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The power of sunlight can pull clean drinking water from thin air. Water Conservation Techniques in Traditional Human Settlements - Pietro Laureano - Google Books. Check Out These Amazing Towers In Ethiopia That Harvest Clean Water From Thin Air. This is a community post, untouched by our editors.

Check Out These Amazing Towers In Ethiopia That Harvest Clean Water From Thin Air

Water gathering in Ethiopia can be an onerous and gruelling task, with trips to the nearest source often taking hours, if not all day. This task is commonly carried out by the females in the family, who are not only taken out of school, but may encounter sexual harassment on the journey. The end result is also dangerous, as more often than not, the water that is collected is highly contaminated and harmful to drink. The Warka Water Towers were inspired by the Warka tree, native to Ethiopia and commonly used as a central community gathering space. The tower, developed by architecture and vision is a vertical system that harvests portable, clean water right from the air through condensation. Check out the buildings that are doing a similar job! Dew collecting greenhouse to fight water and food scarcity in Ethiopia.

In many parts of the world, droughts and an increasingly dry, arid climate have lead to water scarcity and in tandem, food scarcity too.

Dew collecting greenhouse to fight water and food scarcity in Ethiopia

A group of researchers in Northern Ethiopia are tackling the issue by creating a very low-tech solution that could have a huge impact. The Roots Up project, a non-profit organization affiliated with Ethiopia’s University of Gondar, has developed a dew collecting greenhouse that could help farmers grow fresh vegetables even in times of drought and also act as a source of clean drinking water.

The simple design uses low-cost materials to both improve plant-growing conditions inside and act as a water harvester, making it an attainable technology for area farmers. The initiative wants to support highland farmers who've been facing low crop yields and food insecurity because of drought. © Roots Up In times of rain, the design can also be used as a rainwater collector.

Building a biological DIY greywater system (with no reedbeds) - Milkwood: permaculture courses, skills + stories. Our criteria for building the greywater system for the tinyhouse was pretty simple: cheap, made from readily available materials, and effective.

Building a biological DIY greywater system (with no reedbeds) - Milkwood: permaculture courses, skills + stories

We also wanted to use the outputs to irrigate a grove of important fruit trees, as water is very precious here, especially in a dry year. After many, many hours of research on systems involving reed beds, infiltration trenches, fancy UV zappers and all the rest, we decided, on the advice of permaculture and greywater specialist Ross Mars, to keep it simple, and let the biology do the work. To summarise the approach (and Ross Mars’ general take of domestic greywater), we decided that the intermittent trickle of water coming from our bath and shower would be best dealt with in a living and dynamic system, rather than in a series of reed beds or trenches. I should note here that our greywater output is coming from just our bath and shower, so it contains water, a little soap, and the inevitable bits that come off a human when they wash.

Växter renar husens avlopp. Det handlar om ett område i stadsdelen Sidsjö i Sundsvall där kommunen tagit initiativ till att skapa ett hållbart boende och där man för första gången på våra breddgrader ska låta växter sköta hela reningsprocessen för avloppet. – Det här är ett referensområde med fyra småhus som ska inspirera och visa på hållbara lösningar, förklarar Viveca Norberg, samhällsplanerare på Sundsvalls kommun.

Växter renar husens avlopp

On The Job Bob - How To - How to Install a Low-flow Faucet Aerator. Natureza - Designer cria invenção que reusa até 90% da água do banho. Sistema Gris usa reservatórios inteligados para captar água do banho para reuso (Foto: Divulgação)

Natureza - Designer cria invenção que reusa até 90% da água do banho

Vakuumtoaletter — Wostman. En EcoVac® vakuumtoalett är en riktig vakuumtoalett som fungerar ungefär som en blandning av en flygplanstoalett och en vattentoalett.

Vakuumtoaletter — Wostman

Den har vatten i toalettskålen, men inget vatten i ledningarna. Placering av vattenmätare - Miva. Simple Pine Branches Can Filter Out 99% of Bacteria Producing Clean Water. If you’ve run out of drinking water during a lakeside camping trip, there’s a simple solution: Break off a branch from the nearest pine tree, peel away the bark, and slowly pour lake water through the stick.

Simple Pine Branches Can Filter Out 99% of Bacteria Producing Clean Water

The improvised filter should trap any bacteria, producing fresh, uncontaminated water. In fact, an MIT team has discovered that this low-tech filtration system can produce up to four liters of drinking water a day — enough to quench the thirst of a typical person. In a paper published this week in the journal PLoS ONE, the researchers demonstrate that a small piece of sapwood (the youngest wood of a tree which serves to move water up from the roots) can filter out more than 99 percent of the bacteria E. coli from water.

100-Year-Old Way to Filter Rainwater in a Barrel. During our boiling, broiling, blistering summer of 2012 here in the Missouri Ozarks, water was a topic of conversation wherever we went.

