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Survival Podcast

Survival Podcast
Corey Pie’ joins us today to discuss the concept of extreme couponing and how extreme couponing can improve your personal preparedness. Specifically how it can help families to save money and get out of debt. Additionally how it can help to build a great stockpile of food and supplies while creating a surplus to share with others in need. How and why did to get started in with couponing How does it work from a practical stand point What’s the difference between couponing and extreme couponing

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Top 40 Blogs for Survivalists » Homeland Security Degree By admin on The Internet has given survivalists a chance to interact and share tips on a self-sustainable lifestyle. Whether you’re stockpiling canned food for a natural disaster or going all the way and attempting to live off the grid, these blogs will give you tips on self-defense, skinning animals, navigating a route and coming out alive after a long duration of time away from standard civilizations. Top Survivalist Blogs These blogs show you how to become a survivalist and also discuss ideas on how to handle questions or inquiries from family or loved ones who see the survivalist lifestyle as extreme. Get the skinny on planting your own vegetables and preparing for cold weather. How Faraday Cages Work" Electricity is the lifeblood of many aspects of our world. Without volts and amps, many of our technological innovations would cease to exist. Even our bodies wouldn't function without an electrical charge zipping through our cells. But what electricity gives, electricity can take away.

eBooks - Paleo Prepping Paleo Prepping Emergency Preparedness for Paleo Dieters Skip to content eBooks Below is a list of Free ebooks and documents on survival. GammaPix Lite The GammaPix(TM) Lite App, developed initially for several federal agencies, turns your phone into a detector of ionizing radiation. This isn't one of those fake Geiger counters. The GammaPix technology has been successfully tested at independent labs with calibrated sources. It was developed with support from the U.S. Department of Defense, the Domestic Nuclear Detection Office (U.S.

Survival Food – 56 food supplies from the store When disaster strikes, there’s a pretty good chance your local grocery stores are going to be stripped bare in a matter of hours. From panicked people trying to stock up on last minute supplies, to those who failed to prepare for even short-term disasters and now find themselves facing the prospect of starving, your local grocery store is going to look like a battleground in a post-apocalyptic movie. Most grocery stores have a maximum 3 day supply of goods on hand before they run dry.

Sun Goes Wild: NOAA Issues Alert: Earth Directed X-Class Flare Is On Its Way; Chance Of More This morning The Daily Sheeple reported that the biggest sun spot in recent history had been identified on the sun and that it had moved into position facing earth. The spot is so large that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says it could swallow three earths. (Photo by Rocky Raybell : Sun spot AR1944 is so big it can be seen with amateur telescopes) The spot was mostly quiet for the last few days and wasn’t directly facing earth, though a smaller Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) glanced the planet in the early hours of January 7th. Then at 12:32 Central Time it went wild: Massive sunspot AR1944 has erupted.

The Fab Four: How to survive on wheat, dry milk, honey and salt A Countryside Staff Report from the March/April, 1999 issue of Countryside & Small Stock Journal One common food storage program (particularly among Mormons) involves just four basic commodities: wheat, powdered milk, honey and salt. While this might not sound very exciting, it’s enough to keep body and soul together, and as such is of special interest not only to people interested in a food reserve, but to those who grow their own wheat. In her 1969 book Passport to Survival, (Bookcraft Inc, Salt Lake City, Utah) Esther Dickey lists recipes for over a hundred ways to use these four basic foods! We’re not talking about recipes for bread and other baked goods, of which there are probably thousands. No, we’re talking about steamed wheat, bulgur wheat, sprouts, “cereals without boxtops,” mock walnut meats, wheat thins, teas, soups, and even desserts and candies!

100 Items to Disappear First 100 Items to Disappear First 1. Generators (Good ones cost dearly. Gas storage, risky. of thieves; maintenance etc.) 2. Ten Essentials A simple dry magnetic pocket compass The Ten Essentials are survival items that hiking and scouting organizations recommend for safe travel in the backcountry. List[edit] Week 1 of 52: Short Term Emergency Food Supply (List 1) FEMA suggests that each family have a 2 week supply of food and water for their home. Starting a food supply does not have to be a budget breaker. By slowly accumulating emergency supplies, you will not feel the financial “burn” compared to having to pay for everything up front. Therefore, keeping in mind what type of emergencies that you are planning for, if there are any family members with medical needs, how long you want your food supply to last, and so on, will help you make the best choice for your family.

Survival Use of Plants - Plants for Medicine In a survival situation you will have to use what is available. In using plants and other natural remedies, positive identification of the plants involved is as critical as in using them for food. Proper use of these plants is equally important. Terms and Definitions The following terms, and their definitions, are associated with medicinal plant use: - Poultice.

Waterproof Fire Starter I have seen many examples of fire starters, but I wanted to try and make one that was made out of only primitive materials. I wanted to make sure that it was small and waterproof. Also, it could be used with any primitive coal producing method of fire making, like the hand drill or bow drill, as well as more modern methods, like steel and flint, Ferrocerium Rods, matches and lighters. Here is what I did . . . . Supplies: 1. Bees wax melted in a double boiler 2. Make an emergency preparedness kit- Canadian Red Cross Buy a kit The Canadian Red Cross has developed a comprehensive disaster preparedness kit to help Canadians prepare for short-term power outages or major disasters. This is a great kit to help someone get started.

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