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Multiple Intelligence

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How to Encourage Higher Order Thinking. Why Use This Tip What To Do Why Use This Tip A main goal of educators today is to teach students the skills they need to be critical thinkers.

How to Encourage Higher Order Thinking

Instead of simply memorizing facts and ideas, children need to engage in higher levels of thinking to reach their fullest potential. Practicing Higher Order Thinking (HOT) skills outside of school will give kids and teens the tools that they need to understand, infer, connect, categorize, synthesize, evaluate, and apply the information they know to find solutions to new and existing problems. After reading a book about Martin Luther King or studying the Civil Rights era, you could choose to ask a child a simple question such as “Who is Martin Luther King, Jr.?”. Back to top What To Do Families and out-of-school educators can play a significant role in encouraging higher order thinking with their kids and teens, even when having a casual conversation.

When reading a book: “What do you think might happen next?” When visiting an unfamiliar place: Learning Styles Quiz. Math/multiplewithmi.pdf. Multiple intelligences icebreakers: Starting the year off right. American Psychologist and Educator, Professor Howard Gardner.

Multiple intelligences icebreakers: Starting the year off right

(Photo/ Harvard Graduate School of Education) If you have been in education any amount of time, chances are you’ve run into the name Howard Gardner and his theory of Multiple Intelligences. According to Gardner all human beings have multiple intelligences which can be strengthened or weakened depending on their use and that most people have two or three that they favor. In seeking ways to effectively engage and teach our students many of us turn to the intelligences to add variety and reach students through their best “intelligence”. Catering to the intelligences can also be a great way to get the school year off to an exciting start. These activities are fun, but can also give a teacher insight to the special talents and intelligences that make up the classroom body.

Verbal-Linguistic Intelligence. Catholic Religion Teacher. Howard gardners multiple intelligences theory. Gardner's multiple intelligences. MY Intelligence. Howard_gardner_theory_multiple_intelligences.pdf. Apps for multiple intelligences. What makes the iPad brilliant is that it caters to all different intelligences.

Apps for multiple intelligences

In fact most apps touch upon all different types of intelligences. I’ve tried to match all of my favorite educational apps with their corresponding intelligences. For those apps that matched with more than one, I’ve used equivalents. For example, Showme and Educreations are interactive whiteboard apps that have got the same functions and both fit in the Visual and Aural box. Just like I don’t believe all students fit only in one intelligence box either. Students can use whichever app they chose to study. Take the brilliant app “The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. The debate whether Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences really excist or not has been contested quite a few times. Children do differ in their abilities with different modalities, but teaching the child in his best modality doesn‘t affect his educational achievement. Click on the app icons to see the app in the App Store. Related posts: Multiple ints. Multiple Intelligences.