100-Year-Old Way to Filter Rainwater in a Barrel

Creeks and ponds dried up (some never recovered) and the water table dropped, forcing a few neighbors to have their well pumps lowered or to even have deeper wells drilled. Many folks shared memories of rain barrels, cisterns, hand pumps and drawing water with a well bucket as a child, usually on grandpa and grandma’s farm. Some said they’d never want to rely again on those old-time methods of getting water. But, at least they knew how it was done. It seems we have lost much practical knowledge in the last 50 or so years because we thought we’d never need it again.

Take A Look At This Self-Filling Water Bottle That Turns Air Into Drinkable Water. The implications of this technology are huge, especially for regions of extreme poverty where people do not have easy access to clean drinking water.

Take A Look At This Self-Filling Water Bottle That Turns Air Into Drinkable Water

It’s a self-filling water bottle that actually turns air into drinkable water by using the condensation of the humidity which is contained in the air. It was designed by Kristof Retezar, a designer based in Vienna, whose intention was to provide more than one billion people around the world, in water-scarce areas, with clean drinking water. It’s called Fontus, and it works by using the simple principle of condensation. Basically, when humid air flows into the contraption, it hits a series of hydrophobic ‘teeth’ which help turn the water vapor into actual water droplets.

What’s even better is that it’s completely solar powered, and has a device attached to it that helps keep bugs and dust out. Retezar told Live Science that “the water you get is clean, unless the air is really contaminated. Check it out: Explore Shower of the Future. No, the shower requires both a hot and cold water connection.

Explore Shower of the Future

Although the Shower of the Future is equipped with a heater, it is designed only to maintain the temperature of the water to account for the temperature loss during the shower. This allows you to take a shower for as long as you like without using any more hot water! Yes. However, the amount of water for each shower session varies. Broadcast Yourself. Recycling Domestic Water in Israel. Brasileiro cria sistema que permite banho ‘infinito’ com 10 litros de água – CicloVivo. O profissional desenvolveu um sistema que recicla a água durante o banho e devolve-a para o chuveiro. 5 de julho de 2016 • Atualizado às 11 : 00 A tecnologia ainda aproveita o calor do chuveiro para economizar energia. | Foto: iStock Tomar um banho morno e rápido em dias frios é uma dificuldade para muitos. Já para o engenheiro mecatrônico Pedro Ricardo Paulino passar “horas” embaixo do chuveiro não é problema, ele não só pode fazer isso, como garante que sua prática é sustentável.

À primeira vista pode parecer um absurdo, mas basta entender o mecanismo da invenção de Paulino para desejar o mesmo sistema em casa. Sistema que reaproveita 80% da água do chuveiro é vendido no Brasil – CicloVivo. O produto tem capacidade para 12 litros e a água pode ser reutilizada na descarga ou em limpezas diversas. 18 de junho de 2015 • Atualizado às 11 : 18. Equipamento que aproveita a água do banho economiza mais de 2 mil litros/ano – CicloVivo. Cohabitat - Journal. Profile: Using Biochar for Water Filtration in Rural South East Asia. Access to clean water can be a crucial issue for many rural communities in developing countries. The largest sources of water pollution are from inadequate treatment of human wastes and poorly managed industrial and agricultural wastes.

Specifically, the contamination of water sources by synthetic organic compounds (SOCs) such as pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and fuel compounds is a growing problem worldwide as these chemicals can bio-accumulate in the human body and cause cancers and other diseases. There are often few low cost, sustainable and appropriate treatment technologies available for SOC removal in rural areas. Activated carbon (AC) is considered the best available technology for the removal of SOCs in water in rural areas, however AC manufacturing processes are sophisticated and usually cannot be replicated in these rural areas without large infrastructure investments.

Why Use Gasification over Traditional Kilns to Produce Char? 14 Awesome Rainwater Harvesting Systems. How To Filter Rainwater in a Barrel – 100 Year Old Technology. Here in California water has a topic of conversation wherever we go. Creeks and ponds dried up (some we think might never recover) and the water table dropped, forcing a few neighbors to have their well pumps lowered or to even have deeper wells drilled.

Many folks have shared memories of rain barrels. 11 Off Grid Living Projects to Save Energy and Water. 14 Projects To Cut Your Energy and Water Usage. These are projects to consider for your off grid homestead, whether you’re building a cabin in the woods that’s disconnected from any power or water sources, or just want to reduce your utility bills, going partially or totally off grid can be done on the cheap with a little creative thinking. There are many small ways to reduce your electricity and water consumption and even do without a septic or sewer system.

These DIY off grid home projects include mini wind turbines, solar cookers, water filtration, greywater systems and low-tech refrigeration: Mini Wind Turbine Setup (image via: thekevdog) Going Off Grid? Here's What To Do About Water: "Solution With Minimal Effort" There’s no denying that water is among your most critical assets. But going off grid, you won’t find it automatically ready and on tap unless you’ve set up one kind of system or another.

