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Providing Water: A Practical Field Guide by Humphrey Blackburn. You just bought this piece of property, closed escrow two weeks ago.

Providing Water: A Practical Field Guide by Humphrey Blackburn

You know where you're going to put your house and the septic tank. You know there are some springs somewhere up the hill by those oaks. Now what? You open the book Providing Water, a Practical Field Guide, and sit on a stump and start leafing through it. Says here that with gravity feed, you can have a complete water system including reliable treatment with no power, no chemicals, and no replacement cartridges. Hmm. OK, next. But, I may need to pump to a higher location. You look at the drawings that detail what simple but reliable methods you can employ to remove pathogens, so your water is safe. This Kickstarter project will allow me to accomplish this book project which is based on my 20 plus years helping people all over the world source, treat, and provide water.

Table of contents Introduction to rural water supply Assessing the need Assessing the water shed Identifying sources- pros and cons. Crazy Looking Bamboo Tower Creates 25 Gallons of Drinking Water Per Day From Thin Air! This crazy looking tower creates 25 gallons of drinking water per day from thin air.

Crazy Looking Bamboo Tower Creates 25 Gallons of Drinking Water Per Day From Thin Air!

It’s basically an atmospheric water collector which gathers dew from the air. “…The 9 m tall bamboo framework has a special fabric hanging inside capable to collect potable water from the air by condensation…” It’s called the WarkaWater: “…The name ‘WarkaWater’ comes from the Warka Tree, a giant wild fig tree native to Ethiopia, traditionally used for public gatherings and school education.

The Warka Tree is an archetype of the Biennale theme ‘Common Ground’…” The simple and practical, yet elegant design powers out ahead of any of the commercial atmospheric water generators on the market which cost thousands more to build than this. This is a wonderful water generation idea, that’s inexpensive, and actually beautiful to look at.

Water is life, and being designed after a tree. Via: WarkaWater Comments comments. Women in Ag: Why aren't there more? It’s time to shift women’s role in modern farming.

Women in Ag: Why aren't there more?

If I say farmer, what do you think of? If you’ve been following Bright Agrotech for awhile, maybe it’s Farmer Joe. More likely, it’s an image of a similarly masculine figure, maybe dressed in overalls, driving a John Deere tractor through his fields, right? Agriculture is traditionally thought of as a man’s arena, with women taking a backseat. Yet women have played critical roles in farm production throughout history, from egg and butter sales, to victory gardens, to growing the family’s food while husbands focused on commodity, cash crops. A quick Google search reveals that half the world’s farmers are women, with leadership roles in various agricultural industries around the world. But here in America, female farmers are still few. That doesn’t mean women aren’t making improvements.

So what’s holding women back? Just like all farmers, there are plenty of challenges facing female farmers. How To Get Free Seeds For Your Garden. Starting a garden from seed can be an expensive proposition if you're ordering online and buying from seed catalogs.

How To Get Free Seeds For Your Garden

A handful of harder-to-find heirloom seeds can cost as much as a frou-frou cup of coffee. Factor in shipping charges and you'll be wondering how starting a garden is supposed to save you money. Fortunately, experienced gardeners can be some of the most generous people — especially where seeds are concerned — and they are often willing to part with seeds to help a new gardener. Below are some tips on places you can go online and in real life to get your green thumbs on free garden seeds. Gardening forums When I started my first real outdoor garden, I was lucky enough to have been part of an online forum filled with gardeners who where as generous with their knowledge as they were with the seeds from their gardens.

Sometimes gardeners unload excess seeds on newbies for what is known as Self-Addressed Stamped Envelopes offers. Seed swaps Seed libraries Save your own seeds. JtSegura on Instagram: “Please help support my Mum's Dream to help #SaphirVillage become a #501C3 #nonprofit @ Saphir Village.