experience and expertise of the 7 experts on the panel. Each recommendation includes a rating of the level of research evidence supporting it (strong, moderate, minimal). The panel includes many examples of effective instruction practices and classroom activities throughout the guide. A few of them are included with each recommendation below. Recommendation 1: Teach students how to use reading comprehension strategies.

Read & Draw Picnic - Comprehension Activity. I love lazy summer days and trying to have a few before we all head back to school.

Read & Draw Picnic - Comprehension Activity

This is such a simple reading comprehension activity and can be done with kids of any age. There is something awesome about reading outside, I love grabbing a blanket and some books and reading with my kids under a huge blue sky. This art activity takes that simple idea one step further by adding on an artistic retelling activity. I have been working hard to get my son to draw and write more this summer and drawing with his younger sister helps boost his confidence , lets him show her how to do things, and it’s made such a difference. Also his strength in retelling helps balance his lack of confidence in the drawing. Blooming in Kinder"garden": A Kindergarten Story: Story Mapping / Fairy Tales. Last week we began a Language Arts unit on Fairy Tales.

Blooming in Kinder"garden": A Kindergarten Story: Story Mapping / Fairy Tales

After all the years that I have taught Kindergarten, I have never purposely created a unit for Fairy Tales. I have read them but not discuss them in depth. I love it and so do the children. I began with The Three Little Pigs. First, we talked about the storyline which they all know. Kinder comprehension worksheets.