In the most obvious of ways, you cannot survive without water – but did you think ahead about where to get it, and how to store and transport it? Especially if you are just starting out with your off grid home or survival shelter, securing potable water for your most basic needs may be very difficult. Water is quite heavy, and hence, any large containers will be very difficult to carry or transport if you don’t think ahead. This couple addressed their solutions to dealing with water while living off grid in their RV for the first year: At the time of posting this video, we’ve been living in an RV on our land for just over four months. Homemade Ram Pump: Perfect For Remote Areas Where Electricity Or Fuel Is Limited Or Unavailable. Pumping Water Uphill And How A Free Energy Ram Pump Works. Water Recycling for Water Conservation by Martin Prosser - SCI du Tournesol. Water, Water Supply, Water Conservation, Austin-Round Rock, TX, Solar Decathlon, Texas.

Although the Department of Energy's Solar Decathlon competition is focused on renewable energy, one of the teams chosen to build a house for this fall's event will take resource conservation a step further. The University of Texas at Austin, partnering with Germany's Technische Universitat Munchen, will construct a home that is net zero usage for energy as well as water. The team's NexusHaus, which will be on display during the competition held Oct. 8 to 18 in Irvine, Calif., will be one of the country's first water-independent dwellings, and its design could have major ramifications for home builders in drought-prone areas and beyond. Its concepts have takeaways for builders across the country as more jurisdictions allow measures such as potable rainwater reuse and graywater recycling.

Because of the looming water crisis, the first step for the 70-plus-member team was to ensure that water in the home be used as efficiently as possible, with a goal of 25 gallons per person per day. How To Get Well Water Without Electricity. Considering that most disasters can cause serious disruptions in the water supply and the importance of water for survival, putting in a well is a great idea. Of all the possible sources for water, having a well on your own property is the most secure source you can have. Even so, if the grid goes down, that water could be out of your reach, if you don’t take the right precautions. There are two basic types of wells — shallow wells and deep wells. Shallow wells are usually limited to about 25 feet or so. Simple Pine Branches Can Filter Out 99% of Bacteria Producing Clean Water. 6 Ways to Find Out If Your Drinking Water Is Safe. The news is full of dire warnings about pollutants, toxins, bacteria, and other worrisome extras turning up in drinking water.

But how do you find out if the water coming out of your kitchen tap is safe? It’s not as hard as you might think—there’s a surprising amount of information out there, if you know where to look for it. Drill Your Own Well.

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Rainwater Harvesting. Energy, water & utilities Archives - Lowimpact.orgLow impact living info, training, products & services. Rainwater Harvesting Off Grid. Off The Grid Rainwater Catchment System. Early on in the process of building our tiny home, we needed to create systems for catching and using water. We purchased these 50 gallon, food grade barrels for $10 apiece from the local Pepsi distributor, hooked them up to the gutter of our metal-roofed home, and proceeded to catch rainwater for drinking, cooking, and dishwashing. We use a Berkey filter to make the rainwater potable, and relied on water from our pond for irrigating the garden and for bathing.

With flexible pvc pipes moving the water into the outdoor kitchen, we even had running water in our sink! This system worked really well, at least until we had an almost two month drought in July and August. Then we had to rely on our community network and fill our barrels with water from their hose. As cold weather set in, we needed to make some changes. A small group of friends and neighbors came over to help dig this shallow grave-like hole. Empty barrels were then placed on their sides into the hole. How To Get Water From a Drilled Well When The Power Is Off. May 1, 2013 | Steve Belange | Topics: Homesteading, Jan/Feb 1999 | Comments. Greywater - What It Is, How To Treat & Use It. How To Build A Greywater Filter For $30 Or Less. My wife, of course, likes to take baths. My son is afraid of the shower so he takes baths. Laundry To Landscape Graywater Systems; Design & Parts.

Complete information from the original inventors. Washing Machine Greywater Resources. Building a biological DIY greywater system (with no reedbeds) Create An Off The Grid Source Of Water. 10 Awesome Gadgets To Reuse Water. Dan Johnson's Big Idea is harvesting rainwater in New Orleans. A Better Rainwater-Harvesting System - Modern Homesteading. Why Everyone Should Care About Rainwater Harvesting. 8 Health Warnings Your Fingernails May Be Sending. Well Water or Rain Water Filtration. Timeline Photos - FARM SHOW Magazine. 10 Practices Showing That "Sustainability" is More Than Just a Buzzword!

Crazy Looking Bamboo Tower Creates 25 Gallons of Drinking Water Per Day From Thin Air! This Easy To Build Contraption Can Give Water To Everyone: DIY Plans. This Guy Will Show You How To Purify Any Type Of Water Using The Sun. A 17-Year-Old Invented This Smart Device That Makes Clean Water And Power At The Same Time. Homemade Water Filter: Make A DIY Bio-Sand Water Filter.